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Former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm blows the whistle on Chemtrails! by Arthur Topham

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: Once again B.C.’s former controversial premier Bill Vander Zalm has taken the courageous step of speaking out on an issue that has been plaguing hundreds of thousand of people around the world for close to two decades – the controversial issue of Chemtrail spraying of the earth’s atmosphere. In my own case I cannot thank Bill enough for finally taking this issue by the horns and demanding that government and politicians come clean on what the hell has been going on for so many years. It truly is a major breakthrough in terms of gaining coverage and I would personally like to than Bill for taking this stand. Please listen to Bill’s radio show talk on this issue and pass this message to everyone you know.]

Former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm blows the whistle on Chemtrails!

August 17, 2013


Former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm blows the whistle on Chemtrails!

Bill Vander Zalm puts politicians on notice

Former Premier of British Columbia acknowledges chemtrails in public letter

Former Premier of British Columbia, Bill Vander Zalm sent the following letter to dozens of politicians across BC

August 14, 2013

We’re told that “Global Warming”, now conveniently called “Climate Change”, is a threat to Agriculture and therefore an issue of National Security. As a National Security issue, whatever they do to combat climate change, can be kept out of the public domain.

For years, many people have observed, what we were told to be, “Con-Trails” (Airplane engine condensation trails), but different from the contrails as we used to see them. Instead of dissipating quickly, they spread, stayed in the atmosphere for a pro-longed period, and if a lot of them, criss-crossing, caused a more cloudy sky. In the Pacific Northwest, we often suffer cloudy skies, the evidence was not always visible, but many people here, as elsewhere, referred to the cloud forming trails as “Chem-Trails”, trails not caused by water condensing but trails full of toxic substances to supposedly fight Global Warming.

In government circles it is referred to as “Geo-engineering”, it’s manipulating the earth weather system. Scary stuff, especially when we consider the enormous capabilities of the HAARP technology. For the purpose of our submission, to seek information, Geo-engineering and Chem-Trails are defined as a military-industrial complex program in partnership with private contractors and possibly major fuel suppliers and airline companies, whereby planes spray particulate matter into the atmosphere that would otherwise not be there.

It may seem ‘far-fetched’ to some, but it’s only recently that we found out a Drone can see a human face on the ground, from 10,000 ft. up, that the government can monitor every phone call we make and every email we send and a terrorist can detonate a bomb by using a cell-phone from miles away.

Chem-Trails are said to consist of tiny particles of the very harmful toxins, Aluminum and Barium. Toxins that we inhale, poison our water and kill the soil. We can avoid cancer causing second hand smoke, but there’s no way to avoid the far more toxic particles that fall from the sky. Already diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer, Lou Gehrichs, Huntingtons, Parkinsons, Autism and Bone diseases are at a highest level ever, all of which could be directly linked to Aluminum.

Whenever man manipulates nature, be it for profit or politics, the cost and consequences are horrific. Events like the Hurricanes in the East, the Tornadoes in the Mid-West, the flooding  in Toronto, the unprecedented flooding in Calgary, the loss of millions of trees in B.C. due to a pine beetle epidemic, will all be attributed to “Mother Nature” and Climate change and not a mention of Geoengineering.

I would highly recommend that anyone wanting further information, check the internet for well known Neuro Surgeon Dr. Russell L. Blaylock who tells us about Social Engineering by the Elitists, funded by such foundations as “Rockefellers”, Ford and Carnegie.

According to documents released by the National Academy of Sciences, the CIA is funding a scientific study to determine the feasibility of altering the planet’s climate, in order to stave off climate change. When a government agency does a study, it might well be to justify activities already in play.

No such activity, as spraying the atmosphere with toxic chemicals could ever take place without government consent, Federally, State or Provincially and without a detailed agreement governing times, places and materials used. The government of Maui, Hawaii is now considering an Ordinance (law) prohibiting the release of aerosols and other particulates into the atmosphere without informed consent from the people of Maui.

Neither Federal, State or Provincial government has ever announced such a “Climate Control Program” nor denied it existed.

I’m aware that any attempt at rationalizing complicated problems will be characterized, by the Elitists and those they control, as Conspiracy theories, and some will be, but this is then used to stop all attempts at creating a public awareness. Not too long ago, mention of governments telephone evesdropping or screening all our emails, would have been tagged as Conspiracy theory at its worst.

