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Open Letter to Tom Spears, Science Reporter for the Ottawa Citizen Re: Chemtrails by Arthur Topham


Open Letter to Tom Spears, Science Reporter for the Ottawa Citizen Re: Chemtrails


Arthur Topham

Dear Tom,
“When people mistrust modern science it can lead them to embrace extreme world views: a hollow Earth, mind-control drugs sprayed from airplanes, poisonous vaccines, and more.Here are six wild theories that persist, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.”~ Tom Spears, Science Reporter for the Ottawa Citizen

The old saying that bad press is sometimes better than no press at all may have, as in the case of your recent article “6 wild anti-science theories“, proven itself to be axiomatic after all.

In that sense therefor I ought to thank you for the inclusion of “wild” theory Number 3: Chemtrails in your rather fatuous and simplistic attempt to dismiss one of the more imminent and far-reaching environmental issues of the day. I shall quote this portion of your story so that readers will have a reference point for my subsequent comments:

“3. Chemtrails


Chemtrails over downtown area of Quesnel, B.C.

Some believe that condensation trails behind aircraft are chemicals spread by the government.

The theory: The white streaks behind high-flying aircraft are not contrails (condensation trails caused when hot exhaust hits cold air) but chemical trails. The government and the U.S. air force are spraying mind-control drugs or poison on us. Or they are “geoengineering” — trying to change Earth’s climate.

Where it came from: No specific origin is known, but spraying of chemical weapons and defoliants (such as Agent Orange) may play a role.

For example, a website called British Columbia Chemtrail Alert lists these ingredients: “Aluminum oxide particles, barium salts, barium titanates, ethylene dibromide, cadmium, methyl aluminum, desiccated human red blood cells, nano-aluminum-coated fiberglass, sub-micron particles (containing live biological matter), polymer fibers, unidentified bacteria, enterobacteria cloacal (sic), enterobacteriaceae, mycoplasma, human white blood cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA), mould spores, bacilli and moulds, yellow fungal mycotoxins, lead, mercury, nitrogen trifluoride, nickel, calcium, uranium” and more.

Variation: Fluoride in water is a mind-control drug as well.

The fallout: Chemtrail theory is widely held. It attracts callers to late-night radio shows and has a vast array of websites. Yet many scientists have never heard of it.”

As the science reporter for the Ottawa Citizen and, presumably, a journalist to boot, I found your article “6 wild anti-science theories” to be, in a general sense, pretty “wild” and “anti-scientific” in itself especially when it came down to providing any credible, corroborating evidence to back up your rather puerile attempt at belittling the growing body of scientific evidence that currently exists proving the reality of this relatively new phenomenon. Having spend a number of years in the teaching profession I could easily say that it read more like something one might expect from say a Grade 7 or 8 high school student frantically trying to get their homework done late Sunday evening.  In fact, after reading it through, I’m surprised you didn’t attempt to scale up the numbers so you could toss in the flat earth theorists and maybe even those who still believe, with unwavering certainty, that the moon is actually made out of cheese.

Nonetheless, the fact that you made mention of my website British Columbia Chemtrail Alert in conjunction with this poorly constructed piece of msm propaganda is what prompted me to reply in this manner.

Now I know from my own experience as a writer and publisher in the alternative news media for the past seventeen years that one does have to come up with some sort of copy for those dastardly deadlines but given the calibre of your piece here it appears you gave it about as much research time as you possibly do some of your other stories relating to automobile accidents and other such sundry and mundane items.

Given your background in the sciences I would expect that given your own rigorous training you would have done some proper research before putting out to the public the type of blatant misinformation and not-too-subtle calumny that you did in your article with respect to the topic of the spraying of chemical aerosols in Canadian skies as well as the skies above many other nations around the world.

What you call “theory”, fortunately, has been proven again and again to be fact yet rather than explore the growing volume of data to substantiate the claims all you can do to counter the evidence is to repeat the old, worn-out response that chemtrails are merely “condensation” coming from jet planes which millions of people somehow have been bamboozled into believing are something else much more sinister.

Judging from your photo Tom you were likely still acquiring your science degree when the spraying programs began in earnest around the middle of the 1990’s and chances are you were spending most of your time in the university library cramming for exams or too busy writing essays to have had the time to look up at the sky and begin to take note that those “condensation trails” were beginning to become more and more prevalent in the skies and, oddly enough, were beginning to develop a life of their own and linger a whole lot longer in the atmosphere that they once did. That may explain your failure to enlighten your readership as to where this “wild anti-scientific” theory first originated. Still, given the basic research skills that most scientists master at a very early age I would have expected you to do a little googling to search out the source of this “theory” which, in all likelihood would have led you to a story on Chemtrails that first appeared in the October-November 2001 edition of Nexus Magazine, an Australian publication and, coincidentally was one penned by Canadian and BC researcher and author William Thomas.

In my own case I’ve resided in a rural area of BC’s interior for the past forty-five years and where I live I have a panoramic view of the skyline and being an outdoors type of fellow I’ve spent a good amount of those years working and playing outside and, quite naturally, observing the sky above my head. The changes that I’ve witnessed for at least the past fifteen years can hardly be misconstrued or discounted as simply “condensation trails” for the number of regular commercial flights over the Cariboo skies in the central region of the province has not increased substantially during the same period and cannot therefore account for the dramatic and clearly visible volume of additional artificially-induced cloud cover that mysteriously materializes in the atmosphere after those “condensation trails” somehow refuse to dissipate in minutes as they always did but now regularly persist and slowly transform themselves, after hours of unfolding, into clouds-like simulations that never disappear until the prevailing winds flush them out of one’s viewscape.

Your “theory” goes so far as to even suggest that the science of Geoengineering itself is somehow just a theory rather than established fact. Again, a rather astounding observation on your part considering the amount of information on the web these days relating to the topic.

But what’s even more remarkable, coming from someone who in theory is a scientist, were your pithy comments stating that there’s “no specific origin” to the history of the chemtrail debate other than people attempting to link it up to the U.S. government’s spraying of the Vietnamese people with the chemical defoliant Agent Orange during the Viet Nam war. Again, being the age you are you likely never investigated that particular spraying program to any great degree. If you had then it wouldn’t come as such a surprise or sound so “wild” that the same mindset responsible for raining down chemical death upon millions of innocent men, women and children during the Viet Nam war might now be doing the same thing today albeit more for other reasons than just the deliberate murder of citizens which is, in my mind, more a collateral issue now.

Were you truly a scientist in the traditional sense of the word you would have investigated your subject matter much more thoroughly than you obviously did and having done so you would have found that the U.S. Defense Dept. basically began the whole business of weather modification back in 1945 with the first explosion of their atomic bombs and subsequent experimentation throughout the 1950’s saw a series of weather disasters happening as early as 1960.

