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#3 “WHO” in the World is Spraying?

Fellow chemtrail/geoengineering activists,

Thank you for helping to make the chemtrail/geoengineering movement one of the fastest growing movements around the world. Our third film, “WHO” in the World is Spraying?” is currently in production by the proven, most effective and award winning team of Producers: Michael J Murphy and Barry Kolsky. The last films, “WHAT in the World are They Spraying?” and “WHY in the World are They Spraying?”, have made the chemtrail/geoengineering issue a household name. The support of our films and activism from people around the world has helped to awaken millions of people who are now active in getting these damaging programs stopped. In order to wake up the rest of the world and stop these programs immediately, we need to have the best and most effective production, advertising and investigation team.

While millions of people now believe that geoengineering is the greatest threat to natural life on our planet, we are still faced with the reality of these programs as test from around the world continue to reveal the continued aerosol assault in oour skies. In previous films, every answer has lead us to a new question. The first film, “What in the World are They Spraying?, we proved the reality that these programs are a reality and are destroying eco-systems and human health around the world. In the second film, “WHY in the World are They Spraying?” we answered the question of one of the of the many agendas behind these damaging programs , “weather control.” This film quickly became an award winning film because it revealed the fact that geoengineering/weather control is a very effective way to consolidate an enormous amount of both monetary and political power into the hands of a few at the expense of all natural life on o ur planet.

To meet our goals in stopping these crimes, we are expecting this to be our most expensive project to date. Because we believe this to be the most important issue that has ever been addressed, we allow all of our films on this subject to be made available to the public for free. While it enables millions to be made aware of the direness of these crimes, it is impossible for us to complete the project without partnerships. That is why we need your support by becoming a funding partner and/or by pre-ordering, “WHO in the World is Spraying?” With your help, we will achieve our goals in putting an end to geoengineering.

While there are literally thousands of questions yet to be answered, the one that is believed by many, to be the answer to stopping these damaging programs is: “‘WHO’ in the World is Spraying?” While we believe there are thousands of governments and corporations who are involved with chemtrail/geoengineering programs, there are some that we have found to be the “key players” in the daily, ongoing destruction of our planet. “WHO in the World are They Spraying?” is an investigation into the main governments, corporations, and ultraistic individuals who are responsible for these crimes. When they are revealed through this film, we believe that we will quickly see an end to the daily poisoning of all life on our planet and thus, the restoration of nature and humanity.

Since the release of “WHY” in 2012, we have continued our research and tracking data that is leading us in the direction of implicating certain governments, corporations and individuals. We have found a pattern of individuals and corporate/governmental entities who are behind these clandestine operations. With your support, we can make “WHO in the World is Spraying?” become another multi-award winning film that will put an end to these crimes. Also, because this film is expected to reach the critical mass that is needed to end these programs, our goal is to have it in theaters around the world. This will activate millions more around the world to become educated, activated, and effective in addressing this issue. To be a part of what many are considering to be the most important issue that we will ever face, go to and pre-order and DVD or become a funding partner.
Please send out to your e-mail list and social networking sites. Thanks again for your support and as always, “keep looking up!!!!! ”
Michael J. Murphy

Wireless, Chemtrails And You By William Thomas

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Next time you’re on a cellphone looking up at those long lingering plumes spreading across the sky, you might decide to end that call. If you spot any cell towers, roof-mounted transmitters or high-voltage power lines within a mile of your location, you may wish to evacuate the area immediately. And once home, you will want to permanently disconnect all wireless devices, including computer routers and “always-on” portable phone cradles. Because what you see in the sky is what you breathe. And chances are you’ve been breathing barium for more than a decade.

Barium Conducts Electromagnetic Energy

Ever since Captain Kirk teleported to the surface of an alien planet and whipped out his portable communicator, everyone Earthside wanted one. And the telecos gave us flip-phones. Along with compulsive texting, streaming video, online gaming and banking, the worldwide web and more.

It took more than 20 years to connect the first billion subscribers. But only another 40 months to connect the second billion. The three billionth “user” placed a cell phone call just 24 months after that.

Never before in human history have so many embraced such risky technology so fast. In Toronto alone, there are 7,500 cell towers. In the USA: over 190,000.

BioElectric Beings

Everyone fixated on Captain Kirk’s hand-phaser. But his wireless communicator was the real ray gun that could not be dialled down.

Cell phones and “cellular networks” are aptly named. Every transmission disrupts your cells directly. “Human beings are bioelectrical systems. Our hearts and brains are regulated by internal bioelectrical signals. Environmental exposures to artificial EMFs can interact with fundamental biological processes in the human body,” states the landmark BioInitiative metastudy.

As former microwave warfare expert Barry Trower points out, an invisible ocean of electromagnetic waves from radio, radar and TV transmissions, cell towers, smart grids and overhead power cables traveling at the speed of light “can all be reflected and refracted” by metal appliances, rain, snow, glass and conductive materials deliberately sprayed into the air.

You Are an Antenna

A water-filled upright human is a sizeable antenna. And since all moving electrons generate electrical current, all those electromagnetic waves inundating our everyday lives pass into our bodies, where they each generate an electric current. These induced electric currents change the charge on which our complex bioelectrical body/brain/heart network operates to maintain our health and vitality.

Microwaves at 1/10th British safety guidelines emit frequencies causing the biggest changes in cell calcium levels… as reported in the UK Daily Mail.

Wireless Headaches

Headaches can stem from microwave-induced leakage of harmful molecules through the blood-brain barrier. [Electronics Australia Magazine Feb/00]

At one-ten-thousanth of a watt, the blood-brain barrier opens, allowing blood proteins inside to disrupt brain signals and start killing brain cells. A cell phone typically transmits at 2 watts.

Just two minutes on a cell phone, or sitting near a wireless computer router or portable phone cradle, shorts-circuits the electrical ion activity powering the blood-brain barrier. This allows proteins and other blood toxins to enter the brain and resume damaging neurons in thinking and memory centers. Dr. Leif Salford is finding “astonishing number of dead neuron cells, actually suffering holes in their brains from the damage” caused by a single cell phone call.

No wonder wireless-altered brains lead to lack of concentration, memory loss, aggressive behavior, accelerated aging, impaired learning ability and dementia. Fibrils of proteins clumping in electromagnetically-altered brains are an identifying characteristic of Alzheimer’s, Early Onset Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and cancer patients.

“There is strong evidence that… microwaves are associated with accelerated aging (enhanced cell death and cancer) and moods, depression, suicide, anger, rage and violence, primarily through alteration of cellular calcium ions and the melatonin/serotonin balance,” writes veteran EMF researcher Dr. Neil Cherry in New Zealand.

So Far, So Bad

While hundreds of millions of wireless addicts insist that nothing negative is happening, the effects of this invisible plague are worsening. In the United States, one in six children currently suffers neurological disability. With the much heralded new 4G LTE networks and devices “producing a waveform that maximizes radiation absorption for 3-6 year olds,” writes Simon Best, the accelerating trend is straight up.

The electrosmog blanketing cities worldwide would resemble the murky view from Shanghai’s high-rise windows if it were visible. Just add micro-particulate fallout from undisclosed aerosol spray programs and one in three people can expect to be diagnosed with asthma.

Low frequencies are directly linked with epidemic rates of dementia that threaten to bankrupt Canada, the USA and much of the world within a few decades – just as the challenges and costs of crop-killing climate-shifts, sea-level rises and increasingly costly oil will require all the smarts and cash we can muster.

“The scope of the looming medical-care disaster is beyond comparison with anything that has been faced during the entire history of humanity,” declares dementia expert Dr. Barry Greenberg in Toronto.

The medical-care system is going to be bankrupt by 2050 if we don’t figure out a way to delay or treat Alzheimer’s disease,” echoes U.S. health and human services secretary, Kathleen Sebelius.

Brain cell membranes made leaky by electromagnetic radiation exposure create enough energy to excite neurons into hair-trigger mode, overloading hyperactive brains. More than 1 in 10 children in the United States are currently diagnosed with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

A 6,000% increase in autism diagnosis in recent years has kept pace with the proliferation of wireless grids and gadgets.

As reported in the UK Telegraph, 1980 to 2000 saw an increase of nearly 50% in the estimated number of new cases of Malignant Brain/Central Nervous System tumors in the United States.

Anyone who starts using wireless devices at any age can expect a 500% risk of developing brain cancer within 10 years – even sooner for children. Using cell and cordless phones is even worse.

“For such a risk to show up in cellphone users within 10 years, given what we know about brain tumours, which is that they can have a latency of 40 years, is deeply, deeply disturbing,” worries Dr. Devra Davis. [MSN June 7/04; Globe & Mail Sept 24/10]

Bye Bye Babies

Up to 16% of North American couples are already experiencing infertility – a near doubling since 1992. In cell tower-festooned Delhi, one in four couples cannot conceive after trying for two years or longer. Surviving sperm are increasingly found to be too damaged to achieve fertilisation. [TNN Aug 13/09]

At current rates, plummeting global sperm counts will hit ‘zero’ by 2048.

Barium Blues

Almost from the beginning of chemtrails consciousness, Clifford Carnicom began documenting high levels of reactive barium salts falling from chemtrails grids over Santa Fe, New Mexico. Carnicom claimed these salts are making the Earth more conductive.

He was right. In the fall of 2002, a long-time landscaper working for the City of Edmonton began noticing that carefully tended flowers and trees were showing signs of severe nutrient deficiencies. City specifications call for Electrical Conductivity readings no higher than “1” in local soils. But Dave Dickie’s soil samples tested for EC 4.6 to 7-times higher than this maximum permissible level.

Dickie wondered if elevated levels of electricity-conducting metals in the soils could be leading to the plants’ “chlorosis” condition. A $33 lab test of snow samples collected in a sterilized container confirmed elevated levels of aluminum and barium. Norwest Labs lab report #336566 found
•    q aluminum levels: 0.148 milligrams/litre
•    q barium levels: 0.006 milligrams/litre
Widespread tree and fish die-offs in California are also being blamed on abnormally high levels of barium and less conductive aluminum. At Lake Shasta, Francis Mangels, a retired soil conservationist and PhD wildlife biologist who worked for the U.S. Forest Service for over 35 years, told Dane Wigington that he blames pH over 10-times the alkalinity of normal soil on huge increases of aluminum oxide.

Dane Wigington reports that normal background levels of aluminum oxide in the Mt. Shasta snow is 1/2 unit. (In this case, ug/l). Allowable aluminum in drinking water is 50 units. Government action is required at 1,000 units of detected aluminum. The EPA-tested snow on Mt. Shasta shows aluminum at 61,100 units.

Barium clocked in at an elevated 83 units.

By July 2001, California state officials still could not explain why barium levels had nearly doubled since 1991. They still can’t say why barium levels in soils and water are rising, when industrial barium pollution has all but vanished.

In March 2002, two Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists at Wright Patterson Air Force Base told award-winning reporter Bob Fitrakis that they were involved in two aerial spray programs. One spreads aluminum oxide in the upper atmosphere to reflect incoming sunlight and slow global warming. The other lays down barium stearate aerosols for “over the horizon” military communications, 3-D mapping and radar. Soapy rainwater on highways is a signature of barium salts, one scientist said.

They also confirmed that HAARP transmissions from Alaska are being used to bend the jetstream.

In 2008, a Louisiana newscast focused on barium, which the news station called a “hallmark of chemtrails.” When KSLA had chemtrail fallout analysed, the 6.8 ppm barium levels was “more than six times the toxic level set by the EPA.” The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality confirmed that the high levels of Barium were “very unusual.”

Two years later, Arizona air particulates of aluminum and barium surged. Lab tests indicate how many times they are over the allowable toxic limit:
•    Aluminum: 15.8x
•    Barium: 5.3x

Clifford Carnicom now states that the amount of Barium in our atmosphere exceeds by eight-times the level deemed safe for humans to breathe. Smaller animals are simply out of luck. And, as Earth’s Sixth Great Extinction keeps rolling, maybe out of time.

Microwave Sickness and Chemtrail Related Illness

chemtrail-mask-300x232Embryos, fetuses, infants and children are especially vulnerable to pulsed wireless signals, which penetrate directly through their rapidly developing bodies and brains.

“Children who were exposed to cell phones before and/or after birth tended to have higher prevalence of emotional symptoms, behavioral problems, inattention, hyperactivity and problems with peers,” says prominent EMF researcher Professor Kjell Mild in Sweden. Children and teenagers are five-times more likely to develop brain cancer if they use cell phones.

Microwave Sickness is already of significant public concern in countries where wireless technologies were introduced some 10 years ahead of North America. “Hot spots” include Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Greece and Israel.

Sweden leads the pack. Data collected by the Swedish government has found that the introduction of cellphone technology nationwide in 1997 coincided with an alarming increase in prostate cancer, brain tumors, melanomas and lung cancers. So did deaths from Alzheimer’s, traffic accident injuries, sick leave rates, and the numbers of infants born with heart problems.

With a quarter-million residents now on permanent paid disability for microwave illness, Sweden changes everything. [Pathophysiology June/09]

Chemtrails are also reported over these countries.

Widespread common complaints of Chemtrail Related Illness and Microwave Sickness include, but are not limited to:
•    aching joints
•    asthma attacks
•    fierce headaches
•    sudden dizziness
•    rashes and sores
•    gastro-intestinal discomfort
•    persistent dry hacking cough
•    inability to concentrate or remember simple things
•    heart flutter, inflammation, stoppage
“Cell phones have enjoyed exceptional freedom from government oversight and control to protect against health and environmental hazards,” comments Dr. John Wargo, professor of Environmental Risk and Policy at Yale University.

Just like chemtrails.

After winning the German and European Solar prizes for his hometown solar energy projects, former Greenpeace activist Werner Altnickel warns that the stratosphere is being sprayed with chemicals and metals as a means to slow climate change, manipulate the weather and create inductive fields.

Based on a complex conductivity equation known as the VTRPE, the USAF continues to spread barium into the upper atmosphere to “duct” electromagnetic energy over-the-horizon. Even if commercial wireless frequencies are not conducted as coherent signals by chemtrails specifically “tuned” to HAARP frequencies, all commercial RF/Microwave energy is going to be randomly confabulated and conducted by the barium-strontium chemtrail mix.

If you think this is too much electromagnetic radiation for any body/brain to handle, you’re right. By 1971, a (recently declassified) U.S. Navy document summarized more than 2,300 studies describing health effects from microwave radiation. Today, more than 6,000 studies connect wireless and other EMR with more than 122 biological effects.

Total number of scientific studies on the potential effects on humans, animals, plants and insects from electrically-conductive contrails: zero.

There Is No Ducking Ducting

With highly conductive barium chemtrails being spread to propagate HAARP and other military radio and radar transmissions over the horizon, chemical “antennas” spread over urban centres are also ducting, amplifying and altering already dangerously high levels of Radio Frequency and microwave pollution from ubiquitous cell phone towers, radio and TV transmitters, civilian radars and so-called “smart grids”.

Pioneer researcher Dr. George Carlo headed the first extensive wireless radiation research for Motorola from 1993 to 1999 and lost his funding over his alarming findings.

Dr. Carlo now worries:
“EMR is most likely a synergen. The exposures such as pesticides, chemtrails, harvesting of forests and urban sprawl are not causes competing with EMR – they are additive and synergistic [or amplifying] causes. They are insults to the system that requires strong biological compensation to overcome. EMR depletes that ability to compensate, and thus the person or species succumbs to the effects of the environmental insult more severely and more rapidly.”

What Now?

Things are not getting better fast.

As EU nations begin reducing wireless exposure across Europe in the wake of the landmark BioInitiative study, the global roll-out of wireless smart meters and their supporting microwave grids threatens to push exposure levels beyond human endurance.