(1) I, Bill Vander Zalm, request through “Freedom of Information”, both Federal and Provincial, all information on file about “Climate Control Programs” with the government or anyone of its Ministries.

(2) I, Bill Vander Zalm, request that Municipal Councils, City Councils and Regional Boards pass a resolution to say that “no particulate matter for climate control be sprayed in the atmosphere above their jurisdiction, without informed consent” and that the issue be presented to the annual meeting of the Union of Municipalities for debate and consideration this September.

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Chemtrails for Jesus: Update from the BCCA Moderator

It has been weighing on my mind for some time now the fact that I’ve been unable to find the time to post more material to the site. Lately it’s become a routine occurrence that when I check my mail (which I do constantly when working in my office) I’ve been getting new subscribers to the site. As well I keep receiving more information and photos from others around the province who are also very interested in this dark phenomenon that we’re being confronted and accosted by.

No single politician in this nation of 33 plus million souls has yet to stand up in public and demand the answers from the government that so many of us are screaming into their cyber ears on a daily basis.  It’s as if all levels of our so-called “democracy”-style government refuse to cop to what we see either daily or regularly and know as a blatant affront, not only to our physical bodies and Nature herself, but to our Intelligence as well. We are, in essence, expected to just accept their stupidly grandiose, ridiculous, pig-headed, arrogant, insulting, demeaning, deadly ‘scientific’explanations for things that we know for a fact exist in real time in our everyday reality,  yet these pathological pigmies outright continue to DENY!

When I think about the buffoon from the University of Calgary (or Edmonchuk, not sure) spouting off at the big conference in L.A. (the one on G. Edward Griffin & Michael Murphy’s cd What in the World Are They Spraying?) trying to sell the concept publicly that we “might” have to resort to some type of weather control mechanism that would most likely include spraying of some type in the “future” if “global warming” doesn’t slow down, it makes me exceedingly irate. These front or false flag “experts” that the global elite hire to push their agenda are so damn transparent these days that, like the Chemtrails themselves which they openly dismiss, they stand out within moments of opening their mouths as being defenders of the darkness. But lo unto them who might accuse these suckers of conspiring against life itself!

Now it’s also come to my attention over the past year or more of running this little chemtrail monitor that such a situation is becoming increasingly worse. It’s actually pathetic and darn-right dangerous and those who sell out to the poison makers for whatever compensation they receive for peddling the elite’s lies are to be treated with all the contempt they damn well deserve. It always blows me away to think that some small cliche or community of crooks or fraternity of frauds or conspiracy of con-artists would actually have the audacity to stand up in front of public audiences and lie straight to their faces as if they were all a herd of cattle without any independent thoughts of their own. It’s as if they know something we don’t and it may explain the smirky countenance on the face of that con-artist ‘expert on climate change’ who Murphy exposes so well in his documentary.

But if this isn’t bad enough (and it isn’t) what’s even worse is the fact that all the major and semi-major and medium to modest “Environmental” organizations across B.C. and Canada also refuse to acknowledge the serious reality of chemtrail  spraying around the globe and are also into playing the Denial Game.

I don’t say this lightly nor out of ignorance. I’ve been involved directly with environmental issues here in B.C. since at least the late 60’s. I know or know of or have published many of the stories or articles related to most of the major environmental leaders and their campaigns for decades and particularly during the period from 1998 until 2002 when I was publishing a monthly 24-page alternative news and opinions tabloid called “The Radical” which was sold across the province and in news outlets across the country as well as by subscription. I covered the War of the Woods with Betty Krawczyk and the attacks on protesters in the Elaho. I’ve covered Greenpeace issues. Clear-cut logging up the ying yang and much much more. The Fish Lake controversy in the Chilcotin where the corporate giant wanted to destroy their lake and turn it into a tailings pile or waste dump was in The Radical back in 1998 a decade before some of the other status quo enviro orgs began to give it any attention. Betty Krawczyk and I exchanged hand-written letters while she and friends of hers were in prison.  Over in Alberta my newspaper was the only media that published truthful stories on the controversial Wiebo Ludwig and the Trickle Creek Christian Community’s fight with the Alberta oil kings and their RCMP mercenaries and politicians over the flaring of noxious, carcinogenic gases that caused mutated fetuses in the Lugwig daughters and the community’s livestock.