By 1961 scientists were already then proposing artificial ion cloud experiments and throughout the 1960’s chemicals like barium powder were being dumped from satellites and rockets into the Ionosphere.

In 1966 Gordon J.F. MacDonald published military ideas on environmental engineering and by 1972 the first reports were coming out on “ionospheric heater” experiments with high-frequency radio waves in Norway.

By 1974 the United Nations General Assembly had banned environmental warfare and in 1975 the Pell Senate Subcommittee urged that weather and climate modification work be overseen by civilian agencies answerable to the U.S. Congress. Not surprising, it didn’t happen and just like today, forty years later, we’re still seeing their secretive programmes manifesting right before our eyes and over our heads and still being hidden from the general public by the controlled corporate media via ridiculous disinformation articles such as yours.

Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s greater and greater emphasis was placed on weather modification by the U.S. military and out of the many initiatives was born HAARP, the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project that now exists in Alaska and is undoubtedly the most massive undertaking of its kind on the planet.

And, were you truly a scientific researcher Tom, you would also have come to understand that the spraying of these toxic chemical aerosols in our atmosphere play a vital role in the overall use of HAARP to accomplish artificially induced weather modifications throughout the world.

HAARP bk cover 600 copy

None of this is theory. It’s only theory for people like yourself who are either too busy or too intellectually challenged or lazy to take off your preconceived blinders and delve deeply enough into the subject matter to get a grip on what’s actually going on; not only in our skies but in the deeper and darker recesses of those military think tanks and hidden boardrooms where minds are at work hell-bent on preserving the present unsustainable economic and political order at all costs to both the planet and its myriad lifeforms.

Finally. In what you term “The fallout” you simplistically espouse the “theory” (actually the lie) that the ongoing spraying programs only attract callers to late-night radio shows yet contradict your own words in the same sentence by adding that the phenomenon has a “vast array of websites” dealing with the subject. And then, to top off your simplistic assessment with further misinformation, you state, “Yet many scientists have never heard of it.” I, suppose Tom that if these “many” are as misinformed and wilfully blind as you are then that possibility may exist. But where’s your evidence Tom? Where are the polls and surveys that indicate “many” scientists haven’t heard about chemtrails? It’s my guess that you’re merely attempting to blow “contrails” in the ears of your readers rather than the proverbial smoke.

Contrary to what you may believe Tom all those millions of Internet users today aren’t as confused as you might like to think when it comes to recognizing the reality of the government’s clandestine, covert efforts at manipulating and despoiling the collective atmosphere of humanity for military and/or corporate reasons. Cameras don’t lie and the volume of photographic evidence alone that now exists supporting the allegation of spraying is beyond any reasonable doubt and, in itself, unquestionably demands a full, public, independent inquiry by the Canadian government. Nothing short of such an initiative will ever satisfy those who know what’s really taking place in the skies overhead.

If articles such as this are reflective of the Ottawa Citizen‘s position on science then it’s hardly surprising that your mainstream media is quickly losing whatever semblance of credibility it may have once had and is being replaced by the alternative, independent media where common sense dictates what constitutes “theory” and what constitutes “practise”.

In fact Tom, what you are peddling in your article is pure propaganda designed to mask the reality of what’s happening today in Canada’s skies so that your paymasters can continue to burn their fossil fuels and hold the planet hostage to the machinations of the current New World Order that is already here and working overtime to keep its nefarious agenda hidden from the general public.


Arthur Topham
BC Chemtrail Alert
Readers interested in contacting Tom Spears and commenting on his article can reach him at the following email address:


Possible Breakthrough in identifying chemical source for Chemtrails. Video. Please watch.


Goodbye Blue Sky   by Rand Clifford


Goodbye Blue Sky
by Rand Clifford for Veterans Today
March 2, 2013

“Look, Mummy. There’s an airplane up in the sky.”

Thirty-four years later, perhaps Pink Floyd’s creative genius, Roger Waters, might write something more along the lines of:

“Look, Mummy. Chemtrails up in the sky.”

Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering

“SAG” for short.

Edward Teller is sometimes called “The father of the hydrogen bomb”. Another of Teller’s children was born via his:

While scientists continue research into any global climatic effects of greenhouse gases, we ought to study ways to offset any possible ill effects. Injecting sunlight-scattering particles into the stratosphere appears to be a promising approach. Why not do that?”

Thanks again, Dr. Teller, for fathering another satanic child—the spraying of metallic aerosols to deflect sunlight and cool the Earth. Though Teller was unable to secure funding for his research, sunlight-scattering particles are being sprayed into the stratosphere right now, have been for years. Insidious consequences are piling up like snow on the slopes of Mr. Shasta, alarming people especially in NATO countries around the world. Meanwhile, apathy, ignorance and distraction of American masses help to keep this taxpayer-funded covert government operation a…Conspiracy Theory!

The original patent for, “The Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding For Reduction of Global Warming” was issued to Hughes Aircraft in 1991, U.S. patent #5,003,186. It involves spraying into the upper atmosphere a “…very fine, white-talcum-like aerosol of aluminum oxide, barium oxide and other oxides…” to reduce global warming.

Contrails, Chemtrails?

A best friend of SAG is something common under the right conditions: contrails. Hot jet exhaust can produce contrails, streaks of condensed water vapor that readily dissipate. But for people occupied beyond paying attention to happenings above their heads…chemtrails, contrails, what’s the difference?

Apparently it doesn’t matter how many pictures, videos, testimonials of people involved, and evidence from the stratosphere to the ground verify that SAG is already an enormous operation, many people don’t want to believe their government could be such an enemy of the common good.

Another line from The Wall: “Mother should I trust the government?”

And since SAG is linked to anthropogenic climate disruption (“global warming”), millions of people automatically dismiss the whole schmeer—they don’t want it to happen.

People that know the least about climate dynamics, especially climate as opposed to weather, often seem to have the most profound prejudices regarding global warming.

Wing and tail nozzles of planes often unmarked spray metallic aerosols that can persist all day…even coalescing into haze that covers much of the sky after heavy spraying; these are chemtrails.
Contrails are more like your breath on a frigid day.

Something interesting about “chemtrails” being the folksy term for primarily metallic-oxide aerosols…there is evidence of various chemicals, self-replicating nano-fibers, even biological ingredients such as human pathogens in the SAG “clouds”.

Let’s focus on the sunlight-scattering oxides of aluminum, barium, strontium, titanium and other metals. Aluminum seems to be causing the most obvious damage on the ground.