Exposure to microwave and radiowave radiation from these meters is involuntary and continuous. Unlike cell phones and other wireless distractions operating at the same frequencies, you can’t switch smart meters off.

Smart Meters emit these hazardous frequencies almost continuously, day and night, seven days a week. The 603 million smart meters slated to be installed worldwide over the next five years will begin emitting electrosmog from billions of new transmitters just as geoengineering efforts shift into even more desperate and relentless conductivity!

Exposure is additive, points out Santa Cruz County Health Officer Dr. Poki Namkung, adding:
“No FFC safety standards exist for chronic, long-term exposure to EMF, or from multiple sources.”
To handle all the wireless traffic from smart meters and constantly updated android apps, Fourth Generation 4GHz LTE may enhance the industry’s Long Term Evolution – while severely curtailing our own. Lower frequency 4G LTE boasts even higher “penetration rates” into buildings and bodies than higher frequency microwaves. And 5G is close behind.

Just Say “NO!”

To date, no agency or organization is examining the effects of electrically conductive chemtrails over towns and cities already saturated with electromagnetic transmissions.

They should.

For city dwellers, and increasingly in rural areas, daily exposure to EMF radiation is more than 100 million times higher than it was in your grandparents’ time. As author Simon Best wrote in his book “Electromagnetic Man: Health and Hazard in the Electrical Environment“:
“Certainly if mobile phones had been a new drug they would never have got out of the laboratory.”

Chemtrails and electromagnetic fields are synergistically linked.

Since October 2002, the Freiburger Appeal has been signed by more than 6,000 doctors and health professionals asking the German Government to revise wireless safety standards and prohibit portable phones.

Alarmed by the Freiburger Appeal, the BioInitiative Report and 165 million Europeans suffering from brain disorders, the European Council ruled that mobile phones and computers with wireless internet connections pose a risk to human health. In May 2011, the Council of Europe began removing all Wi-Fi devices from schools. [Reuters Sept 4 /11; Telegraph May 24/11]

Today, EMF experts with the international stature of Dr. George Carlo, Dr. Olle Johansson, Dr. Leif Salford, Dr. Neill Cherry, Dr. Robert Becker, Dr. David Carpenter and many others are publicly expressing alarm. They warn that continually blanketing our home planet with overlapping, pulsed wireless transmissions emissions never before encountered on Earth will result in mass brain-wiping, a worldwide inability to reproduce, and the extinction of the human race.

Unless stopped, the convergence of electrically-conductive chemtrails with wireless frequencies will only ensure this outcome at an accelerated rate.

What Can You Do?

1. Never expose pregnant mothers or children to wireless radiation.

2. Turn off all portable phone cradles and wireless routers.

3. Limit your cell phone use to a minute a month. Or talk for an hour a day and accept a 400% increased cancer risk over the coming decade.

4. Demand that your city and state emulate the recommendation from the European Committee of Ministers for all member states to “ban all mobile phones, [portable] phones or WiFi or Wireless Local Area Network systems from classrooms and schools.”

5. Don’t fall for “safer” wireless speakerphones and air-tube headsets. Regardless of the excuse behind their purchase, every additional wireless gadget jacks up the need for more relay towers transmitting at ever-higher frequencies. And the higher the frequency, the more transparent our bodies become to electromagnetic energy.

6. Stop Chemtrails! Continue educating media and the public. Attend local government meetings. It is illegal to introduce stray electrical fields that use human beings to complete the circuit. Alert lawyers to this new “Illegally Conductive Barium” approach to initiating class action lawsuits.

7. Stop Smart Meters! Keep educating the media and the public. Attend local governance meetings. Alert lawyers to these “Illegally Conductive Barium” findings to initiating class action lawsuits against wireless smart meters.

8. To dissipate electromagnetic fields and ensure proper rest, “power down” bedrooms and grounding your body to the planet’s natural electromagnetic field by Googling and using grounding pad under your sheets. As Earthcalm points out, “Manmade electricity has severed the connection. Instead of resonating to the planet, the cells are resonating to the electricity in homes/and workplace.”

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About the author:

William Thomas is an award-winning investigative reporter with over four decades’ experience. His feature writing and photography have appeared in more than 50 publications in eight countries, with translations into French, Dutch and Japanese. A life-long environmental campaigner, his video documentary “Eco War” won the 1991 US Environmental Festival award for “Best Documentary Short”. Recipient of four Canadian feature-writing awards, William has been writing about wireless hazards since the publication of “Scorched Earth” in 1991. His most recent book “Chemtrails Confirmed” records his ongoing chemtrails investigations. Visit his website:

See also:

Sunset on Chemtrials: An Update by Arthur Topham


News Year Greetings to all!

ATBCCApicOnce again I must apologize for the inordinate length of time since I last posted here. Those who have been following the articles on the site will recall that I was unable to post from May of 2012 until November due to severe legal restrictions that had been imposed on me by our wonderful Canadian court system after I was arrested and charged with a “Hate” crime last spring. I won’t go into all the gory details again but only want to say that for the remainder of 2012 I was in the thick of it battling to retain my right to freedom of speech and just couldn’t find the added time to focus on the chemtrail issue.

In the first part of January 2013 I was able to gain a bit of a respite time wise and now have until April before the preliminary trial begins and I’m doing my best to catch up with all of my other loves that had been set aside in order to focus on the censorship matter which, without our freedom of speech, all else is for naught.

Anyway I do keep getting mail from folks who come across the BCCA site and they send photos and video of incidents which they feel would be of benefit if shown to a greater audience. A good example is the photo below which I received a couple of days ago. It was taken in Peachland, B.C. back in September of 2012 by Vincent Webb-pelchat. He was asking whether or not it was “evidence of chemical spraying” and I wrote back saying yes, it was a typical and very clear example of what is going on daily around the world.

Okanagan chemtrial copy

Since I regained my right to access and post articles on my various website (I manage a few) I’ve also been able to go back on Facebook which of course is the greatest repository for images of chemtrails and also the best place to find groups who are opposed to this global assault on our earth and atmosphere.

Recently as well I was in contact with an old associate from out in Ontario who has been bloggin the Beast now since 1996 and helping others to understand what in the old days we used to refer to as “the nature of the deal” when it came to realizing what is going on in the world and what needs to be changed in a good way so that future generations can continue to live and play safely on this massive green playground we call Gaia. His name is Brian Holmes and his website is naturally called 🙂

There you will find a wealth of pertinent information related to most if not all aspects of this global assault that’s being carried out against the indigenous peoples of  planet Earth. Of course when it comes to environmental issues especially WE ARE ALL INDIGENOUS!

In particular I wanted to draw readers’ attention to the new CHEMTRAIL PETITION 2013 that Brian has so kindly and conscientiously created. It’s a very positive, pro-active step in providing all those concerned with the spraying with a tool that we can use to try to bring this issue to the forefront of the public attention. It’s also one that will dovetail quite nicely with the Idle No More movement that’s spreading like wildfire across the global landscape. Reading through Brian’s materials on this issue one will easily see that here is a person who definitely has not been sitting idle when it comes to addressing environmental concerns. I highly recommend visiting and passing along Brian’s website and information to others. The petition is something we can all work with in our separate communities.

While I’m at it I also wanted to share with viewers a few photos that I took recently in Quesnel, B.C. where I live close by. My wife and I were in town to do some shopping in the late afternoon when we realized that the sky above was suddenly turning into a phenomenally and grotesquely ugly coloured sunset where the normally vibrant hues of a natural sunset of this type would be clearly discernible and one’s sense of beauty and proportion appropriately satisfied. Not in this case. It was more of a doom and gloom scenario even though the brightness was still there. For many, including the local community newspaper, the realization that these sunsets are unreal rather than natural was lost on them and photos that appeared in the paper later indicated that the lack of awareness of what is going on is still monumental and the public still ignorant.

Those who have been keeping their eyes clean and their focus sharp will undoubtedly see in these images exactly what I’m talking about. If only the public could realize that all of these colours are the result of man-made chemicals being sprayed into our atmosphere and know the deadly effects of them upon the people and the animals and the ecosystems they would hardly be standing there awe-struck as if the Creator were the one providing us with this visual show.

We must persist in our efforts to educate the masses still unaware. Brian’s petition is a good place to begin.

For Clear and Clean Skies,

Arthur Topham

BCCA Admin

DSC_0011 copy

DSC_0014 copy

DSC_0016 copy

DSC_0017 copy


Wednesday, 13 July, 2011





Our atmosphere is our life blood.

Like the proverbial frog in the warming pot of water,

we are acting obliviously

to our own demise.

Beyond this report, I have another to follow on even more sinister experimentation being worked upon on us, the unknowing citizens of earth, the perceived lab rats of TPTB. I thought I had found the worst when I learned about fetal matter and the other components of various vaccines, or being used in our soft drinks, but this, this, is a major shock. Truly the demons of hell are in power, running the laboratories; forked tails slipping out beneath their lab coats, the air about them shimmering and slithering with their spiritual filth.

I keep trying to convince myself, against the ever increasing odds, that it is always darkest before the dawn.  After reading this, I wonder.

The following is a special report that I found to be utterly shocking. It contains everything you have ever wanted or needed to know about chemtrails and has links to more information that you could possibly need to understand more this nightmare.

Obviously there is no understanding the megalomaniac psychopathic monsters behind these horrors, nor should there ever be forgiveness given to the Congress and Senate who KNOWINGLY endorse and support these crimes against humanity.

Yes THIS IS our world. Yes THESE are our representatives. YES they should be given a final meal of GMO-laced fast food, taken out at dawn, blindfolded, offered a last cigarette… and well, you know what logically follows that final puff.

Remember, the people behind these programmes are all funded flunkeys of the Zionist entity and many of them, including the creators and top promoters, are dual citizens. The Congresspeople and Senators are owned by the Jewish mob known as AIPAC, or perhaps Israel proper. The NWO/Illuminati/Freemason/Chabad depopulation, final solution narrative comes to mind.
Oh, and get THIS! MONSANTO has come out with patented seeds that RESIST these toxins, unlike the natural growth we see burnt and dying in the wake of these toxic clouds!
Ladies and Gentlemen, do the math. Once you have digested the following information, remember the ultimate source…  and GET ANGRY ENOUGH TO START DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

If you don’t take action
~ call your representatives, write letters, inform people, whatever ~
with all the evidence placed before you,
then who is to say you don’t deserve what you get?
Don’t worry that you are only one person:
Live your life as though it matters, and it will matter.

The Intel Hub
Shepard Ambellas & Avalon
March 30, 2011
© 2011 All Rights Reserved
July 13, 2011

Geoengineering has now been defined as: “the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment to counteract anthropogenic climate change.” ~ The Royal Society 2009

Recently, the question has been asked, What In the World Are They Spraying? The documentary with the same name answers many of those questions.

The question the world is now asking is “Who in the World Is Spraying Us?”


As an introduction to this article, we will first cover information to familiarize the uninformed readers as to the core facts and information so that a more complete understanding is possible, given this complex issue.

A recent report by CBS Atlanta detailed how some local citizens are outraged that such “crimes against humanity” are being carried out right before our eyes in secret.

In the report Sen. Johnny Isakson was interviewed on the subject of chemtrails saying quote:
“That is a theory that some people have, but there is no evidence this is happening. This is not happening.”
It looks as if members of the government’s upper echelon and even members of the Senate will go to extreme lengths to suppress this vital information from reaching the American people.

Not to mention they signed off on the multi-billion dollar per year budgets in an economic crisis, with little to no transparency to the public.

In regards to aerosol spraying into the earth’s atmosphere, a recent update to data assembled by The Carnicom Institute reveals the chemicals used and their respective levels of concentration. The toxic levels that are being used in these aerosols goes beyond shocking – it would appear that these levels are indeed criminal by EPA Standards.

An Updated Look at Aerosol Toxins ~ Part 1

By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri –
Copyright © 2011 ~ All Rights Reserved
February 3, 2011
(Excerpt from Report)

A new preliminary draft report by ArizonaSkyWatch shows dramatic increases in heavy metals that simply do not belong in our air. NOTE: The level of Manganese is so shockingly high that ArizonaSkyWatch also included additional information about it (see below). This report will be posted online shortly.

This is only a preliminary overview of Arizona Air Particulates.


These figures indicate how many times they are over the allowable toxic limit:

Aluminum: 15.8

Antimony: 63.3

Arsenic: 418

Barium: 5.3

Cadmium: 6.0

Chromium: 6.4

Copper: 9.0

Iron: 43.5

Lead: 15.7

Manganese: 513.8

Nickel: 10.7

Zinc: 7.5

Additional Research & Videos are at the & the

Interestingly enough, Monsanto has just released an Aluminum Resistant Seed which is Genetically Modified to tolerate Aluminum in high levels in the soil. Is this a coincidence, or do they know something?

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” – Henry Kissinger

See also: Henry Kissinger National Security Study Memorandum 200

“The common enemy of humanity is man.  In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The  real enemy then, is humanity itself.” ~ Richard Haass ~ Club of Rome

Another famous quote;

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government. ~ Thomas Jefferson

Image from Our Changing Planet ~
and you still believe all these floods are of natural origin?


David Keith GeoEngineering

Fund for Innovative Climate and Energy Research (FICER)


The Fund for Innovative Climate and Energy Research (FICER) exists to accelerate the innovative development and evaluation of science and technology to address carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions and their environmental consequences.

The non-profit research fund focuses on early-stage innovative research where relatively small and timely grants can significantly advance understanding, especially of the viability and scalability of proposals to address global warming.

Funded research projects are intended to produce peer-reviewed scholarly articles in recognized professional scientific and technical journals. Any intellectual property that may be generated in the course of such research resides with the researchers or their institutions.
Grants for research are provided to the University of Calgary from gifts made by Mr. Bill Gates from his personal funds.
The activities of the Fund for Innovative Climate and Energy Research fall outside the scope of activities of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. FICER is not a Foundation project and has no relationship with it.

The fund has supported research in a wide range of areas. Some examples include:
• understanding carbon dioxide emissions associated with international trade in goods and services;

• developing technologies to capture carbon dioxide out of the air; and

• Climate modeling to understand possible environmental consequences of solar radiation management.

Image: Lawrence Livermore National Library


A select group of diabolic oligarch globalists and their puppet cronies embedded within the United States government are now involved in what some would say are crimes against humanity. These tyrants will stop at nothing to usher their hush, hush global aerosol agenda into full swing.

According to a report prepared for the Air Force titled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather By 2025” the U.S. Air Force wants to fully control the weather on earth by the year 2025.

Far surpassing even the most horrific act of terror (real or staged), posing as literal gods, these globalists will stop at nothing to control the world by not only controlling the fraudulent banking systems but by owning the weather through a process (blanket term) called Geoengineering.

According to globalist sponsored reports, our planet is in a constant state of threat and is being bombarded with radioactive solar rays increasing planetary temperatures due to human carbon emissions.

However, vast bodies of research now show that that is not the case and that global warming is another globalist myth, a ponzi scheme to collect a Carbon Tax worldwide, benefitting the very same group behind the curtain.

The myth the global warming “Carbon Tax” pushers have been spouting apparently can only be fixed by spraying deadly toxins in an aerosol particulate form into the earth’s atmosphere via large sprayer converted aircraft specifically assigned to perform Geoengineering tasks.

Aerosol sprays (slang: Chemtrails) are filled with a variety of chemical and metal compounds and are known to be very hazardous to human, plant, and animal health worldwide. This danger to plant and human and animal health has been documented in films such as “What in the World Are They Spraying” by Michael Murphy & G. Edward Griffin, who have also appeared on the Intel Hub Radio Show with Shepard Ambellas.

Ultimately, this issue was originally a matter for the EPA to rule over considering that they have the authority to sanction geoengineering activities under the National Environmental Policy ACT of 1969. However, documents such as the report to the chairman, Committee of Science and Technology, House of Representatives ~ “Climate Change” ~ Sept. 2010, U.S. Gov. Accountability Office which was submitted to all members of congress in 2010 attempt to put control into the hands of even a smaller group of people.