So maybe some of you will understand why I’m now disenchanted with them when I see that all of these former defenders of the lands and seas and so on who made their big names in the struggles for greater environmental awareness and commitment have also succumbed to this same contagious ailment that leaves them all blind  and dumb and silent on the chemtrail issue. All they do in their lackluster attempts to defend their collective stance on this major environmental disaster now unfolding with each successive chemtrail that’s released into our collective air space is to repeat the same worn-out platitudes that there’s not a sufficient amount of evidence yet to warrant acknowledging them as either a phenomenon or a threat to the environment.

Who the hell do they think they’re kidding when they align themselves with the very perps who are responsible for this global poisoning of our atmosphere? This is our last sea and they’re out to poison it just as surely as they’re out to poison the oceans that support the wild salmon and other sea life. In the final analysis we’re all just fish really, swimming about on two legs in a sea of oxygen and other gases that sustain our existence no less than the Pisces itself. We are what we breathe in just as we are what we eat and here we’ve got the same cunning culprit poisoning not only our food supplies but the very air we’re breathing in to sustain our vigour and life essence.

Is this Evil manifest or what? It is, but what’s so frightening in other ways is that goddam smirkyness and the sense that “they” know something else that we, the peons, are still unaware of.  I’m beginning to get a sense though of what that “else” is and I think it may be their strong belief that we, the people affected as well as the land, sea and air, are helpless to stop them. They are acknowledging their own self-declared omnipotence and their willingness to do whatever they bloody well feel like doing and we are expected to just suck it up and not complain and trust them. They control the media that feeds the heads of the nations daily with bs and false hope. They have the status quo politicians all wrapped around their boney little fingers and it also appears they’ve got the Environmental organizations and their leaders and representatives also working in collusion with them when it comes to chemtrails. All of these factors do not bode well for the chemtrail activists trying to open the eyes of the public to the reality of what is actually happening in our skies.

So where does it leave us as a group of deeply aware and concerned citizens of  free nations around the globe? We can write and photograph and make videos and create blogs and discussion groups and debate the issue until the cows come home (if they come home) and still these lying bastards will be flying their jets over our farmlands and wilderness areas, our lakes and rivers and oceans and urban centers nightly and daily continuing to spray their poisons out into the free atmosphere.  Sometimes when my wife and I are out driving and we run into yet another one I get pissed off to the point where I say to her that the only solution beyond shooting the bastards is to take a hostage and hold them at ransom until the issue is debated on every public news media across the country for long enough that all the evidence is presented without obfuscation by the corporate, banking, governmental, msm and political lobbyists.  If by then the general public still desires to live in denial then we’d just return the hostage to the great unwashed and forget about resolving the chemtrail issue peacefully.

Of course we’d have to abduct someone really important though like PM Stephen Harper or the President of the Bank of Canada or maybe, fittingly, our own former Premier performer of Lieberal Lies, Gordon Campbell. Then again it might even be better to abscond with someone like Rafe Mair who now touts himself and his online environmental website “The Common Sense Canadian” as the premier environmental news outlet in the province. Having been a former Socred cabinet minister and even an “environment” minister, not to mention being a popular radio broadcaster for years, he might be the one best suited for the job. But, on the other hand, why should the guys always get the limelight? Possibly it would even be more fitting if we snagged Elizabeth May the premier Green Party member of parliament? Aye, now that would be the rub wouldn’t it? Maybe we could keep her in solitary confinement and feed her only natural, cold spring water until she saw the light herself and willingly spoke out on this issue? Then again how about Betty Krawczyk the Grand Dame Elder Stateswoman of the Old Growth forest resistance movement? I’ve written to her numerous times about the chemtrails and she just refuses to speak out. But no, that wouldn’t do. Betty, on top of being an octogenarian has put enough jail time in that she needn’t be confined further. I’m sure that given the opportunity she would eventually realize that speaking out on spraying our air supply was a good thing especially if some younger, dedicated Greenie was to step up to the plate.

However you look at it though it’s a conundrum for all of us who want the spraying to stop but also know that our very representatives in both the government and environmental fields are opposing us. We expect that from the corporate crowd including the msm but the impossibility of one good politician?  One? Just one? Out of so many. I mean how is it possible that these environmental hypocrites can wax eloquent on so many other issues related to the environment yet suddenly appear as dolts when asked why they won’t speak out on the chemtrail conspiracy?