In this ABC news video of a crashed SAG spray plane, please notice the extensive pools of an “…aluminum-like substance” bled from the wreckage. The tail omega is the plane’s only obvious marking. The crash happened on May 18, 2011, at Point Muga, California.

Here in Spokane, Washington, for many that remember what the sky looked like when airplanes sometimes left dissipating white streaks of vapor across blue sky, SAG’s heavier spraying days are very disturbing. Chemtrails have been obvious for years. California seems a main target, and that brings us back to Mt. Shasta in Northern California.

Whatever SAG sprays in the sky ends up the ground. The whole Mt. Shasta region offers snowballing evidence of SAG fallout damage. People are witnessing rapid ecosystem breakdown—trees, vegetation and wildlife dying.

Heavy spraying can decrease output of solar energy systems by up to 60%.

Tests of water from Lake Shasta’s Pit River Arm tributary reveal levels of aluminum over 4,000 times the maximum allowed for drinking water by the State of California; snow samples from Mt. Shasta have shown 60 times the maximum.

Bark of dying trees in the area contain aluminum, titanium, barium, strontium….

Soils normally in the pH range of 5 to 5.5 have tested between 6.5 and 7.5—over ten times the normal alkalinity, a signature of aluminum.

The Mt. Shasta City Council refuses to have their water tested; surely, Mt. Shasta being the source of a burgeoning bottled water industry is not the only reason.

Conspiracy Theory

Dr. Teller fathered the hydrogen bomb, and SAG—science fiendishly employed against the common good.

Another dazzling scientific coup (social science) involves Power’s Perception Managers (PPMs). They manage public perceptions, sculpt reality for the masses. Perhaps even eclipsing their success at programming the public in ways that make the public think they are coming up with their own ideas…the PPMs’ ultimate mother lode, success “beyond wildest dreams”—without further ado, the winner is the popular term: “Conspiracy Theory”.

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary definition of conspiracy:

1: the act of conspiring together 2:a: an agreement among conspirators b: a group of conspirators (see also, cabal) conspire: to join in secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act which becomes unlawful as a result of the secret agreement b: SCHEME

PPMs know that folks tend to resist thinking for themselves. In this regard, conspiracy theory, a veritable modern American “institution”, is majestic. When threatened with various social blacklisting just around the corner from thinking for themselves…not to mention the responsibility of awareness…folks need only bark, “Conspiracy theory!”

No thinking required, responsibility relieved. And not only that, being a quick-draw with the term conspiracy theory is like having a Teflon shield against any sticking of such PPM epithets as, “truthers”, “preppers”, “chemmies”—even the comprehensive “conspiracy theorist” and its dread “tinfoil hat” accessory.

Considering the meaning of the term conspiracy, when it comes to the exercise of power over the people (government of, by and for the elite), can you think of anything that is not a conspiracy? Even just one thing?

If Americans spent more time thinking for themselves and less time worrying about what other people think, perhaps the term “common good” would not be such a sick joke, and blind debunking would not be such a growth industry.

Owning the Weather

A 1996 United States Air Force report titled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025″ states: “In 2025, US aerospace forces can ‘own the weather’ by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing on development of those technologies….”

The full report listing a wide variety of weather modification and weather weapon capabilities is available on the official USAF website.

Also of interest is this video from GeoEngineering Watch titled: “Military to Own The Weather In 2025 – Chemtrails HAARP Space Weapons”

The USAF even has a training manual for chemtrails.

For those confronting chemtrails with open eyes and an open mind, some of the best information is on government/military official sites.

Also for those inclined to pay attention, there’s the sky. And damage on the ground is more obvious every day.

9/11 proved to power that, if the packaging, fear ensemble, shock factor and perception management are finessed just right, the American public will swallow any elite atrocity—doesn’t even matter if it’s executed right in the public’s face. So, absolute contempt for the common good demonstrated by the elite…we earn it.

It’s even fashionable for elites such as Jeb Bush to call taxpayers “fodder units”. OFUs, that’s us…one American taxpayer equals one fodder unit.

How do the elite get away with denial of things like chemtrails—even keeping such atrocities buried in conspiracy theory? We let them.

In 1787, Alexander Tyler of the University of Edinborough wrote that all “democracies” go through eight stages, 200 years being the average cycle time. The stages are:

From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to complacency; From complacency to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back to bondage.

The United States is a textbook oligarchy dressed up with certain democratic illusions. But we seem to have the same trajectory as Tyler’s “democracy”…and are dallying, solidly embedding into apathy after well over 200 years.

As for bondage: the New World Order flies at us on the wings of our apathy.

And regarding the sunlight-scattering wall SAG sprays around the planet…another line from Pink Floyd’s The Wall:

“Mother did it need to be so high?”

Rand Clifford lives in Spokane, Washington. His novels, CASTLING, TIMING, Priest Lake Cathedral, and many earlier articles are published by StarChief Press. Contact for Rand Clifford:

Chemtrails for Jesus: Update from the BCCA Moderator

It has been weighing on my mind for some time now the fact that I’ve been unable to find the time to post more material to the site. Lately it’s become a routine occurrence that when I check my mail (which I do constantly when working in my office) I’ve been getting new subscribers to the site. As well I keep receiving more information and photos from others around the province who are also very interested in this dark phenomenon that we’re being confronted and accosted by.

No single politician in this nation of 33 plus million souls has yet to stand up in public and demand the answers from the government that so many of us are screaming into their cyber ears on a daily basis.  It’s as if all levels of our so-called “democracy”-style government refuse to cop to what we see either daily or regularly and know as a blatant affront, not only to our physical bodies and Nature herself, but to our Intelligence as well. We are, in essence, expected to just accept their stupidly grandiose, ridiculous, pig-headed, arrogant, insulting, demeaning, deadly ‘scientific’explanations for things that we know for a fact exist in real time in our everyday reality,  yet these pathological pigmies outright continue to DENY!

When I think about the buffoon from the University of Calgary (or Edmonchuk, not sure) spouting off at the big conference in L.A. (the one on G. Edward Griffin & Michael Murphy’s cd What in the World Are They Spraying?) trying to sell the concept publicly that we “might” have to resort to some type of weather control mechanism that would most likely include spraying of some type in the “future” if “global warming” doesn’t slow down, it makes me exceedingly irate. These front or false flag “experts” that the global elite hire to push their agenda are so damn transparent these days that, like the Chemtrails themselves which they openly dismiss, they stand out within moments of opening their mouths as being defenders of the darkness. But lo unto them who might accuse these suckers of conspiring against life itself!