This report clearly is slanted and leans to take control away from the EPA along with other regulatory provisions such as; the Endangered Species ACT, and the Conformity Provision in the Clean Air ACT ~ total Geoengineering dis-info submitted to members of the Congress and other government branches alike.

 Click to Enlarge PDF

The source of most of the dis-info is Obama’s White House Science Czar John P. Holdren. The following was written on USGCRP letterhead;
“January 2011,
Members of Congress:

On behalf of the National Science and Technology Council, I am transmitting a copy of Our Changing Planet: The U.S. Global Change Research Program for Fiscal Year 2011. The report describes the activities and plans of the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) established under the Global Change Research Act (GCRA) of 1990.

The USGCRP coordinates and integrates scientific research on climate and global change and is supported by 13 participating departments and agencies of the U.S. government. This Fiscal Year 2011 edition of Our Changing Planet highlights recent advances and progress made by participating agencies and includes budget information on each agency’s contribution.

This report describes a program in transition. In accordance with the GCRA, the USGCRP agencies requested guidance from the National Research Council on how to best meet the changing needs of the nation to understand climate change and respond to its impacts, and the NRC responded with a 2009 report entitled “Restructuring Federal Climate Research to Meet the Challenges of Climate Change”.

In accord with that report’s recommendations, the USGCRP is undergoing a strategic realignment that will ensure that the science produced is maximally useful for decision makers at all scales. As described in the new edition of Our Changing Planet, the program going forward will place greater emphasis on impacts, vulnerabilities, and on understanding the options for adapting to the changing climate.

The program will also continue its long-standing support for activities that contribute to a better understanding of the Earth system, including observations, research, and predictive modeling.

All of these focuses will be reflected in the USGCRP’s new strategic plan and its National Climate Assessment.

The USGCRP is committed to its mission to build a knowledge base that informs human responses to global change through coordinated and integrated federal programs of research, education, communication, and decision support. I appreciate the close cooperation of the participating agencies, and I look forward to working with the Congress in the continued development and implementation of this essential national program.


John P. Holdren Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy Assistant to the President for Science and Technology” ~ Our Changing Planet
Even more disturbing than that is the fact that your so called representatives have been approving yearly geoengineering budgets in the upwards of billions of dollars per year (as outlined in the document “Our Changing Planet ~ The US Global Change Research Program for the Fiscal Year of 2011, which is a supplement to the President’s Budget for 2011, much of which is unaccounted for and not even included in the budget possible signifying even a more nefarious plot involving some black budget.

Back tracking to the year 2001, President elect George W. Bush established the (CCRI) Climate Change Research Initiative. A year later it was made public that the USGCRP or United States Global Change Research program and the CCRI both would become what is known as the (CCSP) Climate Change Science Program. Now, under the Obama Administration the legacy continues to move forward as the USGCRP.

Geoengineering Regions
This same map can be found in the piece I posted a few days ago

Quite a “coincidence” isn’t it?

A report entitled “Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States” released in 2009, documents how the USGCRP divided the US into nine regions similar to FEMA regions. Also tucked into the report was the statement “A central finding of the report was that the vast majority of climate scientists agree that global warming is unequivocal and primarily human induced” – Source: Our Changing Planet.

The document goes on to mention the devastating effects of climate change, including the effect on crops, human health and livestock.

But the most startling fact in the document is the actual budget itself, a mere 2.7 billion for 2011 alone (not including many costs) 24% higher than 2010’s budget.

The Global Change Research ACT of 1990, SEC. 102, Committee on Earth and Environmental Sciences states;
a) ESTABLISHMENT. ~ The President, through the Council, shall establish a Committee on Earth and Environmental Sciences. The Committee shall carry out Council functions under section 401 of the National Science and Technology Policy, Organization, and Priorities Act of 1976 (42 U.S.C. 6651) relating to global change research, for the purpose of increasing the overall effectiveness and productivity of Federal global change research efforts.

(b) MEMBERSHIP. ~ The Committee shall consist of at least one representative from:
1. The National Science Foundation;

2. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration;

3. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the Department of Commerce;

4. The Environmental Protection Agency;

5. The Department of Energy;

6. The Department of State;

7. The Department of Defense;

8. The Department of the Interior;

9. The Department of Agriculture;

10. The Department of Transportation;

11. The Office of Management and Budget;

12. The Office of Science and Technology Policy;

13. The Council on Environmental Quality;

14. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences of the National Institutes of Health; and

15. Such other agencies and departments of the United States as the President or the Chairman of the Council considers appropriate.

Such representatives shall be high ranking officials of their agency or department, wherever possible the head of the portion of that agency or department that is most relevant to the purpose of the title described in section 101(b).
(c) CHAIRPERSON. ~The Chairman of the Council, in consultation with the Committee, biennially shall select one of the Committee members to serve as Chairperson. The Chairperson shall be knowledgeable and experienced with regard to the administration of scientific research programs, and shall be a representative of an agency that contributes substantially, in terms of scientific research capability and budget, to the Program.

Image from Our Changing Planet ~
and you still believe these ultra long winters are of natural origin?

(d) SUPPORT PERSONNEL. ~ An Executive Secretary shall be appointed by the Chairperson of the Committee, with the approval of the Committee. The Executive Secretary shall be a permanent employee of one of the agencies or departments represented on the Committee, and shall remain in the employ of such agency or department. The Chairman of the Council shall have the authority to make personnel decisions regarding any employees detailed to the Council for purposes of working on business of the Committee pursuant to section 401 of the National Science and Technology Policy, Organization, and Priorities Act of 1976 (42 U.S.C. 6651).

(e) FUNCTIONS RELATIVE TO GLOBAL CHANGE. ~ The Council, through the Committee, shall be responsible for planning and coordinating the Program. In carrying out this responsibility, the Committee shall:
1. Serve as the forum for developing the Plan and for overseeing its implementation;

2. Improve cooperation among Federal agencies and departments with respect to global change research activities;

3. Provide budgetary advice as specified in section 105;

4. Work with academic, State, industry, and other groups conducting global change research, to provide for periodic public and peer review of the Program;

5. Cooperate with the Secretary of State in ~
(A) providing representation at international meetings and conferences on global change research in which the United States participates; and

(B) Coordinating the Federal activities of the United States with programs of other nations and with international global change research activities such as the International Geosphere-Biosphere Program;
6. consult with actual and potential users of the results of the Program to ensure that such results are useful in developing national and international policy responses to global change; and

7. Report at least annually to the President and the Congress, through the Chairman of the Council, on Federal global change research priorities, policies, and programs.”It’s not really a moral hazard. It’s more like free-riding on our Grandkids.”

It’s not really a moral hazard.
It’s more like free-riding on our Grandkids.

“I have a friend who builds organic gardens. Across the industry they are seeing a decline in anything natural or organic that is growing. However, the effective crops have the aluminum-resistant seeds that have been manufactured. This is not an accident. These people know just what they are doing. Not only do they know what they are doing, they intend to benefit from it.”

I don’t see how anybody who has their eyes open and their mind open can help but come to the conclusion that someone is spending a LOT of money and effort to spray the planet. I know that when it is finally discovered, and it will be, the people who are doing it will undoubtedly say, “Oh well, we were doing it for you folks, for the greater number.” ~ G. Edward Griffin
By Jon Strauss, December 30, 2008

The following is a list of the members included in the Subcommittee on Global Change Research;


Made up of the following members:
Thomas Karl ~Department of Commerce Chair

Thomas Armstrong ~ Department of the Interior Vice Chair, Adaptation Research

Mike Freilich ~ National Aeronautics and Space Administration Vice Chair, Integrated Observations

Timothy Killeen ~ National Science Foundation Vice Chair, Strategic Planning

William Breed ~ U.S. Agency for International Development

John Balbus ~ Department of Health and Human Services

William Hohenstein ~ Department of Agriculture

Jack Kaye ~ National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Chester Koblinsky ~ Department of Commerce

Linda Lawson ~ Department of Transportation

Leonard Hirsch ~ Smithsonian Institution

Anna Palmisano ~ Department of Energy

A description of the subcommittee on (p.2) Our Changing Planet Reads;
“The USGCRP is directed by the Subcommittee for Global Change Research (SGCR), which falls under the National Science and Technology Council. The SGCR comprises representatives from 13 departments and agencies and is led by a Chair from one of the participating agencies (currently from the Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA]). In order to align the program’s governance with the needs, Vice- Chairs have been identified for Strategic Planning, Integrated Observations, and Adaptation Research.

Additional vice-chairs will be identified as needed. The program is supported by the USGCRP Integration and Coordination Office and conducts many of its activities through interagency working groups that plan and implement research and crosscutting activities, such as communications, decision support, and information and data concerns.

The Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) work closely with the SGCR, the Integration and Coordination Office, and the interagency working groups to establish research priorities and funding plans to ensure that the program is aligned with national priorities, reflects agency planning, and meets the requirements of the GCRA. “
The Subcommittee in question has now supplied the President with a supplement to the fiscal budget for 2011, which was presented to members of congress in January of 2011 on behalf of the National Science and Technology Policy ~ Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, John P. Holdren.

The (USGCRP) brings together a total of 13 different agencies and merges them into one single agency program that has been in the works science 1988 or prior.

In 1990 the USGCRP received generous congressional support under (GCRA P.L. 101-606). It is no mystery that aerosol spraying operations have been ongoing since the early 1990’s. Prior to 1990 one could enjoy a true clear blue sky, a figment of the past in 2011 – where none are to be found.

Airship Proposed for Chemtrail Spraying

So just how deep does the geoengineering/terraforming rabbit hole go? The Intel Hub was able to obtain a copy of the final report prepared by the University of Calgary under contract by Aurora Flight Sciences titled “Geoengineering cost analysis.”

In the report there is smoking gun evidence of the entire geoengineering saga from the secret bases, to the payload, to what type of aircraft or “airship” will be the most cost effective to spread toxic particulates throughout the earth’s atmosphere.

The final report also included budgets for different applications for aerosol dispersal within the atmosphere.
“Existing aircraft are evaluated based on cost of acquisition and operations. An in-depth new aircraft design study and cost analysis was conducted to determine the cost of developing and operating a dedicated geoengineering airplane type. Similarly, an airship design study and cost analysis was conducted.

Finally a survey of non-aircraft systems was conducted to determine how their costs compare to aircraft and airships.

Yearly costs of 1M tonne geoengineering operations for all the systems examined are presented in Figure 2. Some systems are easily written off due to extremely high costs. Rocket based systems are not cost competitive due to the large number of launches required and the impact of occasional rocket failures on required fleet size.

A system based on 16Σ” naval Mark 7 guns was analyzed and compared to previous work by the National Research Council.4 This system requires large numbers of shots increasing projectile costs and driving yearly costs over $100B.

Gun costs become more competitive if the projectile payload fraction can be increased from about 10% for a standard shell to 50%. With this and a few improvements over the 1940-era Mark 7 gun yearly costs are still in the $20B range….The primary vehicles examined to lift particulate to stratospheric altitudes and disperse them at a predetermined release rate are airplanes and airships; rockets and other non- aircraft methods such as guns and suspended pipes are also surveyed.” ~ Aurora Flight Sciences: Geoengineering Final Report (p.5)

“Geoengineering may provide a means to create a time buffer against catastrophic climate change while long-term emissions reduction actions take effect. One approach is to disperse sulfur compounds at high altitude to reduce the effective solar flux entering the atmosphere. This report will evaluate the means of delivering sufficient mass of this or similar material to affect climate change on a global scale.

The goal of this study is to use engineering design and cost analysis to determine the feasibility and cost of a delivering material to the stratosphere for solar radiation management (SRM). This study does not examine effectiveness or risks of injecting material into the stratosphere for SRM. Its goal is simply to compare a range of delivery systems on a single cost basis.” ~ Aurora Flight Sciences: Geoengineering Final Report (p.6)

Operational Costs ~ Not Including Payload

The report mentions how payload costs are not included in the estimate nor are the base/facility costs and continues on (p.8) to say; “This study focuses on airplane and airship operations to the stratosphere to release a geoengineering payload with the goal of reducing incoming solar flux.

Airships are also considered for this mission. To provide a comparison to conventional aircraft operations, more exotic concepts such as rockets, guns, and suspended pipes are also examined….

For maximum cooling impact, the particulate payloads are best placed near the equator.

This study assumes that the payload is released within latitudes 30°N and 30°S, though North-South basing location had minimal effect on cost. Transit operations, flying East- West between equally spaced bases around the equator, were examined as a method to ensure adequate dispersal of the payload around the equator.

Global winds aid in East-West dispersal so a smaller number of bases and shorter range systems (referred to as Regional operations) can be employed with minimal impact on dispersal.

Regional operations allow the dispersal leg length to be dictated by the desired release rate of 0.03kg/m flown. This means the airplanes fly no further than they have to, on the order of 300-800 km, and fuel costs are minimized.” ~ Aurora Flight Sciences: Geoengineering Final report Yearly cost estimates from different dispersal methods ranged from over 1 billion dollars a year all the way up to rocket dispersed aerosol in the upper atmosphere at the cost of over 100 billion dollars per year.


California SkyWatch

Agriculture Defense Coalition

GeoEngineering Watch

Arizona SkyWatch

Henry Kissinger’s 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide

Food Sovereignty

Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.” ~ Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderbergers at Evian, France, May 21, 1992.


• Aluminum resistant gene patent # 7582809

• Patent granted on September 1, 2009

• Patent developed at the Robert W. Holley Center for Agricultural Health at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

• Leon Kochian and Jurandir Vieira de Magallhaes are the primary inventors/ researchers

• Patent assigned to US Department of Agriculture and Brazilian Enterprise for Agricultural Research

• According to Cornell University Chronicle Online, the research project was supported in part by the McKnight Foundation Collaborative Crop Research Program, the Generation Challenge Program, the National Science Foundation and the USDA.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a contributor to both the McKnight Foundation and the Generation Challenge Program.

Hundreds of Rain and Snow Tests HAVE BEEN DONE!

UPDATE 4/23/2011 ~


Taken 4/22/11 west of Phoenix, AZ suburbs.

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Fukushima and the Mass Media Meltdown The Repercussions of a Pro-Nuclear Corporate Press by Keith Harmon Snow

Fukushima and the Mass Media Meltdown

The Repercussions of a Pro-Nuclear Corporate Press

by Keith Harmon Snow

Global Research, June 20, 2011 – 2011-06-19

A sociological and technological discussion — in the wake of the out-of-control nuclear apocalypse in Japan — addressing the compromise of public health and security created by the failure of the western corporate mass media to equitably report on, mildly investigate, or even moderately challenge, the nuclear power industry.

Author’s note, 19 June 2011:

The following report was written after learning about the pro-nuclear and corporate bias of the Society of Environmental Journalists. It was originally published by VOICE NEWS, Winstead CT, in 2001 and was originally titled “The Potential Repercussions of a Pro-Nuclear Press.”  I have made a few minor changes, added hyperlinks,  and inserted a few comments in [brackets].

The report was originally sent to Noel Grove, then an SEJ official and an editor in some capacity for the National Geographic, who I was communicating with at the time (and hoping to land a story assignment from). After perusing my article to some (unknown) extent, Mr. Grove — who was somewhat hysterical about it– criticized this  writing as hysterical, and the thesis as impossible, and the writer as lacking all credibility.

However, the prophetic warnings advanced in this writing have now come true, although the nuclear “accident” did not occur on North American soil, but in Fukushima Japan — a surrogate client state of the United States and its national security apparatus and weapons complex — and a corporate ally in nuclear proliferation and global radioactive destruction.