I wanted to make a short list of some who I am aware of who prefer the mantle of Judas rather than Jesus, the Light bringer or Truth teller. (BTW that photo of the Purple Cross at the top of this article sitting above the chemtrails in the background was taken by me while driving into Quesnel this summer. It’s a close up of the one directly below these words.)

In the military the Purple Cross was one of or thee highest medals for bravery. Maybe we need some real environmentalists who will eventually win such a cross in this war for truth respecting chemtrails? Whatever, it did prompt me to call the piece “Chemtrails for Jesus” which was in fact a take off on the old sick joke of the rednecks who, during the Greenpeace “save the whales” era of Rex Weyler and co. used to say “Kill a baby whale for Jesus” – an insult to the anti-whalers as well as a typical blasphemous jab at the Christians.

So that brings me back to the reason for writing. I just wanted to let readers know that I’ve been snapping shots of chemtrails here in the Cariboo region of the province throughout the summer and now into the fall. They are a daily occurrence with possibly one or two clear days spread over the past year. Today was one of those exceptional days when the sky was perfectly void of them from dawn to dusk. It was almost an erie feeling as if it were foreshadowing some ominous future event about to unfold. Maybe they’re refitting the jets with live ammo and are going to give us all a 10th Anniversary 911 surprise! 🙂

The long and the short of it all respecting the little amount of posts is that I’m trying to survive financially and must work when I can to feed my family and myself. Summer is when I have to do what I have to do as my work depends on the conditions on the ground outside. When winter comes I’ll likely have way more time.

One final quickie. I’ve also started up an online news and opinion paper for my local community of Quesnel, Wells, Barkerville. We have only one publication in Quesnel and it is part of the David Black Press newspaper chain and it don’t do no chemtrail articles. Maybe two mentions in the letters to the editor section in the past year or more. So I’ve just started the Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel which can be found at It’s planned to present alternative news that the corporate media neglects on purpose. It also keeps me somewhat busy. Then there are other sites and yahoo groups that I moderate in between this one so I’m a bit stretchhhhhhhhhhed for time at the moment.

I shall endeavour to post more photos and stuff. Suggestions are always welcome too. Write me at .

For clear skies and freedom to breathe and live,

Arthur Topham

BCCA Moderator

Inventor Survives 10 Murder Attempts to Release World Changing Technology! We No Longer Need Oil

While this article isn’t directly concerned with chemtrails and HAARP and Nuclear issues I felt that given the fact that fossil fuels are being used to enslave much of the planet readers might be interested in listening in to the program.

Inventor Survives 10 Murder Attempts to Release World Changing Technology! We No Longer Need Oil!

Posted by michael vara on April 29, 2011
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Remember back in 2001 when everybody was told that there was a super secret project called Ginger coming from Dean Kamen that was literally going to change life on planet Earth?  It was kept very secret for  months but finally Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report broke the story and this amazing device was actually revealed to be a technologically advanced but very expensive scooter called the Segway!    Well, I don’t know about you, but I was VERY disappointed to find out that the Segway was THE thing that was going to change the planet!   It’s practically impossible to even look cool riding a Segway!  It sure hasn’t changed my life one bit because I don’t have one!
Well, today I’m proud that the alternative media will once again break a story first but this time it REALLY WILL change the planet forever!  Michael Vara and myself will be breaking the incredible story and introducing you to somebody we’re calling Mister X for now.

Mister X’s incredible story will be told for the first time ever on the radio show “Late Night in the Midlands” on May 4th at 10pm EST (USA).   You are all invited to be a part of this exclusive live broadcast and call in with your questions.

You’ll be able to listen to our broadcast live on WOIC in Columbia SC or through the streaming players at the top of and   Videos will be made immediately after the show and posted  on these sites and Youtube also.

Mister X will reveal his real identify and all the technical details of his invention that is already running his own car and truck on nothing but water!  He has put over 8500 miles on his Dodge Truck and he’s running the truck on nothing but water!  Mister X will also discuss how similar technology can power a house completely off the grid.  He has given me permission to release the information in this article for now until he can talk directly to the people next Wednesday with many exciting developments.

The system Mister X will release to the world lets you fill up your tank with 98% water and 2% fuel.  He says the fuel is only used to keep moisture from hurting some of the components that were not designed to be exposed to water all the time.  Filling up with just 2% fuel keeps the system from being corroded by water.  Eventually it will be 100% water powered as components in engines and fuel systems are changed out to not degrade being exposed to water.