Now it’s also come to my attention over the past year or more of running this little chemtrail monitor that such a situation is becoming increasingly worse. It’s actually pathetic and darn-right dangerous and those who sell out to the poison makers for whatever compensation they receive for peddling the elite’s lies are to be treated with all the contempt they damn well deserve. It always blows me away to think that some small cliche or community of crooks or fraternity of frauds or conspiracy of con-artists would actually have the audacity to stand up in front of public audiences and lie straight to their faces as if they were all a herd of cattle without any independent thoughts of their own. It’s as if they know something we don’t and it may explain the smirky countenance on the face of that con-artist ‘expert on climate change’ who Murphy exposes so well in his documentary.

But if this isn’t bad enough (and it isn’t) what’s even worse is the fact that all the major and semi-major and medium to modest “Environmental” organizations across B.C. and Canada also refuse to acknowledge the serious reality of chemtrail  spraying around the globe and are also into playing the Denial Game.

I don’t say this lightly nor out of ignorance. I’ve been involved directly with environmental issues here in B.C. since at least the late 60’s. I know or know of or have published many of the stories or articles related to most of the major environmental leaders and their campaigns for decades and particularly during the period from 1998 until 2002 when I was publishing a monthly 24-page alternative news and opinions tabloid called “The Radical” which was sold across the province and in news outlets across the country as well as by subscription. I covered the War of the Woods with Betty Krawczyk and the attacks on protesters in the Elaho. I’ve covered Greenpeace issues. Clear-cut logging up the ying yang and much much more. The Fish Lake controversy in the Chilcotin where the corporate giant wanted to destroy their lake and turn it into a tailings pile or waste dump was in The Radical back in 1998 a decade before some of the other status quo enviro orgs began to give it any attention. Betty Krawczyk and I exchanged hand-written letters while she and friends of hers were in prison.  Over in Alberta my newspaper was the only media that published truthful stories on the controversial Wiebo Ludwig and the Trickle Creek Christian Community’s fight with the Alberta oil kings and their RCMP mercenaries and politicians over the flaring of noxious, carcinogenic gases that caused mutated fetuses in the Lugwig daughters and the community’s livestock.

So maybe some of you will understand why I’m now disenchanted with them when I see that all of these former defenders of the lands and seas and so on who made their big names in the struggles for greater environmental awareness and commitment have also succumbed to this same contagious ailment that leaves them all blind  and dumb and silent on the chemtrail issue. All they do in their lackluster attempts to defend their collective stance on this major environmental disaster now unfolding with each successive chemtrail that’s released into our collective air space is to repeat the same worn-out platitudes that there’s not a sufficient amount of evidence yet to warrant acknowledging them as either a phenomenon or a threat to the environment.

Who the hell do they think they’re kidding when they align themselves with the very perps who are responsible for this global poisoning of our atmosphere? This is our last sea and they’re out to poison it just as surely as they’re out to poison the oceans that support the wild salmon and other sea life. In the final analysis we’re all just fish really, swimming about on two legs in a sea of oxygen and other gases that sustain our existence no less than the Pisces itself. We are what we breathe in just as we are what we eat and here we’ve got the same cunning culprit poisoning not only our food supplies but the very air we’re breathing in to sustain our vigour and life essence.

Is this Evil manifest or what? It is, but what’s so frightening in other ways is that goddam smirkyness and the sense that “they” know something else that we, the peons, are still unaware of.  I’m beginning to get a sense though of what that “else” is and I think it may be their strong belief that we, the people affected as well as the land, sea and air, are helpless to stop them. They are acknowledging their own self-declared omnipotence and their willingness to do whatever they bloody well feel like doing and we are expected to just suck it up and not complain and trust them. They control the media that feeds the heads of the nations daily with bs and false hope. They have the status quo politicians all wrapped around their boney little fingers and it also appears they’ve got the Environmental organizations and their leaders and representatives also working in collusion with them when it comes to chemtrails. All of these factors do not bode well for the chemtrail activists trying to open the eyes of the public to the reality of what is actually happening in our skies.

So where does it leave us as a group of deeply aware and concerned citizens of  free nations around the globe? We can write and photograph and make videos and create blogs and discussion groups and debate the issue until the cows come home (if they come home) and still these lying bastards will be flying their jets over our farmlands and wilderness areas, our lakes and rivers and oceans and urban centers nightly and daily continuing to spray their poisons out into the free atmosphere.  Sometimes when my wife and I are out driving and we run into yet another one I get pissed off to the point where I say to her that the only solution beyond shooting the bastards is to take a hostage and hold them at ransom until the issue is debated on every public news media across the country for long enough that all the evidence is presented without obfuscation by the corporate, banking, governmental, msm and political lobbyists.  If by then the general public still desires to live in denial then we’d just return the hostage to the great unwashed and forget about resolving the chemtrail issue peacefully.

Of course we’d have to abduct someone really important though like PM Stephen Harper or the President of the Bank of Canada or maybe, fittingly, our own former Premier performer of Lieberal Lies, Gordon Campbell. Then again it might even be better to abscond with someone like Rafe Mair who now touts himself and his online environmental website “The Common Sense Canadian” as the premier environmental news outlet in the province. Having been a former Socred cabinet minister and even an “environment” minister, not to mention being a popular radio broadcaster for years, he might be the one best suited for the job. But, on the other hand, why should the guys always get the limelight? Possibly it would even be more fitting if we snagged Elizabeth May the premier Green Party member of parliament? Aye, now that would be the rub wouldn’t it? Maybe we could keep her in solitary confinement and feed her only natural, cold spring water until she saw the light herself and willingly spoke out on this issue? Then again how about Betty Krawczyk the Grand Dame Elder Stateswoman of the Old Growth forest resistance movement? I’ve written to her numerous times about the chemtrails and she just refuses to speak out. But no, that wouldn’t do. Betty, on top of being an octogenarian has put enough jail time in that she needn’t be confined further. I’m sure that given the opportunity she would eventually realize that speaking out on spraying our air supply was a good thing especially if some younger, dedicated Greenie was to step up to the plate.

However you look at it though it’s a conundrum for all of us who want the spraying to stop but also know that our very representatives in both the government and environmental fields are opposing us. We expect that from the corporate crowd including the msm but the impossibility of one good politician?  One? Just one? Out of so many. I mean how is it possible that these environmental hypocrites can wax eloquent on so many other issues related to the environment yet suddenly appear as dolts when asked why they won’t speak out on the chemtrail conspiracy?

I wanted to make a short list of some who I am aware of who prefer the mantle of Judas rather than Jesus, the Light bringer or Truth teller. (BTW that photo of the Purple Cross at the top of this article sitting above the chemtrails in the background was taken by me while driving into Quesnel this summer. It’s a close up of the one directly below these words.)