It is now confirmed that there are three reactors at the Fukushima complex that melted THROUGH their outer containment vessels, through ALL the layers of so-called “defense-in-depth” and are continuing to spew lethal nuclear poisons and further contaminate the land we live on, the air we breathem, and the water that sustains all life on earth. We were always warned, and very worried, about reactor melt-DOWN, this being the absolute worst-case scenario and something that the nuclear industry and their purchsased government agencies assured us “could never happen” — always agreeing that these meltdowns would be “catastrophic” if it did.

Reactor melt-THROUGHs are much more serious than reactor melt-downs. At Fukushima, there is the equivalent of some twenty (20) reactor cores exposed and radiating lethal nuclear poisons. The corporate mass media system continues to downplay, distort, dismiss or deflect attention from the nuclear crises in Japan.

At Fukushima, and all over Japan — and with deadly nuclear poisons spreading all over the world — it’s much worse than you think.

The people of the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world need to take action to stop the ongoing nuclear contamination and possible nuclear catastrophes at operating reactors all over the world. Here’s why.


There is overwhelming evidence that a nuclear power catastrophe in the United States is highly probable. It matters little if you are “pro-” or “anti-” nuclear, as such constructs of your socialization are irrelevant to current nuclear realities. It is a tribute to our nuclear engineers that a worst-case accident has to date been avoided. The threat is real — it has always been real — but it has been dismissed.

Given the hostile economic climate of electric power deregulation [1999-2001], I submit that a major and potentially unprecedented nuclear disaster is a near certain event. This writing aims to address media neglect in probing the nuclear industry and regulatory agency assurances, standards, activities, safeguards, denials, etc. How should journalists respond? There are a few important questions from which one can formulate an answer.

How close am I to the nearest reactor? What level of emergency preparedness and evaluation procedures is currently practiced there? Such questions prompt concern. The repercussions of an “event” are dependent on the form and magnitude of the “event,” on the human capacity to contain it, and on simple factors like weather. Evacuation plans constitute formal, institutionalized admissions that the threats are very real and demand attention.

What are the origins of my perceptions and beliefs about nuclear power? Origins are rooted in sociological and psychological factors pertinent to an individual’s education, experience and identity. A related question is: How do “market forces” manifest themselves in the media’s coverage of nuclear power? Insight is gained by recalling that from 1991 to 1993, the U.S. Department of Energy (D.O.E.) prepared and arranged 104 press conferences, prepared and distributed 950 press releases; arranged 1,650 press interviews for D.O.E. officials; and prepared and disseminated at least 307 editorials or letters to the editor [in mainstream U.S. media].

Question: Is there precedence for institutionalized deception? Answer: What is the nature of deception exercised by the tobacco industry? Are such deceptions inherent to tobacco interests alone? Such questions are valid and important. However, this writing predominantly addresses the question: How can I — and how should I — evaluate and verify the integrity (safety) or compromise (threat) inherent in nuclear power operations?

This brief writing introduces a few underlying impediments to nuclear safety. Isolated analyses of these impediments might suggest isolated integrity. However, the historical technological realities magnified over 20 plus years — coupled with industry and regulatory carelessness and arrogance, and the economic pressures of deregulation — virtually assure disaster.


As early as 1955, the nuclear industry was persistently seeing major, catastrophic technical failures. While noting the great urgency to “capitalize on any technological lead the U.S. may have,” Rear Admiral H.G. Rickover in 1957 testified to the dearth of knowledge, “Despite every design and operation precaution taken by us,” he said, “we have experienced leaks in some of our steam generators… we had to spend considerable time and money on a brute-force approach, because there was no hope of obtaining an understanding of the fundamentals involved in a reasonable length of time.”

A 1957 Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) study, WASH-740, created by the Brookhaven National Laboratory [now a toxic and irradiated SUPERFUND site], and titled Theoretical Possibilities and Consequences of Major Accidents in Large Nuclear Power Plants estimated “the consequences of a very large reactor accident at a hypothetically small nuclear plant near a large city” at 43,000 injuries, 3,400 deaths and seven billion dollars in 1957 losses. And, because of this, the U.S. Congress passed the Price-Anderson Act indemnifying the industry from economic liability.[The Price-Anderson Act was originally known as the ‘Gore Bill’, becuase it was introduced by Senator Albert Gore Sr., and this, indeed, is an inconvenient truth.] The McKinney Commission (1957) argues against “the rush to construct nuclear power plants just for us to look at, brag about and subsidize.”

By 1963 there were three nuclear submarines in the water, with 22 more under construction.  By 1967, Congress authorized 107 nuclear subs and eight nuclear surface ships, and 74 of these — including 41 Polaris nuclear missile launchers – were in operation. By 1972 there were 118 subs on order, with 95 subs and four ships in the water.Yankee Atomic Energy Corporation (YAEC) pioneered the nuclear power field with its Rowe (MA) reactor by 1960.By 1963, four larger nuclear plants were ordered, and in 1965 seven; in 1967, 20; in 1968, 14.  When plants ordered in 1963 came on line in 1969, there were 91 plants on order; and by 1972, there were 162. All of the 107 nuclear plants in operation in the U.S. today deploy technology of this era. [There are 103 reactors operating in the U.S. at present.]

Former M.I.T. nuclear physicist and long-time industry consultant K. Uno Ingard attributes the problems with nuclear power to its ‘economy-of-scale’: “Engineers involved in designing these plants [got] their experience mainly from marine [steam] power plants where everything was relatively small,” he confirmed [in a personal interview]. “In essence, they merely scaled plants up from what they knew before.”

Problems identified by Admiral Rickover remain unsolved or ignored. One of these is steam-generator tube (SGT) cracking, an issue critical to safe reactor operation. [SGT cracking is one of the major issues that plague Westinghouse Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) designs.] Reports on SGT pipe cracking appeared as early as 1960. A 1979 Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) document details problems with failing SGTs that plagued at least 33 U.S. reactors. At least thirteen utilities sued Westinghouse and Combustion Engineering, alleging SGT fraud. Suits are settled out-of-court, with documents sealed against public scrutiny.

In 1995, over 500 cracked SGTs were discovered at Maine Yankee [Nuclear Power Complex], prompting the NRC to issue a mild request that reactors suffering SGT failures be inspected at the next refueling outage. Most utilities balked, explaining away the problem to complacent regulators. Plants using the potentially flawed SGTs were asked by the NRC “to tell us why they believe their plants are safe to operate.” Both 1996 and 1997 saw the release of major NRC reports on steam generator tube failures.

Technological innovation is not achieved by “brute-force” or “make it work” engineering, but all evidence reveals that the pace of nuclear development exceeded the human capacity for innovation. Modeled after the reactors of Rickover’s nuclear navy, driven by the race to beat the Russians, to meet boom-or-bust sales worldwide, by economic optimism but unverified science, and forced to compete with an entrenched fossil fuel economy, nuclear power technology was virtually stillborn.

Yankee Atomic also pioneered a hasty and irresponsible reactor “decommissioning” at the Rowe reactor. In 1995, in Citizen’s Awareness Network vs. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Yankee Atomic violated NRC regulations and Federal Statutes.

[See also: keith harmon snow, “Nuclear Poisons: They continue to accumulate: Too much, too fast, too hot to handle, insidious and deadly, lasting forever,” Valley Advocate, July 1995.]

Photo credits: keith harmon snow


Pervasive and systemic aging degradation — like metal fatigue, structural embrittlement, corrosive water chemistry, and neutron bombardment — has been institutionalized by NRC and industry complacency and arrogance. Aging mechanisms like cracked SGTs degrade performance and compromise safety in unknown and unpredictable ways.Decades-old problems defined as “generic safety issues” (applicable to similar types or classes of reactors) were officially designated unworthy of immediate action. Many “generic” issues have never been resolved.

Compounding the original problems encountered — the incorrect and incomplete or forgotten assumptions, the inevitable instabilities and failures, the aging components and crumbling materials — have been the uncountable modifications, repairs and part substitutions which have caused significant and unpredictable deviations from the operational parameters of the original design.

Parameters have been altered, designs modified, upgrades creatively and casually implemented. Multiple modifications have spawned multiple blueprints — often outdated, poorly modified, and unavailable in an emergency (e.g. Three Mile Island). There have been countless license modifications with their many justifications, but only mock attention to detail and procedure. “Every modification due to some problem,” says Paul Gunter of the Nuclear Information Resource Services, “constitutes an erosion in the design margins of safety.”

In 1990, the U.S. GAO reported that “utilities operating at least 72 of the 113 domestic nuclear power plants have installed or are suspected of having received nonconforming products.” Computer software has proved inadequate, hardware has failed.  And too, there are the thousands of valves, plugs, pumps, motors, relays, switches, gauges, air ejectors, ducts, conduits, valve seals, grommets, electrical cables, switchboards, alarms, diesel generators, electrical buses, penetrations, inverters, resistors, turbines, condensers, transformers, nozzles, fuses, nuts, bolts and welds which have failed — fallen out, corroded, short-circuited, melted, disintegrated, fractured or stuck — under various circumstances.

Modern chaos theory says that Safety Analysis Reports (SARs) — submitted by industry and approved by the NRC — do not anticipate the consequences of all the severe reactor incident possibilities. [Fukushima’s earthquake.Tsunami one-two punch makes that clear.] Such predictions are beyond the realm of human knowledge and human capacity and human imagination. Initial conditions, specifications and assumptions chosen or argued to insure safe operation no longer apply. Engineers and scientists, for the most part, operate in their own little areas of specialization. Says James Gleick, author of Chaos: Making a New Science, they are “biased by the customs of their disciplines or by the accidental paths of their own educations.”

Human factors engineering introduces significant unpredictable risk. By virtue of the hundreds of plant employees and shift changes — with their unique personal concerns; their limitations of knowledge, comprehension, memory and judgment; their emotional and psychological realities; their disillusions, resentments, animosities and distractions — the man-machine interface is a fallible link in an already compromised chain.


Reactor operations are being “streamlined” at the expense of safety. Reactors are run longer and harder, with fewer inspections, at higher output power capacities. Given the greater propensity for failures to occur on start-up and shut-down phases of operation — where transients, power surges and instabilities proliferate — testing and safety analyses performed during refueling outages may prove meaningless after the subsequent start-up.

Utilities are minimizing reactor outages and maximizing operations at the expense of safety.  Reliability and quality assurance testing of back-up safety systems have been relaxed, postponed or eliminated completely. Optimizing economic factors, Houston Light & Power (TX) recently broke industry records for a refueling outage. The intensity of irradiation prohibits or restricts access and in-service testing of systems and components. The concomitant shift to on-line maintenance means that so-called “redundant” safety systems — ever touted as the backbone of “defense-in-depth” — are disabled during full-power reactor operations. Economic imperatives are dictating patchwork repairs in lieu of expensive parts replacements.

[See: keith harmon snow, “Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station: A Second Lease on Half-Life?” Montague Reporter, December 2003.]

Corporate “downsizing” has displaced talented and qualified employees. Others are suffocated by budget and schedule constraints, driven by corporate imperatives divorced from the dynamic realities of daily operations. The  profit principle translates directly to control room operators increasingly inclined to risk reactor deviation or operational uncertainty. Operators — too nervous in an emergency to exercise a “controlled breach” of reactor containment — may in the uncertainty of the moment allow the system to exceed the thresholds of control. [This is exactly what happened at Fukushima: reactor operators and the TEPCO management delayed triage actions out of the fear of economic losses; once they did react — dumping saltwater on the molten reactor cores — it was too little, too much uncertainty, too late]

Employees legitimately concerned about safety, improper procedures or the cutting of nuclear corners, are not free to speak without fear of retaliation:  The NRC has persistently betrayed “whistleblower” security — and punished nuclear whistleblowers.


Deregulation — coupled with the historical compromises of this technology – is be the coup de gras for nuclear power as manifested in the U.S. today. Utilities long shielded from normal “market forces” by monumental public subsidies are now exposed to hostile competition.  While some utilities may appear to cling in desperation to our entrenched but obsolete and unprofitable nuclear economy, evidence also suggests that executives shielded by the Price-Anderson Act consider themselves impervious to the consequences of reactor failure.

It should also be acknowledged that radioactive remediation has become a billion dollar industry unto itself.

Journalists [and the corporate propaganda system that pays them] predominantly ignore such nuclear conundrums as safety, unprofitability, waste accumulation, unlawful decommissioning, routine radioactive releases, or the epidemics of disease clustered around nuclear sites. Those who are intimidated into ignorance and self-censorship merely by the science of it all have left themselves irresponsibly unprepared in proportion to the threat. Prudence would seem to dictate that the SEJ sponsor a conference, to debate — at the very least — the ideas of nuclear experts that have been synopsized herein. Nor is this so narrow an issue as it seems: The potential for domestic instability due to nuclear emergency has substantial foreign policy implications. [Not to mention the economic and political ramifications leading us to complete societal breakdown.]

Journalists would do well to revisit a portentous analysis offered by Nobel physicist Richard Feynman. “It appears that there are enormous differences of opinion as to the probability of failure with a loss” of equipment or human life, he wrote. “Estimates range from roughly one in 100 to one in 100,000. The higher figures come from working engineers and the very low figures from management. What are the causes and consequences of this lack of agreement? What is the cause of management’s fantastic faith in machinery?”

Commenting on technical problems ignored or tolerated, Feynman emphasized that “acceptance and success cannot be taken as evidence of safety. Failures are not what the design expected. They are warnings that something is wrong. The equipment is not operating as expected, and therefore there is a danger that it can operate with even wider deviations in this unexpected and not thoroughly understood way. The fact that this danger did not lead to a catastrophe before is no guarantee that it will not the next time.”

R.P. Reynman was not speaking about nuclear power, though he might have been. “The O-rings of the Solid Rocket Boosters were not designed to erode,” wrote Feynman, in “Personal Observations on Reliability of the Shuttle,” a brief but profound statement buried in Appendix F of Report of the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident. “Erosion was a clue that something was wrong,” Feynman concluded, not something from which safety can be inferred … For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled.” Disregarding structural constraints and systemic defects, GE has pushed output power levels to five percent above the maximum specification ratings of the original design.

As this previous writing is republished, the situation in Japan is unprecedented, unappreciated, unmanageable and it remains out-of-control: it is the worst industrial accident that humanity has ever faced. For the Fukushima nuclear apocalypse and the people of Japan — and with lethal nuclear poisons spreading all over the earth — the end is nowhere in sight.

Keith Harmon Snow is a frequent contributor to Global Research.  Global Research Articles by Keith Harmon Snow

Emergency Alert! Fukushima Radiation Remains a Serious Threat to North America and Europe — Including Norway


Emergency Alert!  Fukushima Radiation Remains a Serious Threat  to North America and Europe — Including Norway

By William Fox

Dear Fellow Norwegian or U.S. Citizen:

Below please find my letters to Members of the Norwegian Parliament and also officials at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington, D.C. outlining critical Fukushima-related issues, which still have no end in sight.  I address not only environmental but also very serious national security-related concerns for both the U.S. and European countries.

More recently, I transcribed “Alfred Webre interview with Leuren Moret: Fukushima HAARP nuclear attack by CIA, DOE, BP for London banks,” dated 7 May 2011, available both as an embedded video and in transcript form on a web page I created at:

In this interview radiation scientist Leuren Moret describes the horrific impact she anticipates on fishing industries across the Pacific:

The fisheries in the North Pacific –the big salmon runs in Alaska, all of that is going to be contaminated and there will be a catastrophic drop in the fishing catch, I can guarantee, because just bomb-testing in the North Pacific did that, and that was not nearly as much radiation as what has been released from Fukushima.