Mister X says we haven’t needed oil for many decades now and what he’s done has actually been done many times before.  But every other time, the inventors either got bought out or were killed!   In fact, Mister X has had 10 attempts on his life but credits God for protecting him each time.  Mister X reports that the last attempt was a bioweapon that he was able to defeat using a product called MMS that I cover extensively in my booklet, “Suppressed Health Secrets“.

Mister X was even offered $1 billion in cash from an oil producing country to walk away from this invention!  But through his strong belief that God wants him to release this technology to the people he refused  to sell out and made sure that this time the technology would not be suppressed in any way.

I’ve been personally interested in researching various cars that ran on water but later disappeared.  I recently met a shop owner that reported how he met an inventor that lived near Gainesville Florida about  14 years ago.  This inventor  also had a car running on water.  This shop owner saw the vehicle and met the man in his store.  The inventor had just sold the technology to Ford Motor Company and of course we never heard of it again!  Clearly the car companies have been in bed with the oil companies all along and have been key in the suppression of this important technology.  Ford Motor company shelving the technology they bought to run cars on water proves this point.

Here’s the reality.  We don’t need to go to war anymore over oil.  We don’t need to destroy our Gulf of Mexico beaches with oil.  We don’t need to have high food prices because of high gasoline prices.  With essentially free fuel comes basically free transportation of goods and people which will inject trillions into the world economy.  We will experience the biggest economic boom in all history as vehicles are converted to run on water!

This is all I can report at this time.  All I can tell you is to pray for the safety of Mister X.  He has told me that even if they killed him now, he’s put the information on how to do this in so many hands that it cannot be stopped anymore.  He was very insistent that he had his bases covered and this technology would be released no matter what happened to him.

Once again, Mister X and his incredible technology that allows you to run your car or truck on water will be revealed in a world exclusive interview on Wednesday, May 4th at 10pm EST (USA) on the “Late Night in the Midlands” radio show that you can hear live on the streaming players at and    Tell everybody you know so we can make this information go viral around the world.

Let’s make sure to give Mister X a big welcome on “Late Night in the Midlands” and remember 2011 as the year when the lies about oil came tumbling down!  We don’t need oil anymore!  Pass the word!

Glenn Canady
April 29, 2011

“HAARP, WWIII & Man’s Worst Enemy” By A. Hunter

Black Chemtrails over Victoria, B.C.

The lethal volume of toxic metals in our sky is most obvious when the HAARP Shield breaks up (every morning when the sun comes up). Taken Today (Feb. 16, 2011) in Victoria, ‘Beautiful’ British Columbia, Canada. Nighttime psychotronic frequency and aerosol attack is killing us all.

“HAARP, WWIII & Man’s Worst Enemy”
By Alex Hunter

Back in the days when men were men
They had a protocol to abide
Protect civilians from war’s harm
Women and children on either side

The men would boast and raise a toast
To their cunning nobility
Even so there was collateral damage
A degree of civilian casualty

The most atrocious thing I’d ever heard
Was Colonialist technique and strategy
How they acquired North America;
Our Hidden History

Then The Protocols of Zion
Kicked off last century
From WWI to the Russian Revolution
Their ruthless recipe

Nicoli Tesla started playing
With his free energy
It wasn’t long until it would belong
To man’s worst enemy

False Flag Operations
Else nobody would play
World Wars like I, II and III
Started off that way

They design it decades in advance
Fund and arm all sides, too
They pit us all against each other
Uncle Joe and “you know who”

The creation of Israel
Was illegal occupation
Palestinian genocide
Satan’s worst creation!

They planned to dumb our children down
With fluoride and coded vaccination
Make them sick – a wicked trick
Sabotage their education

The Cold War was a snow job
To build their military
WWII never really ended
Until after they killed Kennedy

From Poppy Bush to Clinton,
Nano thermate too
Rigged ‘election’ software
Then back to George Bush II

9/11 was an inside job
That kicked off WWIII
To see the blatant evidence
You don’t need a science degree

Bomb the Arabs! Microwave them!
Turn them into goo!
Now 90% of casualties are civilian
30% are children, too!