In the military the Purple Cross was one of or thee highest medals for bravery. Maybe we need some real environmentalists who will eventually win such a cross in this war for truth respecting chemtrails? Whatever, it did prompt me to call the piece “Chemtrails for Jesus” which was in fact a take off on the old sick joke of the rednecks who, during the Greenpeace “save the whales” era of Rex Weyler and co. used to say “Kill a baby whale for Jesus” – an insult to the anti-whalers as well as a typical blasphemous jab at the Christians.

So that brings me back to the reason for writing. I just wanted to let readers know that I’ve been snapping shots of chemtrails here in the Cariboo region of the province throughout the summer and now into the fall. They are a daily occurrence with possibly one or two clear days spread over the past year. Today was one of those exceptional days when the sky was perfectly void of them from dawn to dusk. It was almost an erie feeling as if it were foreshadowing some ominous future event about to unfold. Maybe they’re refitting the jets with live ammo and are going to give us all a 10th Anniversary 911 surprise! 🙂

The long and the short of it all respecting the little amount of posts is that I’m trying to survive financially and must work when I can to feed my family and myself. Summer is when I have to do what I have to do as my work depends on the conditions on the ground outside. When winter comes I’ll likely have way more time.

One final quickie. I’ve also started up an online news and opinion paper for my local community of Quesnel, Wells, Barkerville. We have only one publication in Quesnel and it is part of the David Black Press newspaper chain and it don’t do no chemtrail articles. Maybe two mentions in the letters to the editor section in the past year or more. So I’ve just started the Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel which can be found at It’s planned to present alternative news that the corporate media neglects on purpose. It also keeps me somewhat busy. Then there are other sites and yahoo groups that I moderate in between this one so I’m a bit stretchhhhhhhhhhed for time at the moment.

I shall endeavour to post more photos and stuff. Suggestions are always welcome too. Write me at .

For clear skies and freedom to breathe and live,

Arthur Topham

BCCA Moderator

Are We All Fukud? Fukushima radiation levels rise to highest levels yet

Fukushima radiation levels rise to highest levels yet

By William Whitlow
2 May 2011

As the twenty-fifth anniversary of Chernobyl passes, Fukushima looks set to overtake it as the world’s worst nuclear disaster. Two weeks ago Fukushima was raised from a level 5 disaster to a level 7 like Chernobyl. But nearly two months after the crisis began, Fukushima is still emitting radioactivity, while Chernobyl’s emissions had been contained at this stage.

Robots sent into the Number 1 reactor building have recorded the highest reading of radioactivity so far found at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant since the emergency began almost two months ago. Two robots found 1,120 millisieverts of radiation an hour was being emitted from the stricken reactor. This level of radiation is more than enough to cause immediate radiation sickness if a human being were exposed to it. The Tokyo Electrical Power Company (Tepco) which runs the Fukushima facility has begun to use robots because it has become impossible to send workers into the plant for long enough to take accurate readings.

The company has just admitted that a woman worker at the plant was exposed to 17.55 millisieverts last month and taken off the job. Her exposure exceeds the 5 millisieverts 3-month dose limit for females. Women have a lower dose level than men because of the potential danger to a foetus if a woman were to become pregnant. The woman worked indoors and her exposure to radiation was limited to clothing and other material brought in from outside her workplace. The fact that she has exceeded the permitted dose gives an indication of the now generalised level of contamination at Fukushima and suggests that no areas of the plant can be classified as safe for prolonged periods. Tepco has laid off 18 other female workers. It has not said what their exposure level is.

The Japanese nuclear industry as a whole is now facing a general crisis as the potential workforce is reduced because of the high exposure levels of the Fukushima workers. The Health Ministry is expected to uprate the legal limit for nuclear workers next month. The current level for non-emergency workers is 50 millisieverts per year. This is expected to be raised allowing workers not directly engaged in emergency work to be exposed to greater levels of radiation.

Permitted levels of exposure are also to be raised for children. The Japanese government wants to increase the limit for children living in Fukushima prefecture to 20 millisieverts per year. That is to say to the same level as adult men working in the nuclear industry and 20 times what is normally accepted internationally for non-nuclear workers. It would currently be illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to work in these conditions in Japan. But under the new proposals this is the level of contamination that will be acceptable in children’s playgrounds and schoolyards. When possible contamination from food sources is taken into account children in Fukushima would be exposed to much higher total levels of radiation. Children’s cells are dividing roughly 10 times faster than those of adults so that their sensitivity to radiation exposure is far greater.

Meanwhile the union representing Tepco workers has agreed to a 20-25 percent pay cut for its members. Koji Sakata, secretary-general of the Tokyo Electric Power Workers Union told reporters, “Most union members didn’t object to a pay cut, considering the situation at the company and the effect on society from the nuclear accident.”

Tepco’s shares have fallen by 80 percent since the crisis began. The company expects to save 54 billion yen through the pay cuts. Tepco faces a massive bill for compensation from residents who have been evacuated from the surrounding area. Initial payments are expected to reach 50 billion yen, but the government is expected to cover this cost. Effectively, the financial burden of the disaster is being placed on the shoulders of Tepco workers and the majority of the Japanese population who will have to fund the subsidy through their taxes.

The high radiation levels have serious implications for long terms measures to stabilize the plant and bring the four overheating reactors to cold shut down. Tepco had planned to flood the steel containment vessel of number 1 reactor with water, to speed up the cooling process. The high readings suggest that this will not now be possible because the source of the high readings cannot be identified.

The implication is that the containment vessel of reactor 1 is compromised in some way and that the steel structure itself or the seals on pipes connecting to it are damaged. In either case it would be impossible to flood the containment vessel without causing even more contaminated water to collect in the reactor building and potentially flow into the sea. Highly contaminated water is currently flowing into the Pacific Ocean through a leak which Tepco has been unable to plug.

Professor Hironobu Unesaki of Kyoto University said, “Tepco must figure out the source of high radiation. If it’s from contaminated water leaking from inside the reactor, Tepco’s so-called water tomb may be jeopardized because flooding the containment vessel will result in more radiation in the building.”

The sheer quantity of highly contaminated water has become a serious problem at Fukushima. A floating storage facility is expected to arrive at the plant in the next few weeks. The Mega-Float can hold some 10,000 tons or approximately 10 million litres of water. But the scale of the problem dwarfs even this giant structure. There are thought to be 87.5 million litres of water lying in basements, tunnels and trenches on the site and a further half million litres may be overflowing daily. The Mega-Float could accommodate about one eighth of the water at best.

Much of the water on the site is, in any case, highly contaminated and it would be too dangerous to pump it into a floating storage facility. Some on-site storage is available and more is to be created. A longer-term solution is to decontaminate the water. The French nuclear company Areva is working with waste management company Veolia to construct a flocculation facility at Fukushima which will treat 50 tons of water a day. A cocktail of chemicals is used to bind the radioactive elements into a sludge, which can then be sealed in bitumen or glass and stored in barrels.