Other reactor sites besides Fukushima such as Sellafield in the UK continue to pose an extremely serious threat to Scandinavia and even the shorelines of continents outside of Europe.  Ms. Moret notes:

…A scientist on … the environmental committee in the [UK] Parliament …said that Sellafield is the biggest nuclear polluter in the world. And so I began to wonder why the British would be dumping such huge amounts of radiation into the Irish Sea which has now migrated throughout Scandinavia and contaminated their fisheries, and has gone into the Arctic. But what was more shocking than anything was the discovery through an Indian scientist that that Sellafield radiation had migrated south into the Great Conveyor Belt which is the huge circulation system that loops around the Atlantic up into the Pacific and then back up into the Atlantic and it is what controls climate, and is a tremendous heat sink on the planet. It is a terribly important circulation system that affects everyone, every living thing, and every aspect of physical processes on this earth. And in my article Global Implications of Sellafield, Irish Sea Coast Effect and Beyond, I described the science and the explanation and the physical aspects of how this occurred, and then I was able to document through this Indian scientist the actual number of deaths of Indian infants who were killed by the radiation from Sellafield carried halfway around the world, and then I began to think about that when as the Fukushima disaster rolled out and I realized they are doing exactly the same thing in the Pacific from Fukushima. And that radiation is being leaked into the sea…

In the face of mainstream media suppression, we need to find better ways to educate the general public about grim realities, as well as find more effective approaches for identifying and implementing effective solutions.

I think it would be a good step in the right direction to organize a symposium in a place like Oslo, Norway or some other Scandinavian country to discuss the full range of issues.  This includes not only scientific analyses of reactor, nuclear fuel, and radiation-related issues, but also political analyses of all the various factors that permit these kinds of crises to get completely out of control and ultimately threaten all of humanity.

If you  can help in any way, I would appreciate your assistance.

Please get back to me.

Best regards,

William B. Fox
America First Institute
Sarver, PA  USA

From: William Fox
To: Every Member of the Norwegian Parliament
Sent: Wed, May 25, 2011
Subject: Critical Issues Regarding Fukushima Radiation Raised With Norwegian Embassy Officials

Dear Member of the Norwegian Parliament:

Below please find an open letter that I recently sent to Norway’s Counselor (Environment) at the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Washington, D.C.  In the Appendix please also find my letter to the Defense Attaché at the same embassy.  Both letters are now posted online in my author archive at

I address critical issues that remain urgent for not only for Norwegian and other European national interests, but also for U.S. government officials, military personnel, and the American public at large.

Let us not forget about Americans of Norwegian ancestry — who number over six million — who might get afflicted with high rates of sterility, heart attacks, cancer, and other ailments if they continue to be exposed to accumulating levels of low level radiation without adequate safeguards.

If anyone in Norway wants to help me organize a symposium in your country, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Also, please be aware that radiation expert Leuren Moret (mentioned below), in a recent phone conversation with me said that her study of Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) projections and other forecasting services has revealed indicators that radioactive plumes have been deliberately steered towards Scandinavian countries by a HAARP-related process.

I believe that NILU must immediately reinstate all Fukushima radiation-related data which was withdrawn from the web on May 11th to facilitate the investigation of these and other major issues.

Best regards,

William B. Fox

The Environmental Aspects of the Fukushima Crisis: From the Viewpoint of Both Norwegian and U.S. National Interests

by William B. Fox

May 19, 2011

William B. Fox

Ms. Mary Archer Saether
Counselor (Environment)
Royal Norwegian Embassy
Washington, D.C.

Dear Ms. Saether:

It was a pleasure to meet you at the Norwegian Constitution Day family picnic last Sunday. As per our conversation, the following is an overview regarding how the Fukushima disaster impacts on Norwegian as well as American environmental concerns.

For the sake of efficiency, as well as my policy of encouraging “openness,” “dialog,” and other forms of free flow of information and ideas among officials who may be overly compartmentalized on both sides of the Atlantic, I have decided to copy other embassy and Norwegian ministry personnel to this letter, as well as a number of American officials. I am also blind-copying certain individuals, to include members of the Norwegian-American community. Hence, this is an open letter. Please feel to pass it along to anyone you wish.

Perhaps I should start out by saying that this no ordinary environmental issue. In fact, it is probably totally off the charts compared to anything you have ever dealt with in the course of your normal duties. This crisis feels to me more like a war room scene in a movie like Fail Safe or Dr. Strangelove.

I believe we are now being subjected to massive “dirty nuclear warfare” around the northern hemisphere and are experiencing an ongoing civil defense emergency, whether or not national media sources and various authorities choose to recognize this reality. This is a major reason why I am so aggressive about contacting officials in the U.S. and Europe with open letters and by other means.

In researching the Fukushima crisis, I have come to appreciate the fact that nuclear reactors are basically slow motion atomic bombs. (Albert Einstein reportedly once said “Nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil water” as a means to drive steam turbines to generate electricity). According to Jeff Rense at, and many other sources, the total social costs of extracting nuclear fuel, processing it, handling it, using it, and disposing of it make nuclear power the most costly form of energy.

Now I understand how nuclear power plants which store spent fuel rods in vulnerable locations (according to Alex Jones, the Fukushima reactor park once stored about 640,000 fuel rods spread among the cooling pools positioned over each of the reactors) are essentially prepositioned dirty nuclear bombs waiting to go off. Depending on how much nuclear fuel they have stored which might get exposed to the atmosphere to form radioactive plumes, they can actually cost more fatalities and genetic damage than a limited number of hydrogen bomb explosions.

Therefore, the nuclear reactors in the UK and France are not just the “internal affairs” business of the UK and France, about which Norway and other European countries must not concern themselves. Depending on the magnitude of nuclear materials exposed during a meltdown, and wind direction (which can be manipulated with HAARP technology) it is possible that one or two reactor meltdowns could cause most of Norway to become uninhabitable for hundreds of years.
This obviously becomes very much “Norway’s business” as well as the vital concern of other European countries threatened by plumes that can spread across borders as a consequence of meltdowns.

Please see my recent open letter to Rear Admiral Trond Grytting in the Appendix below which gives more background on myself and the military and international diplomatic implications of this kind of threat and why I think holding symposiums with expert speakers as soon as possible would be an excellent step in the right direction.

There also are many reasons why I have come to view the Fukushima crisis as another false flag “black op” that suggests a form of covert warfare with enormous military/geo-strategic implications.

Unfortunately we saw a dress rehearsal for this catastrophe beginning on 20 April of last year with the explosion on BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig. I sent an open letter to Ambassador Strommen with yourself listed as recipient regarding this disaster dated 3 Oct 2010 and titled “Why Extraordinary Vigilance Remains Necessary Regarding the BP-Gulf Catastrophe“, posted online at .

The Fukushima Catastrophe has many disturbing parallels, as reflected in the Similarities to Handling of BP-Gulf Catastrophe and 9/11 section on my open source intelligence and alternative media summary page on the Fukushima crisis at

Unfortunately the Obama administration passed a very sinister test by being completely subservient to BP and its City of London/Rothschild handlers as the Gulf of Mexico crisis unfolded, just as it now operates in lockstep with GE and its alien overlords during the ongoing Fukushima crisis — which according to my research has pretty much the same ultimate controllers.

I do not envy Ambassador Strommen’s job, because I recognize that Norway has to walk a lot of diplomatic tight ropes based upon its geopolitical situation as a relatively small country thoroughly entangled on a many different levels with much larger countries run by people of extremely questionable character, and I accept this social reality. However, if I might offer my opinion on one particular issue related to diplomacy, it is that I believe that the ultimate controllers of both BP and GE are complete psychopaths, and beyond a certain point efforts to lay low with these vile creatures or appease them actually baits them on just like a “limp fish” signal attracts sharks. I believe their Mossad-CIA proxies are evil enough to sabotage reactors along fault lines in California, in the New Madrid Fault area near the Mississippi river, and also across the UK and France.

I now have the feeling that the Mark I GE nuclear reactors in California and the Midwest are knife blades on the throat of every American, and similarly the reactors in the UK and France are serious threats to Scandinavians, Germans, the Dutch, Italians, and other Europeans.

I think Norway needs to assemble allies who can help ship the specialized equipment necessary to contain any nuclear reactors threatened with meltdown anywhere in the world very early in the crisis development period. In addition, it needs forms of alternative media, intelligence analysis, and military and diplomatic prowess that can monitor and interdict these crises before they spin out of control like Fukushima.

I think Norway should have hung tough with the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), and not removed its forecasts from its main web site on 11 May, although the last time I checked it still posts forecasts at links listed in the comments section of: “5/12/2011 — URGENT !! NILU – Norsk Institute = ZARDOZ = radiation @ VERY HIGH levels (video),” namely at:;O=D.

Removing the forecasts from NILU’s main web site sends a bad signal regarding Norway’s resolve to help other countries on the international stage realistically characterize this crisis in order to gain control over it, as well as serve as a lead watch dog for uncovering anomalies and interdicting future crises. An important part of NILU’s standard mission following the implementation of the Test Ban Treaty is to look for radiation from unauthorized nuclear tests.

Incidentally, Leuren Moret has told me that based upon her analysis of NILU data and other sources, she sees evidence that HAARP controllers have been steering radiation over Iceland and across Scandinavia. If this is correct, there are “higher powers” that are not exactly doing Scandinavia any favors, and of course Norway does not owe them any favors in return either, such as removing the NILU forecasts on Fukushima radiation from the main web site.

Please see some examples of headlines from my Fukushima page at that underscore the seriousness of different environmental issues.

Best regards,

William B. Fox
Publisher, America First Books and the Mike Piper Report and
PO Box 137
Sarver, PA 16055
Online phone number: 832-426-2441

Inventor Survives 10 Murder Attempts to Release World Changing Technology! We No Longer Need Oil

While this article isn’t directly concerned with chemtrails and HAARP and Nuclear issues I felt that given the fact that fossil fuels are being used to enslave much of the planet readers might be interested in listening in to the program.

Inventor Survives 10 Murder Attempts to Release World Changing Technology! We No Longer Need Oil!

Posted by michael vara on April 29, 2011
View michael vara’s blog

Remember back in 2001 when everybody was told that there was a super secret project called Ginger coming from Dean Kamen that was literally going to change life on planet Earth?  It was kept very secret for  months but finally Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report broke the story and this amazing device was actually revealed to be a technologically advanced but very expensive scooter called the Segway!    Well, I don’t know about you, but I was VERY disappointed to find out that the Segway was THE thing that was going to change the planet!   It’s practically impossible to even look cool riding a Segway!  It sure hasn’t changed my life one bit because I don’t have one!
Well, today I’m proud that the alternative media will once again break a story first but this time it REALLY WILL change the planet forever!  Michael Vara and myself will be breaking the incredible story and introducing you to somebody we’re calling Mister X for now.

Mister X’s incredible story will be told for the first time ever on the radio show “Late Night in the Midlands” on May 4th at 10pm EST (USA).   You are all invited to be a part of this exclusive live broadcast and call in with your questions.

You’ll be able to listen to our broadcast live on WOIC in Columbia SC or through the streaming players at the top of and   Videos will be made immediately after the show and posted  on these sites and Youtube also.

Mister X will reveal his real identify and all the technical details of his invention that is already running his own car and truck on nothing but water!  He has put over 8500 miles on his Dodge Truck and he’s running the truck on nothing but water!  Mister X will also discuss how similar technology can power a house completely off the grid.  He has given me permission to release the information in this article for now until he can talk directly to the people next Wednesday with many exciting developments.

The system Mister X will release to the world lets you fill up your tank with 98% water and 2% fuel.  He says the fuel is only used to keep moisture from hurting some of the components that were not designed to be exposed to water all the time.  Filling up with just 2% fuel keeps the system from being corroded by water.  Eventually it will be 100% water powered as components in engines and fuel systems are changed out to not degrade being exposed to water.

Mister X says we haven’t needed oil for many decades now and what he’s done has actually been done many times before.  But every other time, the inventors either got bought out or were killed!   In fact, Mister X has had 10 attempts on his life but credits God for protecting him each time.  Mister X reports that the last attempt was a bioweapon that he was able to defeat using a product called MMS that I cover extensively in my booklet, “Suppressed Health Secrets“.

Mister X was even offered $1 billion in cash from an oil producing country to walk away from this invention!  But through his strong belief that God wants him to release this technology to the people he refused  to sell out and made sure that this time the technology would not be suppressed in any way.

I’ve been personally interested in researching various cars that ran on water but later disappeared.  I recently met a shop owner that reported how he met an inventor that lived near Gainesville Florida about  14 years ago.  This inventor  also had a car running on water.  This shop owner saw the vehicle and met the man in his store.  The inventor had just sold the technology to Ford Motor Company and of course we never heard of it again!  Clearly the car companies have been in bed with the oil companies all along and have been key in the suppression of this important technology.  Ford Motor company shelving the technology they bought to run cars on water proves this point.

Here’s the reality.  We don’t need to go to war anymore over oil.  We don’t need to destroy our Gulf of Mexico beaches with oil.  We don’t need to have high food prices because of high gasoline prices.  With essentially free fuel comes basically free transportation of goods and people which will inject trillions into the world economy.  We will experience the biggest economic boom in all history as vehicles are converted to run on water!

This is all I can report at this time.  All I can tell you is to pray for the safety of Mister X.  He has told me that even if they killed him now, he’s put the information on how to do this in so many hands that it cannot be stopped anymore.  He was very insistent that he had his bases covered and this technology would be released no matter what happened to him.

Once again, Mister X and his incredible technology that allows you to run your car or truck on water will be revealed in a world exclusive interview on Wednesday, May 4th at 10pm EST (USA) on the “Late Night in the Midlands” radio show that you can hear live on the streaming players at and    Tell everybody you know so we can make this information go viral around the world.

Let’s make sure to give Mister X a big welcome on “Late Night in the Midlands” and remember 2011 as the year when the lies about oil came tumbling down!  We don’t need oil anymore!  Pass the word!

Glenn Canady
April 29, 2011

Uncensored/Independent Science on Fukushima Radiation… Another Perspective submitted by Alex Hunter

Uncensored/Independent Science on Fukushima Radiation… Another Perspective

submitted by Alex Hunter

1) Dangers of Nuclear War. Press conference by Helen Caldicott in Montreal.

2) Dr Rosalie Bertell; The New World Order Weaponizing of Space
Pt. 1
Pt. 2
Pt. 3

3) Dr Rosalie Bertell; New World Order and the Chemtrails Connection

4) Japan Tsunami Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 1/2 – Leuren Moret:

Here are their bios as it would take too long to introduce these fine, brave and dedicated women:

Dr Helen Caldicott,

Dr Rosalie Bertell, Ph. D,

Leuren Moret,

As one world government has not yet been completely established, these experts don’t go through Ottawa, Washington, England, Rome, Israel or Germany before they make statements.

In comparison to the lies fed us by the completely controlled media theirs is a much more informed, accurate and realistic perspective on the Fukushima radiation and the threat posed by various nuclear reactors and corporate – military – industrial malfeasants.

The completely controlled media is not a safe source of news. Like our own governments, it is an arm of the globalists’ government and as was intended, it has become what society uses to do their thinking. Subsequently, a desperately misled public (most individuals) gauge their own sanity by their ability to regurgitate the lies fed to them via the media muppets.

If you received this email from me it is because I think you are smart enough to recognise the difference.

What you chose to do about it is of course completely up to you.




Holes In Heaven: H.A.A.R.P. and Advances in Telsa Technology Narrated by Martin Sheen


Contact Alex Hunter at:

Chemtrails or Contrails: What is causing these strange clouds in our skies?

I would like to thank Izora Woods for sending along this important and much appreciated article. Once again it confirms both the reality of what we are witnessing in the skies and the vigilance required to always be alert to the disinformation agents on the net who are doing their utmost to confuse people on this issue.

~ Arthur




The Izora Woods Post

Nothing Real Can Be Threatened, Nothing Unreal Exists, Herein, Lies The Peace Of God

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chemtrails or Contrails: What is causing these strange clouds in our skies?