Under the guise of ‘peacekeeping’
The Psychopathic Creeps
Water board them, steal their oil
And sell their opium cheap

Ashkenazi Kissinger,
Brezinski. Bush… God Damn it!
Red phosphorous & Black Chemtrails
Are poisoning our entire planet

Now I’m Pissed! Chemical/toxic mist
Obama is a Rothschild Clone
Made from DNA
from underneath the royals’ throne

Death from the sky. Everything’s a lie!
They completely control the media
If you want the truth and not their ruse
Don’t read their encyclopaedia

You won’t hear “Boo” about Chemtrails
The truth on their 6 O’Clock ‘news’
The only significant thing they’ll tell you
Is you’d better share their views

It’s not just an information war
But the poisoning of the well
Infiltration at the highest levels
Most difficult to quell

Utilising their health’care’ racket
They plan to kill everyone I love
With nano – bio – polymer weaponry,
Chemicals and microbes from above

They’ve weaponised all industry;
Air, water, food and medicine as well
Now our own ‘defense’ department
Plans to “HAARP” us Straight to Hell!


In loving memory of those who suffered and/or
lost their lives fighting Man’s Worst Enemy.

Alex Hunter
Feb 16th, 2011

A Winter Chemtrail Tale from the Cariboo Goldfields of central B.C.


A Winter Chemtrail Tale from the Cariboo Goldfields of central B.C.

by Arthur Topham

February 7, 2011

Saturday morning, February 5, 2011 was one of those beautiful winter days when, after a rather cold and chilly night, the dawn brought forth her clear light and the sun shone warm and brilliantly in the blue sky overhead. The night temperatures, well below freezing, had leaped up into the high pluses by 10:30 a.m. and the air, as usual here in the foothills of the Cariboo mountains, smelled fresh and clean.

So it began.

I was sitting reading at this point when my wife came in the room with coffee and exclaimed, “You should see the chemtrails beginning to form outside. They’re freakin’ unreal!”

“Oh, oh, I though, Murphy’s Law. The weekend arrives and the winter’s weekend fun activities for folks living in the Cariboo are about to begin but instead of what used to be the typical warm, bright, sunny days of yore, the ominous, surreal plumes and patterns of those damned chemtrails once again were rearing their hideous heads and beginning their slow, methodical plodding across the skyline like the four horses of the apocalypse to eventually shroud the sun and cast their dreary, cheerless pall of shadows over the landscape.”

Knowing the nature of this cloud-like, chemical spraying phenomenon that in recent years has come to darken and dominate our atmosphere and obfuscate our minds with conflicting reports as to the intent of this program for poisoning the earth and all its inhabitants I quickly abandoned my morning coffee and, instead, grabbed my camera and headed outside to document the dastardly deed that was once again manifesting above us in the once pristine skies over Cottonwood where we live.

What follows is thus a photo documentary as the day progressed. We had to go into our local town/city of Quesnel to do some shopping in the afternoon so this afforded me the opportunity of continuing to photograph the skies above the region and track the chemtrails as they literally unfolded into their strange and, in some cases, fan-like forms. From the small village of Cottonwood located approximately 27 km east of Quesnel traveling westward to Quesnel one sees a fairly open viewscape along the route.

The pictures tell the story of this unfolding tale of deadly toxins being sprayed upon the unwary public as if we were nothing more than pesky little insects, insignificant and worthless in the vast scheme of things being planned for a future world filled with dark and deep foreboding.

One of the purposes in presenting the unusual volume of images in this article is to give the novice as many reference points as possible with which to judge in any future experiences while looking up at the sky as to whether what they see is a natural cloud or a chemical cloud created by presently unknown forces. Hopefully, by the end of this tale, the old maxim of “seeing is believing” will take ahold and the unbelievers will at least have some reason to question whether or not all of the controversy surrounding chemtrails is just hype and “conspiracy theory” or whether in truth something’s happening here (like Dylan’s Mr. Jones) but you didn’t know what it was until now.

I’ve included commentary below some of the images in order to explain the picture better.

Happy trails dear reader!




The most common response of those who do not wish to see chemtrails  in the skies is to say that they are simply cirrus clouds which, typically, form in the upper stratosphere during the cold winter months. This argument of course falls to the ground when one realizes that these now common patterns seen in the sky are ever-present throughout all the regions of the world where chemtrail spraying is occurring. Chemtrails over Atlanta, Georgia or the skies of Australia or New Zealand or southern California all in warm regions display the precise same patterns exhibited when the chemtrails are released from jets and slowly begin to unfurl.