The technique is currently used at the La Hague nuclear reprocessing plant and processed wastewater pumped directly into the English Channel. But the system is not without its critics. Health researchers have documented a leukaemia cluster near the La Hague plant. The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has refused to licence the French technique for use in America. Commission chairman Gregory Jaczko cited “a non-proliferation concern and environmental concerns”.

The full extent of the environmental and health impact of the Fukushima nuclear accident cannot yet be assessed. Some scientists are pointing to serious long-term global concerns. Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Associates, who has spent 39 years working in the nuclear industry and now acts as an expert witness, has suggested that the explosion in Number 3 building at Fukushima on March 14 may have been more serious than has so far been admitted.

Gundersen argues that an initial hydrogen explosion caused a prompt criticality in the spent-fuel rod pool at the top of the Number 3 reactor building. Prompt criticality is the term used in the nuclear industry for an exponential increase in the number of fission events. That is to say a runaway nuclear chain reaction may have taken place in the spent fuel rods.

Gundersen postulates that the upward vector, the upward thrust, from the explosion in Building 3 may have been sufficient to carry radioactive isotopes from the fuel rods into the atmosphere and to disperse them over many thousands of miles. He points out that uranium has been found on Hawaii, americium has been found in New England and plutonium dust has been found on the Fukushima site. These latter elements are transuranic, i.e. heavier than uranium, and indicate that nuclear fuel was volatilized at Fukushima.

If Gundersen’s hypothesis is correct then Fukushima will rival or surpass Chernobyl in its global health consequences. The impact of Chernobyl on human health is still disputed. A recent study by Lisbeth Gronlund of the Union of Concerned Scientists estimates that an extra 53,000 cancers and 27,000 deaths can be attributed to the fallout from Chernobyl. This is six times higher than the UN estimate, which only looked at the most contaminated areas.

Interviewed by Lisa Mullins of PRI, Gronlund refused to be drawn on the implications for the potential death toll from Fukushima. “The Fukushima crisis is still ongoing,” she said. “The radiation will continue to be emitted. And after the fact, people will be able to reconstruct the dose that people in those areas will have received. And then you can, from that, estimate the number of additional cancer deaths. But it’s really too soon to say.”

Fukushima has already gone on longer that the critical phase of the Chernobyl accident. At Chernobyl only one reactor was involved while at Fukushima there are four reactors in crisis. Nor did Chernobyl take place in the context of an ongoing disaster, which has killed hundreds of thousands of people and disrupted essential services. At any point the already devastated plant could be hit by another earthquake and tsunami.

“A big earthquake can strike at any time,” Shigeharu Aoyama, a government adviser, warned, “and we are in the middle of that danger. But we are too focused on how to cool the reactor and how to treat the radioactive water. And although we have 1,500 people working on the problems, we have not built a protective embankment.”

Professor Toshiso Kosako, an expert on radiation safety at the University of Tokyo, has resigned his post as a special government adviser on nuclear issues. He said the government “have ignored the laws and have only dealt with the problem at the moment”. This approach, he warned would only prolong the crisis.

He made explosive charges that the government is not adequately protecting the population from radiation. Noting that a recent government decision allowed children living near the Fukushima plant to receive doses of radiation equal to the international standard for nuclear power plant workers, he said: “I cannot allow this as a scholar.”

He also said limits on radiation exposure for clean-up workers at Fukushima were too high, and that the government was not releasing enough data on radiation levels around the facility.


Medical Commissars Working in Japan

Medical Commissars Working in Japan

By Dr. Mark Allan Sircus

In this case it’s actually NO ZEOLITE FOR THE JAPANESE!! The medical Gestapo was recently spotted working in Japan getting the police to charge two people with the selling of zeolite. The substance, sold as “Premium Zeolite,” was billed as absorbing radioactive substances and allowing the body to excrete them within six hours. The two were charged with selling medicine without a license. A month later we hear that they are using tons of zeolite at the nuclear plant to control radiation. What gives?

The operator of the crippled nuclear power plant in Fukushima has begun dropping sandbags filled with an absorbent into the Pacific Ocean to try to reduce the danger from radiation. Thebags are filled with zeolite, better known as the active material sprinkled in cat litter boxes to absorb odors. In this case, zeolite is meant to take up caesium that has been detected at high levels along the Fukushima coast.

Dr. Garry Gordon (who knows much more about detoxification and chelation than most other doctors and certainly more than medical officials who still see no need for heavy metal testing or treatment) has a lot to say about zeolite for detoxification and radioprotection:

What is zeolite? Zeolite is a volcanic-derived mineral with porous structure, which allows some molecules to pass through and causes others to be either excluded or broken down. The term has been derived from Greek words “zein” and “boil,” which mean “a stone” and “to boil.” This term was originally coined by Axel Fredrick Cronstedt, a Swedish mineralogist in the 18th century. He observed that upon heating a natural mineral rapidly, the stones began to dance about as the water evaporated.

Zeolites have been used for many years in animal feed supplements, water treatment,radioactive waste treatment, pollution control, pet litter and odor control, agriculture, slow-release fertilization, zeoponics, soil amendment, miscellaneous agricultural applications, horticulture, aquaculture, thermal storage and solar refrigeration, natural gas purification, and removal of volatile organic compounds.

Zeolites are incredibly well suited for heavy metal detoxification and are considered 100 percent safe and non-toxic by the FDA. Zeolite has an “open” structure that can accommodate a wide variety of positive ions, like Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+ and others. Basically, the molecular structure of zeolite resembles a honeycomb, with many negatively-charged chambers.

Since heavy metals and other pollutants, including radioactive ions, have a positive charge, the zeolite will attract those positively-charged toxic molecules like a magnet. The toxins are “caged” within the zeolite structure, and then safely excreted from the body. In Chapter 24 of the Handbook of Zeolite Science and Technology, entitled “Medical Applications of Zeolites,” it states:

Many researchers have demonstrated the ability of several natural zeolites to take up certain radionuclides (e.g., 90Sr, 137Cs, 60Co, 45Ca, and 51Cr). Zeolite mordenite has effectively decontaminated soils contaminated with 137Cs and90Sr. Clinoptilolite shows a significant protective effect reducing radiocesium-137 accumulation in male broiler chickens exposed to alimentary contamination.  Clinoptilolite supplementation in food eliminated 137Cs deposition in some organs and tissues… elimination increased and the radionuclide deposition in liver, kidneys, and femoral musculature decreased. The clinoptilolite decontamination effects were observed with preventive administration, as well as with sorbent administration, from 24 hours after a single contamination of brown rats.