1996 was the first time I noticed the strange linear clouds drifting across the Winnipeg skyline. I was driving and listening to talk radio when another listener called in and asked the host “what are the long white trails over the city”? I was prompted to call in and laughingly joked it was a case for X-files. Afterward I never gave them much thought and if I noticed them I supposed them to be caused by natural phenomenon such as weather fronts and wind patterns. That was until the September long weekend in 2010.

I have always been an avid stargazer and sky watcher, so since moving to a rural property I have spend many hours simply looking up. On that Saturday night while lying in our backyard stargazing with my kids I saw my first UFO! I call it that because it was unlike anything I had ever seen before – therefore unexplained. There is nothing unusual about my sighting and I would report it much like any other you have heard over your lifetime: a bright, fast moving object, white light, like liquid mercury, streaking out of the western sky, it flew over us and continued east. It did not follow the horizon, rather went off upward and disappeared in a flash of hot red light. Thankfully there were witnesses with me and in fact, there were other reported and published sightings across southern Manitoba, so I felt validated. I had always been a person who believed that you believed!

Then at 11:16 on Monday morning, my four year daughter pointed up and exclaimed, “What’s that?” I looked up and saw two fast moving, planes flying parallel in a westward direction. They were unlike any I had ever seen before and immediately thought they were military as they were flying the same path the UFO had come two nights previous. They were leaving a thick white contrail behind them and most unusual there were dark contrails that appeared to be coming out of the nose cone. I thought maybe this was some sort of heat seeking device, perhaps looking for UFO’s? I wondered if maybe there had been a crash! I ran inside to get my camera and began to excitedly take pictures.

Over the course of 45 minutes I saw and took pictures of up to 20-25 planes, white jets, flying very high in what soon became a grid pattern. They were making straight lines and crisscrossing one another east to west, and north to south. At times there were three and four planes in the sky at a time and even flying toward one another to form crosses. The trails left behind seemed unlike normal contrails that disperse behind the plane as you watch.

This was unusual and I became perplexed, what was it? I remembered that I had seen these same kind of clouds streaked across the sky before, but never had I watched them be laid down. I had never even attributed these clouds to planes; I thought they were natural, but strange cloud formations. As I continued to take pictures I was convinced that these planes were not looking for anything but rather they were something else entirely. This appeared to be a purposeful lying down of something in the sky. By the time the last plane flew across the day was quickly becoming overcast, the sky was painted with slow drifting linear clouds that glistened and created a hovering haze.

Over the next few weeks I watched the sky and saw that every few days this same pattern was being laid down, to the south-west of me, over the city of Winnipeg reaching above me and beyond to Selkirk. I then became somewhat of an investigator. While I never again saw two planes like the first two that caught my attention I certainly saw a pattern. I have done some research and there are many web sites that suggest these are normal contrails caused by any passenger of freight plane we might see on any given day. But I have been watching the sky for most of my life and I know what passenger planes look and sound like, what a contrail looks like and how long they last, I recognize the big air force freighter planes and intuitively know their patterns. I know the difference between what is normal and what is unusual. This phenomenon, these planes, these contrail are unusual.

Are they chemtrail or contrail?

Are these lingering clouds which reflect a prismatic band of colors normal jet contrails? Are they scientifically explainable and due to wind velocity, air temperature and high volumes of air traffic? Or are they what many are calling Chemtrails; that are spraying heavy metals for weather control or even other more nefarious biological agents? It seems though that no one has answers that are satisfactory to those, who like me, are watching.

So what is a contrail? It is what you have seen for most or all of your life, the white or light grey mist from the back of jet planes passing overhead. Whether it is passenger or cargo, if it is flying at an altitude where the temperature is cold enough the water vapor coming out the back of the engines will freeze. Similar to car exhaust in cold weather it disperses and completely disappears within a few minutes and you can see both the plane and the disappearing contrail as the plane moves across the sky. Some experts say contrails will linger longer and even all day if the temperatures and wind and altitude conditions are right. Others experts say the longest a normal contrail can last under the most perfect conditions is 20 minutes.

Why is it that some trails don’t dissolve, but rather expand? Those who call them chemtrails point out that they are streams of mist and at times foam-like trails that persist in the sky for hours, and even sometimes all day. They are laid down in a criscrossing, grid-like pattern, or parallel stripes which diffuse together and these trails seem to contain visible color prisms in the streams, and concentrated in single, usually highly populated areas. Is it something spread from planes for a certain purpose? Since it is laid down in a grid pattern and very different than the usual flight patterns one normally sees, you would be compelled to think so. Have these trails always been there or are we just now noticing them? I do not believe they have always been there or I would have noticed them prior to 1996, (I am a sky watcher) but I may have continued to ignore them had I not witnessed over the course of several weeks last fall, the spraying over Winnipeg and the area north where I live.

These chemtrails appear to be made by US military jets called Stratotankers and KC-10 Extenders; these planes fly very high and very fast and can fly great distances. They are often used in air force maneuvers to re-fuel fighter jets. Therefore they are capable of carrying large amounts of liquid or gases. When watching these planes emitting these trails you can easily see they are being laid down in purposeful patterns, generally saturating an entire area. These contrails are thicker, almost foam like and extend from horizon to horizon and blend to form large clouds.

These sightings have been occurring across North America and Western Europe. One explanation is Aerial Pharmacopoeia; a mix of silver Iodine and salt. This would be used to modify weather for good purposes such as drought, hail, tornadoes, snow and hurricanes. Another theory is that it is actually a military operation (radar countermeasure) created by chaff made up of aluminum, glass or plastic. Yet another is geo-engineering which is the blasting of sulfate particles into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight away from the earth to decrease the temperature and creating a shift in rain and snow patterns. And there are those who claim these chemtrails are laden with heavy metals such as barium, aluminum or even worse; biological agents.

Following the laying down of these chemical clouds worldwide there are reports of a syndrome of chemtrail-related illnesses ranging from symptoms of feverless flu, chronic fungal infections, auto-immune dysfunction; chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis, sharp joint pains, sudden extreme fatigue, sudden dizziness, mental confusion and short-term memory loss. Yet others claim to be able to smell and taste the chemicals and reports of respiratory problems after a spraying in their area. I cannot definitively say I experience any of these problems because my symptoms may be created by the power of suggestion. But I will say that my personal symptoms are consistent with those reported by others including: headaches, joint pains, metallic taste, fatigue and my doctor has told me I have fibromyalgia.

Is this another conspiracy theory?

A Conspiracy theory is a term often used to refer to any fringe theory which tries to explain a historical or current event by suggesting it is the result of a secret plot by a group(s) of conspirators. It is therefore often used to dismiss any attempt to characterize a belief as outlandishly false and held by a person judged to be a kook or a group(s) confined to the fringes of society.

While many are satisfied that there is a benign explanation for these chemtrails that last for hours, cover the sky in a radiant mist and appear to slowly ‘rain’ down, many more are not. The internet can both convince you that there is nothing wrong and that there is something wrong. The US military has called the chemtrail theory a hoax, but do not provide an alternative or address why the usual contrails have changed in quality and quantity. For many a brief reassurance by an authority is enough.

For myself I continue to research and watch the sky. I will monitor myself and those around me, I will take pictures and I will ask questions. Perhaps I am a ‘kook’ but I do not trust my government to keep my best interests, my health or the health of my planet foremost in their agenda. We know that the government and the decisions made therein are often driven by lobbyists, manufacturers, corporations – therefore to me, suspect in intent.

Finally I am reminded of a book I read many years ago; Dialogues with the Devil by Taylor Caldwell. In one chapter the character Lucifer explained to the Angel Michael that he had nothing to do with the destruction of life on Mars. He explained that all he had to do was whisper in the ears of the scientists that it was unfair that they could not enjoy the golden glory of the sun and see the stars at night. Perhaps they could disperse the cloud cover to reveal the sky. He told Michael, I did not build the machine; I just gave them something to lust after. Of course, once built the clouds were dissolved, the sun was revealed and the planet proceeded to die, life became extinct. Now perhaps the lust of some to block out the sun will produce the same outcomes here on this planet? A theory? Yes. A conspiracy theory? You decide.

Izora M Woods
March 6, 2011


Toxic Chemtrails which ended at 5pm yesterday in Florida

Toxic Chemtrails which ended at 5pm yesterday in Florida, March 23, 2011


[Webmin note: Big thanks to Stacy Young for sending this post. Please watch the YouTube. Arthur]

Yesterday they were spraying heavily all day and then right at 5:00 pm, they stopped abruptly! It’s like they were working 9 to 5. If yesterday’s Chemtrail activity was merely just condensation trails, then what kind of humongous changed happened in the atmosphere at precisely 5:00 pm?

Why did they spray yesterday and not today or the day before? Were the atmospheric conditions so much different yesterday as to permit long persistent condensation trails all day yesterday but not today? These are simple questions, which really point to the fact that these were definitely not just condensation trails. There can be no doubt that they are Chemtrails!

Please just think about it. Does Mother Earth change the atmosphere suddenly and enough to make the long, drawn out, persistent plane trails, which have been happening all day, one after another just stop forming at 5:00pm? (which is 3 hours before sunset).

A little common sense will tell you that what obviously happened yesterday is the Chempilots ended their work for the day instead of the atmosphere suddenly changing so drastically!

I documented yesterday’s Chemtrail activity and made a little 3 minute Youtube movie from the photos and video clips.

See more Chemtrail movies and some Travel movies (with a chemtrail or two in them also) on my new Youtube channel, Plowed Clouds!

eXtreme Chemtrails Amsterdam filmed by Fred Grauf 9 February 2011 Nato Aerosol Crimes in Netherlands?



Hi Arthur,

Joe Greene here from Harrisburg PA.

I picked the “smartest” dummies from in here, a real estate office of 70 and have been doing this little experiment as to what point someone, anyone will agree something is really wrong in the sky. Here is the latest vid I’m using to make my visual case…

After that link, I now then send them to your new site to take in a little well-deserved abuse.

Attached is a pic I took with my phone some 6 weeks ago, nothing unusual they say?

My one dummy thinks “60 Minutes” would have jumped on this if there was anything at all to it (the same people who now own the sky’s also own the media)



Reply to Joe from BCCA Webmin:

Hi Joe,

As Fred repeatedly says in the video “UNBELIEVABLE!!!”.

Wow, what a video and what a great thing you’re doing. It ought to wake up at least a few dummies no? 🙂

I will get this up on the site asap!

Much appreciated Joe,


CAPT. ERIC MAY: The New Hiroshima (Part 1, Deadly Discovery)

Waiting for the Messiah in Jerusalem. Dr. Arthur Nuko 1988. Carl Chaplin

CAPT. ERIC MAY: The New Hiroshima (Part 1, Deadly Discovery)

March 14, 2011





By Capt. Eric H. May

Staff Writer

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste, and what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you didn’t think you could do before.” — Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel








HOUSTON, 3/14/11 — On Feb. 25 Veterans Today published my article “The False Flag Space Shuttle,” which was based on my observation of a NASA Star Wars weaponry demonstration. That awe-inspiring event occurred on 7/28/05, in the  skies high above Texas City. Since the space shuttle Discovery had been the probable culprit in the Texas City event, and since the same Discovery was flying again, I made what many considered an outlandish statement:

‘At this juncture in Obama’s plan, he could really use yet another “terrible tragedy”, the presidential panacea that has been abundantly available since 9/11. Just consider the space shuttle now circling the world to be a star-wars syringe for administering more terror stimulant to our addicted body politic.’

A strange cluster of events occurred in the last two days of Discovery’s mission. Taken together they suggest that NASA’s favorite Star Wars spaceship had been emitting or focusing tremendous energy into the Pacific Ocean, as I had seen it do over the Gulf of Mexico in 2005:

3/8/11, OREGON earthquake swarm – ALERT to viewers in Pacific Northwest
3/9/11, Bizarre Mass Death; Millions Of Dead Fish Turn Up In Southern California Marina
3/9/11, Earthquake rocks Japan

On Wednesday, 3/9/11, my Ghost Troop executive officer, Korean War veteran Captain John Spooner, issued a chilling prognosis, Cold Weather, Tornadoes and Earthquakes:

“There is an unnatural amount of cold, rain, floods, snow and tornadoes. The government’s High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) has been used extensively for the past few years to destroy or damage property, forcing victims to borrow from banksters to repair or replace it. The extended cold season that we are having in California made farmers miss their first planting of what is normally a three-season growing period, which will cause food shortages. The  unusually long Midwest winter is preventing the snow from melting, which will cause springtime flooding throughout the Mississippi Valley, and means more trouble for farmers.”

Captain Spooner and I weren’t being creative with our caveats. Although only one person in a thousand knows about it, there has been high-level official acknowledgment of geo-war for 14 years:

“Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. — Secretary of Defense William Cohen, 1997






W. Leon Smith, publisher of The Lone Star Iconoclast, wrote a compelling editorial about the increasingly earthquake-shaken world three years ago:

“Whether earthquakes are tied to global warming, or to … HAARP, which some scientists say is utilized by the military to drastically alter weather patterns …, the increased number (of earthquakes is) worthy of concern and of additional study.” — Earthquakes: Global Warming or HAARP?

Alas Japan,  which had been designated for destruction, and delivered to death.

“Texas has just proclaimed the capture of a Saudi student who, they say, meant to attack nuclear powder plants.All of this makes me suspect that Discovery has a combat mission against us earthbound sitting ducks. The most likely targets are U.S. evacuees from Libya, nuclear power plants and Ron Paul’s district.” — The False Flag Space Shuttle



F#@K CHEMTRAILS Ben Livingston: The Father Of Weaponized Weather Plus more info urls

[Webmin Note: I would like to thank CCC for this lovely composite poster made from assorted photos of Chemtrails from around the planet. Most, if not all of them, come from the Facebook group known as Chemtrails Consciousness Coalition (CCC). I would encourage all readers to subscribe to this group if they wish to receive daily updates on the many attacks being perpetrated upon the unwary, uninformed population.

Also I would like to thank the News Service RAVE ON for sending along the information posted below.

Ben Livingston: The Father Of Weaponized Weather

Veteran weather modification expert Ben Livingston is a former Navy Physicist who briefed President Lyndon B. Johnson on the effectiveness of weather control back in the 1960’s during the Vietnam era, when he was involved in cloud seeding programs that worked to slow down the advance of Vietnamese and Korean troops. Livingston asserts that asserts that hurricane control was a national priority of the government more than 40 years ago and that the technology was fully operational to control the weather at the time.

In this exclusive interview for Prison subscribers,  Livingston explains how for decades the US government has had the power to both lessen and increase the severity of adverse weather for their own purposes.


More chemtrail links:

Chemtrails: The Consequences of Toxic Metals and Chemical Aerosols on Human Health Part I By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri


[WEBMIN NOTE: Big thanks to Rose Stevens for sending this article to BCCA.]

Chemtrails: The Consequences of Toxic Metals and Chemical Aerosols on Human Health
Part I

By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

URL of this article:

Global Research, May 12, 2010

For decades, we have known that heavy metals and chemicals can cause grave physical harm. Going back to Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring,” we have known and been amply warned of the serious consequences of using or being exposed to these poisons in our daily activities. Thousands of these are well-documented carcinogens.

Building on Carson’s ground-breaking research, we also know that certain kinds of chemicals can and do disrupt human [and other animals’] entire immune system. Going back 30 years, researchers were investigating what became known as endocrine [hormone] disrupting chemicals and how they were affecting frogs [who sometimes had five legs or hermaphroditic characteristics], other aquatic animals, and mammals. These animals were the proverbial canaries in the coal mine. In another pioneering book, “Our Stolen Future,” authors Dr. Theo Colburn, Dianne Dumanoski, and John Peterson Myers clearly demonstrate that 1 + 1 hormone-disrupting chemicals did not equal 2. Rather, in a nightmare of mathematical proportions, these poisons acted synergistically; and 1+1 could equal up to 1,600 times the original dose. We are also exposed to more than 100,000 chemicals regularly. Most of them have never been tested for human safety. So, almost nothing has been done to reduce human exposure to a myriad of hazardous chemicals. In fact, over the past decade, the Bush administration dismantled many environmental laws in existence for 30 years, to let corporations off the proverbial hook. [Just look at what’s unfolding in the Gulf with the BP oil spill.]

Although this information, on the dangers of hormone disruption, is now more widely available on Internet sites, it still is not well known by the average person who gets news mostly from mainstream media.(1) Most of these highly toxic chemicals are invisible; and, therefore, are easily off our collective radar. With the high stress level created by the deliberately orchestrated financial crisis –where millions have lost their jobs and homes– a degraded/collapsing environment or serious health problems are not priorities –especially, if very little is reported in mainstream news. This disaster scenario is part of the larger picture of what Naomi Klein writes about in her book “The Shock Doctrine.” We have so many major crises, one after another, that it is hard just to keep up with one’s daily routine –let alone have time to read and consider the toxicological health ramifications of massive amounts of thousands of heavy metals and chemicals that have poisoned our entire food chain and, thus, our own supposed “health.” We are at the very top of this wrecked food chain.

Now, however, there is another far more insidious layer of toxicity that is not being addressed at all in any mainstream, corporate-controlled news, and it is affecting our very survival. It is, however, being addressed more and more by independent researchers who have supporting evidence to back up their Internet reports.

For more than a decade, first the United States and then Canada’s citizens have been subjected to a 24/7/365 day aerosol assault over our heads made of a toxic brew of poisonous heavy metals, chemicals, and other dangerous ingredients. None of this was reported by any mainstream media. The US Department of Defense [DOD] and military have been systematically blanketing all our skies with what are known as Chemtrails (also known as Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering).(2) These differ vastly from the usual plane contrails that evaporate rather quickly in the sky.  Chemtrails do not dissipate. Rather, planes (fitted with special nozzles) release aerosols “lines” in the sky that do not evaporate. Multiple planes are deployed, flying parallel (or often “checkerboard” patterns) overhead; and soon the sky is blanketed with many grayish-white lines [miles and miles long, although this is changing]. At first, these lines are thin; but soon they expand and, in a short time, merge together. Our once-blue sky has vanished and has been replaced by a grayish-white toxic haze that blots out and greatly diminishes our usual sunshine.

Military and commercial planes are involved in more than 60 secret operations. Last year, when I flew across the country, I saw a United Airlines jet (flying below us at about 37,000 feet) spraying a black aerosol that went for miles and miles across the sky. This clandestine program now includes aerosol-spraying planes in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand [all NATO countries]. Hundreds (if not thousands) of people have called and written their public officials to get answers. Replies from US and Canadian officials are not forthcoming; or, if they do reply, queries are dismissed. This remains an ongoing, deliberate cover-up. No one is held accountable, while we continued to be poisoned daily. This is not the first time, however, that citizens are being used as experimental laboratory test subjects. The US government and its military have a very long and sordid history of using us, without informed consent, in this illegal manner. As Carole Pellatt notes:

The U.S. military has been spraying chemical and biological weapons in open air testing over civilian populations since the 1940’s. They are called “vulnerability tests”. This is not a controversial statement. The military has admitted to this practice on many occasions and there’s plenty of documentation from the government to corroborate it. There is also documentation of intentional, experimental releases of radiation on civilian populations. Unfortunately, this information tends to surface long after it could have saved lives, or eased the suffering of victims.(3)

Over the past decade, independent testing of Chemtrails around the country has shown a dangerous, extremely poisonous brew that includes: barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass [known as CHAFF], radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, and polymer fibers. Barium can be compared to the toxicity of arsenic.(4) Barium is known to adversely affect the heart. Aluminum has a history of damaging brain function. Independent researchers and labs continue to show off-the-scale levels of these poisons. A few “anonymous” officials have acknowledged this on-going aerosol spraying.(5)

Numerous tests have been done to verify that these poisons are off the scale in their toxicity. They are documented in our water, in our soil, and in our air. For more than 10 years, researcher Clifford Carnicom has been valiantly and systematically reporting on the various detrimental aspects of these aerosols –and what they are doing to our entire environment, as well as our blood.(6) Various “sky watch” groups also have been carefully documenting and diligently reporting about these daily assaults.(7)

With all these poisons surrounding our every breath, it is not surprising to see a dramatic increase in illnesses. There are numerous reports of the increase in cardiac deaths and upper respiratory illnesses (asthma, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, and often multiple chronic illnesses). Chemtrails toxicity has already dramatically affected our deteriorating “collective health.” The significant increase in heart disease and various upper respiratory illnesses has been linked to a vast increase in “particulate matter” in our air. This can be seen by some revealing statistics:

1. Coronary heart disease is now the leading cause of death in the US. According to the CDC, in 2006, 631,636 died of heart disease. This means 1 out of every 5 Americans are affected.(8)
In Canada, every seven minutes someone dies of heart disease.(9)
2. Asthma and upper respiratory illnesses. Between 100-150 million people suffer from asthma worldwide. In the US, 16.4 million adults have asthma and 7 million children have it. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema: 9.8 million Americans were diagnosed with chronic bronchitis this past year; for emphysema the figure is 3.8 million.(10) Total: 37 million Americans afflicted.
In Canada, 2.4 million have been diagnosed with asthma.
3. Particulate matter in air pollution. Particulate matter [PM] consists of tiny particles 10 microns or less. [1 micron is about 1/70 the thickness of a single human hair.] These particles can lodge in the deepest part of your lungs; and over a period of time, they can damage lung function. This kind of pollution, that we breathe daily, can and does cause various upper respiratory illnesses, coronary heart disease, and premature aging and death. Particulate matter can also exacerbate any existing illness.(11) Unanswered questions: Does hazardous particulate matter act in synergistic ways in human bodies (as do endocrine disrupting chemicals)? How does PM affect millions who already have multiple chronic illnesses?

Brain Injury

Even with the increases in preventable illnesses, the issue that has not been linked or addressed –with what Clifford Carnicom rightly calls “aerosol crimes”– is the deterioration of cognitive function. Our immune system is already under siege daily; and this has resulted in millions (possibly billions) of people with not just one illness, but often multiple ones. The skin, the largest organ in our body, is a permeable membrane. This means that invisible toxins in our air, including Chemtrails and other highly dangerous chemicals, go right into our skin. Poisoned rainwater (or snow touching our skin) does the same thing. When the air we breathe is filled with a dangerous assortment of toxins, with each breath we take, these poisons assault our entire immune system. These poisons also affect our brain and, thus, our cognitive function.

Aluminum is a major component in these aerosols. Although it is our planet’s most abundant metal, our body has no biological need for it. Pesticide Action Network North America [PANNA] lists it as “toxic to humans, including carcinogenicity, reproductive and developmental toxicity, neurotoxicity, and acute toxicity.”(12) Yet, aluminum is commonly used [this is a very short list] in vaccines, deodorants and anti-perspirants, over-the-counter medications, soft drink and beer cans [aluminum leeches from the cans], baking powder, cake mixes, processed cheeses, and other food products and additives. Over years, aluminum accumulates in the brain, tissues, and to a lesser amount the bones. It causes brain degeneration, dysfunction and damage –due to the blockage and reduced blood flow and oxygen of brain arteries. The brain shrinks, as brain cells die. This causes dementia. Symptoms include: emotional outbursts, paranoia, forgetfulness and memory loss, speech incoherence, irritability, diminished alertness, changes in personality, and poor/bad judgment. All these are on the rise, as more than 4-million Americans are afflicted. Brain deterioration and dementia take decades to cause serious and visible harm. Eventually, however, dementia is fatal. “Alzheimer’s” is now being used incorrectly as a catch-all term for all kinds of dementia. Just a few days ago, the front page of the New York Times had a headline: “More with Dementia Wander from Home.”(13) People afflicted with, what the Times terms “Alzheimer’s” were interviewed. One person mentioned he “has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.” This is patently wrong. Alzheimer’s dementia can only be accurately diagnosed after death when a post-mortem can be done. However, heavy metals poisoning can be diagnosed through lab testing; but this is rarely done for basic check-ups.

What is not addressed in this increase in dementia is the more than 10 years of breathing Chemtrails with nano aluminum-coated fiberglass. Billions of tons have been sprayed on us.

With all these sources of aluminum added to the air we breathe with each breath, the cumulative toxicity is very high. Even in daily events, it is obvious –to anyone who is paying attention– that many people are behaving oddly. While it may be considered “anecdotal” reporting, there are millions of people whose behavior is strange. There have been numerous times in just the past year when I have asked someone a question and received an answer that is totally unrelated. There have been more and more uncontrolled outbursts in public areas: someone “snaps” for no apparent reason. Violence levels are up. Look at all the shootings on school campuses. There are more unexplained auto accidents that never should have happened. In just one day a few weeks ago, I witnessed three traffic accidents that need not have happened. The news is full of these stories.

Add to this already highly toxic body burden is the US military’s use of aluminum in its aerosols. It is used because of its electrical conductivity, durability, and light weight. The US Air Force reported in 1997 that it released “2 million, 6-7 ounce bundles of CHAFF.” These are laid by military aircraft form 15-50 miles in length.(14) Another unanswered question: Why is the USAF not releasing up-to-date figures?

A 2002 report notes that: “over the last 25 years, the US Navy [has released from planes] several hundred thousand pounds of aluminized chaff during flight operations over a training area on the Chesapeake Bay.”(15) If the Navy used hundreds of thousands of pounds in just this small area of the US, what could be extrapolated for the release of possibly billions of tons of nano aluminum by all the military divisions throughout the US and Canada more recently than 2002? CHAFF is being stored that has lead in it. Has that been released, without our knowledge, and added to these aerosols? What enormous, yet invisible, harm has that created for all of us?

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger reported last year that “exposure to aerial emissions of nano composite materials resulted in cholinesterase inhibition.”(16) The human body has three kinds of cholinesterase: for the brain, for plasma (manufactured by the liver), and red blood cells. Some pesticides and nerve gases (such as VX, an organophosphate) inhibit cholinesterase. The chronic inhibition of this enzyme (that normally circulates in red blood cells), caused by the spraying of these Chemtrails aerosols [for weather modification, but also used for mosquito and other insect eradication], causes chronic poisoning. This exposure causes severe neurological disorders, including paralysis in humans.

In a ground-breaking 2003 online essay, Dr. Kaye Kilburn, asks: “Why is Chemical Brain Injury Ignored?”(17) His article lists 13 concealed factors that affect our willingness to believe that dangerous chemicals do affect the brain. They include:

1. “It’s all in your head” [meaning real symptoms are ignored by allopathic medicine].
2. Resistance to vulnerability [individuals, and society collectively, cannot believe the brain is at risk].
3. The acceptance of mind-altering prescription drugs [such as Paxil] that can and do affect the brain [millions are on anti-depressants –what long-term damage does that also do to cognitive thinking?].
4. Chemical brain injury is considered not to be “an imminent threat.”
5. Competition from other serious threats [causing indifference or denial];
6. Delay in acknowledging health risks.
7. Economic interests [delaying tactics by big corporations are well known –delay continues profits and ignores taking responsibility –We are all expendable for corporate profits].
8. The field of neurology has been slow to consider causes [how many independent researchers are left who do not have any ties to the pharmaceutical/chemical companies?].

In  all these valuable reasons for not addressing this human crisis, the one that Dr. Kilburn has not addressed directly is the chronic assault of breathing/absorbing these now billions of tons of hazardous aerosolized chemicals and heavy metals over more than a decade without our informed consent. When one does not look for or address primary causes, then other issues can be blamed. This, on top of a government’s silence or refusal to respond and the corporate media’s complicity, make for an extremely dangerous combination that puts us all at grave and daily risk. As brain function is diminished, and other things are blamed for it, any population is easier “to control.”

Dr. Kiburn’s research clearly shows that chemicals do affect and seriously harm the brain [and, thereby, cognitive function]. Chemicals –especially a daily onslaught of toxic chemicals over many years– can damage our ability to think clearly. Even if we find this hard to believe, the evidence is there. Dr. Kilburn has expanded this essay into the first book to research this: “Chemical Brain Injury” (published in 1998). Dr. Kilburn notes:

The brain’s preservation represents the only possibility of survival for mankind. To find in many parts of the country and in many individual patients that its function is eroded seriously by chemicals, chemicals that have been introduced into the environment basically in the last 50 years, is bad news indeed.(18)

It seems almost unbelievable that millions/billions of people could look up at the sky and not notice the dramatic changes that have occurred from what it was, for instance, in the mid-1990s. Then our sky was a gorgeous, deep blue. Clouds were a beautiful assortment of shapes. The sun was glorious. But people under 30, may not have a real sense of recollection about looking up every day and seeing this panoramic magnificence. Most of them are too busy texting or chatting on their cell phones. There are other issues to consider, as well: People are in their own comfort zones; and denial is a very powerful human emotion. In the hustle and bustle (now quite out of hand, for reflective time), how many people look up at the sky? It also takes huge courage, a very deep, internal willingness to examine politically motivated corporate controlled media spin, and search for the real answers. Humans like their regular routines. To re-examine what we think we know, based on new evidence, takes a willingness to think outside the proverbial box; to want to find out the truth –not the pervasive Orwellian doublespeak that pervades our society. If everything in our daily routine belies what is truly going on, it requires fortitude to explore the unknown –to question the litany.

Another courageous person is Dr. R. Michael Castle who continues to address the Chemtrails toxicity issue. He is a noted polymer chemist who has been interviewed frequently and has written articles about the extreme hazards of Chemtrails. Dr. Castle has also written a ground-breaking document, the Universal Atmospheric Preservation Act [UAPA]. This document has been in Congress since 2008; but is tied up in committee. The only way to have this vital piece of legislation passed is to have real congressional representatives actually representing us (instead of the corporate lobbyists). See:

Given these issues, since our collapsing society has so many different levels of deceit –the financial debacle, the lies and deceit of government and the Federal Reserve blaming people for the housing/mortgage nightmare, the emerging police state, the disasters that envelope our fragile environment– it becomes increasingly difficult just to maintain a daily routine and survive the economic depression and its daily fallout. Mainstream media does its supporting role and deceives us. Millions, like the proverbial lemmings, hasten to join the group demise. There are countless historical instances of this collective insanity. We Homo sapiens [sic, wise men?] have never learned the lessons of 5,000 years of history. This is because each new generation of corrupt political leaders (often tied historically to previous ones) never has the real interest of their constituents as a basic part of their political practice. Further, there is no Precautionary Principle in place.(19) It’s not the way the political game of deception works. Precaution is not part of an equation that is broken from the beginning. Humans are gullible and want to believe the Orwellian deceptions.

To add to this already heavy burden, to ask uninformed, although supposedly “well educated” [What does that actually mean, given that much of our higher education has omitted much of what Prof. Peter Dale Scott calls “deep political events” that never get into our history books?] people to reconsider what they think they know about what is really going on –this takes enormous internal strength. It requires profound courage. The basis of this “courage” actually means creating new synaptical pathways in the brain. Without them, we feel scared, nervous… because those new synapses have not yet been created. It takes repeated effort, and, thus, an emerging sense of ease, to create these new synapses.