Dr. Gordon believes that zeolite is the ultimate filter in our toxic world and clearly should be a part of everyone’s daily health and detox regimen as should clay and other similar substances.

Doctors Alexey V. Yablokov, Vassily B. Nesterenko, and Alexey V. Nesterenko agree with Dr. Gordon saying, “Natural zeolite (i.e., that found in volcanogenic sedimentary rocks) is a mineral possessing attractive properties that contribute directly to their use in the extraction of Cs and Sr from nuclear wastes and the mitigation of radioactive fallout. It is also as a dietary supplement for heavy metal detoxification, it has anti-bacterial properties, and it stimulates the immune system. It was used successfully during Chernobyl.”

And wow, even though they were arresting people at the start of this nuclear disaster, now lo and behold we find out that the Japanese themselves have studied zeolite and have made formulas with it to remove radioactive substances such as iodine, caesium and strontium, according to Tomihisa Ota, a professor at Kanazawa University.

Ota said his experiments proved the powder can remove almost 100 percent of caesium when 1.5 grams of the powder are mingled with 100 milliliters of water in which caesium has been dissolved at a density of 1-10 parts per million. The tests also confirmed that the powder can remove iodine and strontium. The substances used in the tests were not radioactive. But he said the powder can be used to dispose of radiation-contaminated water “because these substances have the same chemical properties, regardless of whether they are radioactive or not.”

Dr. Gordon, one of the most dependable doctors in the area of detoxification and chelation, has a program called F.I.G.H.T. Through his decades of work with doctors around the world he has developed a number of strategies for supporting the body’s natural ability to detoxify, which include the use of zeolite. He is a doctor in California who a person can turn to forcomprehensive help.

Dr. Mark Allan Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P)
Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

Orgonite Creations from Orgone Labs®

Orgonite Creations from Orgone Labs®



[Webmin note: The following products are being sold by a friend of mine living in Quesnel, B.C. It should be noted that I am publishing the information and photos for readers on this site and elsewhere. I am not endorsing nor guaranteeing the productions. This is strictly a freebie for a friend who has helped me out with information and advertising.

Do contact the following email address listed here for any enquiries. Thank you. Arthur]


All the devices shown included here are EMR (ElectroMagnetic Radiation) killers which generate clean, invigorating, healing energy (Orgone/Chi/Prana) to replace the damaging, invasive electromagnetic frequency bombardment (Deadly ORgone/DOR) that is destroying our bodies, minds and the environment.  In addition, each also has its own designed purpose and will be an object of  timeless fascination and beauty.

The HHG (Holy Hand Grenade) “Blue HealerTM'”

Containing 5 matched natural quartz crystals wrapped in golden-ratio copper coils plus a host of minerals and more, this is a healer/energizer of un-matched power and beauty. Usually programmed for specific ailments or disease conditions at time of construction if desired (e.g. hepatitis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, arthritis, epilepsy, ADHD, etc.).  These are also a great ornament and conversation piece for any home, providing constant, soothing energy which benefits a wide radius – hundreds of meters or more.  Utility models of this type of device are capable of taming the DOR (Deadly ORgone) from a nuke plant when buried in the near vicinity! These are very powerful for clearing the immediate environment of negative or damaging energy and giving off an abundance of free, beneficial orgone energy plus exceptional EMR protection!  Dimensions: Base = 20cm square, height = 10cm, weight = 800gm+     Price:  CDN$150.00 Plus S&H   Made to order only at this time for specific ailment or condition(s) Please feel free to inquire.

The Meter BusterTM

Placing one of these units on your electricity meter or breaker panel/load center will generally reduce overall power consumption by an average of 10% to 25% depending on the nature of your use patterns and
consumption level. It will pay for itself in weeks or months! Also great for placing on top of your computer, TV or stereo, or under your water filter, bed or favorite chair for EMR protection and the subtle benefits of abundant, free Orgone energy over a wide radius. Dimensions: Base = 9.5cm, Height = 9cm, Weight  =  450gm CDN$95.00 Plus S&H .

The Orgonite Tetrahedron (TETTM )

These are very popular for placement on radiating appliances such as microwaves, TVs, computers as well as reception/executive/office desks etc., for EMR protection and they are also highly charged healers with similar properties to the ORGGs below. Popular desk ornaments and paperweights – perfect for stressful work environments, especially those with fluorescent lighting! An energetic and effective healing and protection device. Dimensions: Width = 7.5cm, Heigth = 6.5cm, Weight = 135gm Price: CDN$55.00 plus S&H.  Colors vary.

The ORGG TM  (ORgonite eGG)

The ORGG TM  (ORgonite eGG) These are very attractive, tactile and energetic healing and EMR protection devices, extremely popular for Reiki/touch & massage healing, acupressure tools and a great local pain reliever for sprains, bruises, arthritis, headache, toothache, back pain etc., anything that hurts or needs healing. Quite sensational to hold – they replenish energy for the body’s vital functions and promote healing. Extremely powerful for their size, one half of the unit acts as a generator and the other half as an amplifier/multiplier – only achievable with a complex triple casting technique.  Dimensions:  Length = 6cm,  Width = 4.25cm, Weight = 125gm.  Colors vary, each handmade unit is unique & polished to a brilliant shine!.  Price = CDN$75.00 plus S&H

The Majik Bullet TM (MB)

Similar to the ORGG TM in performance and use, the shape of these units is ideal for Reiki/touch etc., and is very effective in this role as well as for quelling EMR within a considerable radius.  They are nice just to have around. Many owners of these or some of the other Orgone devices have them for no other reason than “they feel good”. Good enough reason! An energetic protection and healing device. Dimensions: Height = 6.5 cm,  Width = 4.25cm, Weight = Colors do vary – each is unique and hand-made. Price = CDN$45.00 or 2 for $85.00 plus S&H

The PORD (Personal ORgone Device)










This is the most popular EMR killer and soothing/healing, pocket-sized dynamo of its type on the planet! These little powerhouses pack a real punch for their size and contain a host of minerals and ingredients which make them highly effective at protecting the wearer from all forms of EMR as well as enhancing the Orgone energy produced in its place with a harmonic blend of frequencies from the powerful selection of minerals and other ingredients they contain. In our electronic world, no-one should be without at least one of these little beauties in their pocket during the day and under their pillow at night! Makes a great gift that will last forever (how many cell phone users do you know that are being zapped without some form of EMR protection??) The increased exposure to all forms of EMR is a key element in the increase in all forms of cancer. Here is a simple, never needs re-charging and no-batteries-required device that goes wherever you go, automatically giving the wearer a zone of protective energy. Photo-luminescent with Nite-Glo TM  technology – expose to light to charge.  Dimensions: Width = 3.5cm,  Height = 1cm,  Weight = 25gm Price = CDN $25.00 each, 4 for $90.00 or 10 for $200.00 plus S&H.   Colors do vary – each is unique and lovingly hand-made.

The Enhanced Tower Buster (ETB TM)

These are enhanced versions of the original Tower Buster which was designed specifically for turning DOR (Deadly ORgone) from cell/microwave/communications towers, house/industrial wiring, power transmission lines etc., into beneficial Orgone energy. The ETB is constructed with similar ingredients to the other healers above and are finished nicely for placing on desks, computers etc., for EMR suppression and the calming influence they have on their immediate environment. Similar in power and effect to the Orgonite Tetrahedron above but more robust – always a conversation piece.  The enhanced model is made for gifting to the energy ignorant also as it will affect them positively even though they may scoff at the prospect…   These units are not quite as highly evolved as the PORDs but do a similar job, influencing a wider area due to their sheer size.  Each one is unique.  Dimensions:(approx.) Width = 7cm, Height = 3m, Weight = 160gm    Price: CDN$20.00 each / 5 for $80.00 plus S&H

Tower Busters (TB’s – original)

Tower busters are the ultimate environmental weapon.  Used mostly for “gifting” areas of negative/deadly energy such as cell/microwave/radar installations, sewage outfalls, creeks, rivers, lakes, vortexes, property boundaries, in your vehicles – the uses are endless – we are happy to suggest more…  We recommend placing at least one under the seat of your vehicle to provide a bubble of Orgone around you while away from the safety of your home. Functional, not pretty, their main purpose is to tame the EMR pollution from communication tower nests that are desecrating the skylines of our planet and the bombardment from wiring, appliances, tools etc. TB’s are quite simple – a quartz crystal wrapped with a PHI length copper wire aerial and a phial of charged water, embedded in enhanced orgonite.  This basic model is nothing much to look at as they are designed for gifting to the environment by burying near towers or depositing in waterways etc., as needed so they don’t need to be pretty.  These are nearly indestructible. Dimensions: Width = 7cm, Height = 2cm, Weight = 160gm.  Price: CDN$5.00 each or $50.00 per dozen plus S&H.  Larger quantities negotiable.

The Water Charger TM

The Water Charger, when attached to the water supply pipes of a home or business, will impart the life-enhancing qualities of un-tainted, natural spring or stream water to most domestic supplies.  The reason for using the Water Charger is to undo the damage & destruction to the molecular structure of water that pumping and piping has caused, effectively “killing” it.  The Water Charger revives and awakens the life and natural qualities of water, making it far more beneficial for consumption and general use. It will reduce the amount of scale in hard-water supplies and improve the hydrating properties of water for use by the human body, both for drinking and bathing.  For use on potable water systems only – if you would not normally drink or bathe in the water, do not consider “charged” water safe for human consumption. No Batteries, power or maintenance ever required. Portable – Just strap to your incoming water supply line with zip-ties or twist-ties and enjoy your energized water. Perfect for city or apartment living as well as rural locations. Dimensions: Length =, Width = 1.75cm, Weight = 135gm   Price: CDN$55.00 (Commercial/high capacity model $75.00) plus S&H  May not ship to international destinations due to perceived resemblance to some explosive devices. Check with your customs authorities before ordering from outside Canada. Larger units for commercial applications are available by special order. Email for details.  Water Chargers are also used for spinal and cranial re-alignment and similar applications with great success due to the nature of the energy output from these wonders and the affect on the body! If ordered for therapeutic use, the units will be epoxy coated & covered with leather/cord for comfortable handling.

The Field Pulser

The Field Pulser  is a Power Wand on steroids.  Designed for multi-role use including but not limited to psychic rotection,
manifestation and healing.  Equipped with a custom built signal generator with dual power input (battery or AC current) dual
frequency output, external frequency input and other features as required.
The overall design criteria were developed by Jon Logan – from the original Power Wand developed by Don Croft of Chembuster fame. These can be used as a Clarke-type zapper with external electrodes as well as scalar wave output at built-in frequencies or from external frequency sources (e.g., Rife or other frequency generator for your computer). The internal components include a large double terminated quartz crystal, a heavy guage single knot copper mobius coil (for the scalar output) enhanced ingredients for increased relative output either when powered or un-powered, a parabolic reflector to focus and direct the energy from the “barrel”. The circuitry is designed for constant use and guaranteed for 1 year.  Made to order only,  50% deposit required upon establishing design requirements with proposed owner. Lead time for delivery: up to 90 days from order date.
Dimensions: (approximate – varies with design) Width = 13cm, Heigth = 18 cm, Average Weight = 1.2kg.  Price: Dependant upon options and proposed use.  Average cost approximately CDN$600.00 and up. Similar radionic tools are generally priced in the $2-3000 minimum range. Not for casual use. Orgone Labs takes no responsibility for method or manner of application! Accessories included: copper witness well, hand-held copper electrodes for zapping, external power supply (a small surcharge is made for European – 240V/50hz), CD with users guide etc.


Some Other Products:

Necklace/Pendant PORDs TM
: A more symmetrical version of the original PORD which comes with an eye set in it for hanging on a chain or cord. These are photo-luminescent with Nite-Glo TM  technology – these glow in the dark! “Charging” from a light source is required. Cheaper in bunches! 10 for only $200.00 Free shipping in North America!

Now in production: The OORB TM : (pronounced “Oh – Orb”) and the KEG TM , very user-friendly adaptations of the ORRG TM  that are approximately the same in weight. You have to hold one of these to really appreciate how much energy they put out!! Testers have reported that these “- feel almost like your hands are burning!”. Great for arthritis, joint and muscle pain – fibromyalgia etc, circulation problems and much more – including first class EMR protection, of course!  Advance production orders accepted due to limited inventory – introductory offer price of CDN$60.00 each – that’s $15.00 off the regular price of $75.00 Limited time offer*, order now!  Also the KEG – truncated cone shape – brother to the OORB.

Earth Pipes: Email for more information if you are un-familiar with these passive but extremely effective devices for quelling negative energy, both of the man-made as well as natures tricks variety. Made to order only. May not ship to some international destinations. Slightly similar to the Water Charger in appearance although larger, more powerful and less complex. These are utility devices designed for specific use. Please inquire.

Wholesale inquiries are welcomed. Custom building available. Many other task-specific devices are on hand for water-gifting etc., or made to order, suitable price breaks for bulk buys.  PayPal or EFT preferred, certified cheques & Postal Money Orders accepted in Canadian funds. SolidTrustPay also available.

Please Note: Prices subject to change without notice due to volatility of raw material costs.