If, however, millions of people are already on prescription pharmaceuticals to “calm them down” [long term, what is this doing to their ability to think clearly?] and, in addition, are breathing poisoned air rife with mind-distorting chemicals, then how clearly (if at all) is anyone able to think? How can anyone feel well and safe, if the very air we breathe is deliberately poisoned and is affecting our ability to think cogently? It is already evident that no one in any official capacity is willing to tell the truth. It is like Diogenes, the ancient Greek, searching for a truthful individual. No one seems to have the desire, or courage, or authority to stop this massive poisoning, because it is the secret plan of the elite insiders to deliberate destroy everything we once knew.

Our BASIC human rights, constitutional and international laws are mere paper. These rights and laws have all been torn asunder by those in charge. It has been done by stealth. We must organize peacefully. PEACEFULLY is the operative word. If these many-pronged aerosol attacks by military and commercial planes can spray these horrific toxins on us, year after year with impunity –against all laws– then it is absolutely imperative that we organize peacefully. As Peter Dale Scott notes in Jason Bermas’ new DVD “Invisible Empire”: we must use the Internet and our peaceful intellectual powers to come together and shut this nightmare down. It is possible to do this.


Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri is author of the highly acclaimed book, “The Uterine Crisis.”


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Tag Team by S.H. Pearson


By S.H. Pearson
January 23, 2010

There is a pair of rapid small jets that fly zig-zag helices.  They are loud, so one can discern their flight patterns without visual confirmation.  They fly zig-zags above thick ceilings.  The only reason for such a drill over densely populated residential areas I infer is because it is no drill.  Practice drills are flown over the ocean, desert or sparsely populated government tracts usually, not cities and towns.

Their routine is to fly above a dense veil of artificial cloud-cover during daylight hours (0930-1530).  Working as a methodical pair, they fly in zig-zag patterns over swaths of suburban geography.  They seem to be laying a diamond-netting of aerosol discharge.

One thing holds true for all birds.  They eventually must come home to roost.  Which might make Naval Air Station Guantanamo Bay a nervous place.  They are strategically located for the squadron of air-whores that work South Florida in three-hour shifts.  Their consistent trajectories upon departure from the peninsula point to NAS Guantanamo Bay Cuba.

The longer the fuselage, the better.  It is my belief that aerosol tanker-loads are stored in the modified fuselages of commercial airliners.  This is convenient carriage in planes that would seek to pass for commercial air, as not to alarm the public.  It appears they even have painstakingly-replicated passenger windows lit-up at night on their white Boeing owls to make them look convincing.  But upon closer inspection, there are no faces in the windows.  Hoo-hoo would have thought of that?  People as passengers.  In order for me to have seen any of this, consider the altitude of the jet.  It was banking east, flying over a residential, man-made, canal-fed lake.  More like a glorious pond, lain-out in ABA fashion.

Who would fly an empty passenger plane around all night over the suburbs?  I see those big Boeings nightly — spraying aerosols until dawn.  I’ve seen them so low and slow I could have hit them with a hand-bag.  They are beautifully muted.  Mill-horses need their sleep.

In my opinion the only passengers on those birds are flight crew and particulate elements in a tank.  As to which elements on the periodic table they are hauling on any given flight — well that’s classified.  You’ll have to sweat that out of the guys at the Pentagon.  Maybe you can strap them to a chair and blast Megadeth at them till they crack.

All jokes aside, this would make NAS Guantanamo an ideal roost for these birds.  It’s a heavily guarded communist island.  Home of El Presidio.  Our Navy nests on the southeastern tip.  A place called Guantanamo Bay.  They too have an El Presidio of sorts.  Prison camps galore – where they rough-up randomly collected Muslims and hold them without charge.

It’s an island lorded-over by jailers on both sides.  Based on my studies, the Navy enjoys a friendly rapport with this regime.   A ”government” who inspires her citizens to get on rafts in the middle of the night in hopes of catching the right ocean current.

I recently interviewed a man who did exactly that.  You must want freedom badly to brave the sea in a little raft where your only company are the bull-sharks. He said he quit medical school and left Cuba because he did not want to fight in one of their forced campaigns.  He waded ashore at night onto one of the smaller Keys.  “I’ve been afraid of black water ever since,” he told me.  He was medically stellar.  Beautifully bilingual.  Tall, handsome.  The pride of Spain.  Perhaps Cuba is peopled with more of him.  My heart is with them.

So Cuba would make an ideal roost for the clandestine aerosol squadrons around here.  They would have a secret place to fuel-up, tank-up and get AIMD.  The Bay’s harbour and airports would be convenient receiving sites for all their aviation needs.  That way nobody can prove that these planes are what we think they are.  Their roost is on an island that few people visit casually.  I infer that you will find this arrangement holds consistent throughout the world.  There are many heavily-guarded military bases.  And many heavily-guarded government places.  Area 51 comes to mind.  Why might they be so heavily-guarded?

I saw  a small jet screaming out of NAS Key West’s position as the crow flies.  He was loud and obnoxious, feeling his oats that day.  His altitude was questionable.  I think he was just taxi service for one of the guys down town.  His wings were fixed at right angles from the fuselage.  Not a Mr. Supersonic.  And not the jet in the photo above.  Note how the wings are swept back from the body in strike fighter format.

Most pilots are full of themselves.  This comes as an advantage to those who purchase their services for tactical reasons.   Remember the Flying Tigers?  Perfect P-40 example. Those mercenary sell-outs didn’t think one click ahead of their cowlings.  All they wanted was the money and cheap, counterfeit glory.  Like that Mustang victory-roll in Empire of the Sun.  Bale’s high-water mark.

You can wield the ego of your pilots.  Due to the ocular degeneration of human anatomy, they are conveniently callow.  Hence, they are impetuous and sometimes even stupid to your benefit.

Ask an RAF bomber ace who hasn’t met his Maker yet (if you can still find one) what it felt like to bomb all those women and children in Dresden and Hamburg.  Ask him how much sleep he ever got after that.  And what it was like to see himself in mirrors, haunted for decades for his part in the carpet bombing.  I have read some of the testimonies of those pilots.  And what their orders were from the Ready Rooms.  They were told to target civilians in densely populated working class neighborhoods where the bloodshed would be higher for terror purposes.  And also to keep factory workers preoccupied with  burying their wives and children.  How’s that for tactical?

Some of them dropped 11-ton bombs.  Some of them dropped phosphorus bombs.  Then the Brits made movies of it to be shown in American theatres as propaganda segments before the big Hollywood feature presentation that glorified WWII.  Below is a modern times example of such a WWII glorification.  Note the music and cinematography — the witchcraft of Hollywood that could sell a freezer to an Eskimo.

Yeah phosphorus.  And you thought they just started that in Gaza?  Don’t forget the napalm in Vietnam.  Just make sure you can live with yourself after dropping that load, hot-shot.  Because once the payload is gone, you cannot call it back.










by Arthur Topham
March 5, 2011

Why “Chemtrails For” you might ask? Good question; even for a dummy I might add!  Well, it appears that most folks are just too dumbed down these days to realize that they’re being sprayed like insects or weeds from jet planes flying over their heads. Now whether it’s the contents of the sprays themselves affecting their cognitive abilities or some form of inherent stupidity endemic to the general population, the fact remains, and is clearly evident, that the problem has been around in our face for well over a decade now and still your average dummy hasn’t caught on to the fact. Thus the need for added remedial intervention.

This is why I posted such a large graphic image with this article. It’s because so many people who actually believe they have eyes in good, functioning condition and who ought to be able to recognize chemtrails in the sky, inevitably react to the mention of this phenomenon with immediate skepticism and denial as if those delivering the goods were somehow imagining it all and playing tricks on them. To suspend their disbelief for but a moment when actually pressed to do so and then tilt their heads back 20 degrees or so and look up at the sky, becomes, for all practical purposes, an insurmountable task; one they will do anything to wriggle and squirm out of rather than willingly do. Exhibitions of such overt behavior are indicative of one the fundamental hallmarks of dummies. No question.

The Enigmatic Dummy

Now why this dumbed down reaction pattern is present in so many otherwise intelligent people remains an enigma to this day. Even though the information is out there in print, on dvd and currently is spreading across the cyberian firmament like wildfire, the number of dummies remain exceptionally high.

On Facebook it’s the talk of the town amongst such groups as the “Chemtrail Consciousness Coalition (CCC)” where members are continually screaming out in digital octaves and imagery to the world, “WAKE UP PEOPLE! YOU’RE BEING LITERALLY POISONED AND SO IS THE WHOLE FREAKIN’ EARTH AND YOU STILL REFUSE TO OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE REALITY OF WHAT’S HAPPENING!!!” If you haven’t joined Facebook and wish to in order to participate in the chemtrail awareness movement then just click here to find out how to become a member.

In many ways it’s like the old days, back in the 60s, when the stoners would use expressions like, “You’re either on the bus or off” to indicate a person who had been “Experienced” (as Jimi Hendrix used to say). Seems like this aspect of human life never changes. Until a person wakes up to whatever it is that they’re slumbering through, be it the fact that they’re being drenched in an array of chemicals, heavy metals, biological organisms inimical to human health or the other assorted arsenals of lab created Frankenstein toxins,  or unaware of the basics of history itself, they just go on behaving as if the problem is somehow not there or not real and the people who say it is are just all conspiracy nuts trying to freak  others out because they get off on that sort of thing.

While I don’t have enough data at hand to explain it conclusively I firmly believe that it is somehow tied in with other similar types of aberrant behaviour wherein the majority of people are so conditioned mentally to perceive outer forms of reality in a certain, prescribed manner that whenever they are confronted with the actual and true their mental synapses, preconditioned by pseudo-informational overload, suddenly short-circuit and the message to the appropriate area of the brain is derailed or blocked, leaving them somehow suspended in the Dummy Zone; frozen in time like some Kurt Vonnegut character.

We can see this in other areas as well particularly with mainstream television viewers who will become so emotionally wrapped up in their favorite programming that it becomes virtually impossible to explain to them that what they are watching is not actually real. Religion, Philosophy and Politics are other similar fields of mental activity wherein people form certain images or constructs that, once solidified over time, become adamantine in the mind and extremely difficult to re-envision and let go of.

The Dummy on the Hill

Not too long ago I had ordered the new dvd “What In The World Are They Spraying?” from the fine fellows down in the U.S. of A. who, being caring, concerned and conscious enough to have got their acts together, had produced a feature length video on the subject of spraying chemicals and other assorted nasty shit into our collective breathing space. I am of course referring here to Michael J. Murphy, G. Edward Griffin and Paul Wittenberger, the three musketeers of the Great Unveiling of this dark, sinister and deadly attack upon humanity and all living forms. While they weren’t the first to investigate this monstrous act of global terrorism against life itself, their dvd has been extremely useful in shattering the ‘glass darkly’ that prevents the awakening of a lot of otherwise prime candidates for Chemtrails for

Those wishing to check out the excellent efforts of G. Edward Griffin should take the time to visit his website at and find out a whole lot more about chemtrails and related topics. As for Michael J. Murphy’s work I suggest visiting his two sites as well. The Coalition Against Geo-Engineering and Truth Media Productions.

As for myself I’m not your average dummy when it comes to the chemtrail spraying issue. I first got wind of it back in the last century and actually started publishing articles on chemtrails in my former alternative newspaper, The Radical back in the year 2000. What a hell of a way to begin a new century I thought! knowing that the planet was being subjected to this ultimate insanity and yet no one would cop to it and the vast majority of people, because they didn’t see it on CBC, BBC, CNN or FOX, refused to admit that it could possibly exist.

Well anyway, after I received and watched the dvd a couple of times and was convinced of its efficacious nature, I invited my good friend to watch it with me. He lived just down the road a ways, his home situated atop a small hill overlooking the once scenic Fraser River valley in central B.C. When the dvd was finished I expected that he would be in wholehearted agreement with me that this criminal conspiracy to poison and kill people and planet was precisely what had been happening in the skies above us for well over a decade now. Instead, I was shocked to hear him say, in obvious sincerity, that yes he agreed that this was going on down in the states and in Hawaii and in Europe (areas where the dvd producers had gone to film the phenomenon) but that he had never seen any chemtrails overhead in the region of the province in which we both had resided for the past twenty years or longer! At first I couldn’t believe my ears and in sheer exasperation I questioned him as to his response thinking that possibly he was giving me the old ‘tongue in cheek’ patent reply that the normal dummy does. But eventually, it finally sunk in, the realization that people are actually incapable of grasping what is taking place in the skies and assuming that the assorted fake cloud cover they see is actual natural formations.

This same reaction is repeated over and over on the net but there it’s exacerbated by the presence of nay sayers and disinfo agents who do their utmost to spray out digital trails of disinformation regarding chemtrails.

I would be remiss here were I not to include a few more websites in my short list of online chemtrail information centers. One of the original pioneers of the anti-chemtrail movement worldwide is a man by the name of William (Will) Thomas, a Canadian, living in the Gulf Island region of British Columbia. He has written books on the subject, lectured widely and researched extensively this conspiracy to commit global genocide. I first learned of the subject from him and recommend that all dummies take a good look at his William Thomas Online website for all the gory details and stats. Further information on Chemtrails/Chemtrail Facts/Chemtrail Books/Contrails/ChemtrailsConfirmed/Weather Modification can also be found at:

Please see Conscious Life News for more information on spraying.

Thanks to the good work of Murphy, Griffin & Wittenberger interested readers should also check out a European site called The Balfort Group founded by the former Mayor of Evergem, Belgium, Mr. Peter Vereecke. The Belfort Group has been working hard to document and uncover the goods on the perpetrators of this criminal act against Life.

Then there’s the JokerTattoo out of Victoria, B.C.

And Victoria Chemtrails

And finally, from Miami, Florida the work of S.H. Pearson who has been documenting the disasters for some years now. Please see The Payload.

Chem or Con? A Dumb Question?

Chemtrails versus contrails has thus become another area of dispute that tends to dominate discussions and prevent people from gaining a clear understanding of what’s going on above their heads. While the explanations are simple enough to understand when it comes to differentiating between a con trail (frozen, con-densed ice crystals that jets flying through cold air leave behind then disappear within minutes) and chemtrails (artificial chemical gases containing a multiply combination of toxic heavy metals such as aluminum and barium and strontium plus other poisonous, biological ingredients of a dire and sinister nature, all of which DO NOT DISSIPATE after being sprayed into the atmosphere but slowly spread out and transform themselves into an assortment of shapes, many eventually resembling formations similar to cirrus clouds and what meteorologists called “horsetails,”) there is a grouping on the internet similar to those who infiltrate the countless blogs and forums of cyberspace to cause confusion and disruption, who are attempting to make this distinction between the two as convoluted and confusing as possible. Their motives for doing so are to keep people unaware via deception and distraction and therefore rendered unwilling to act and do something to stop this ultimate crime of global genocide from occurring.

Who’s Con-ning the Dummies about Chemtrails?

This, of course, is the $64,000 question. Who, in this war of the world scenario, is actually responsible for the bio-chemical assault upon the planet and why are they able, in the face of insurmountable evidence, to continually elude detection and prevent national governments from acting to gain knowledge of their nefarious actions?

Most people today, including a growing number of dummies even, are aware of the usual suspects when it comes to the psychopaths de jure; those who continually busy themselves screwing up the environment and nation state economies and cultures, in their endless quest for more wealth and power and control.

We have an over abundance of acronyms and tags to identify these possible perpetrators, some of the main ones being the New World Order (NWO); the Illuminati; the Space Aliens; the Icke Reptilians, the Council on Foreign Relations, the UNO, WB, IMF, etc., but, obviously, having these generic descriptive terms at hand hasn’t helped one bloody bit to expose the problem or stop the spraying (thus far anyway).

All the bullshit aside, somewhere, someone, or a group of someones, is issuing these massive spraying directives and no military, be it that of the USA or Canada or NATO or any other nation like Australia or New Zealand or the EU countries, is willing to challenge these orders or question publicly why the spraying is occurring over their airspace. Now I ask you, just how dumb is that?

Here we have a virtual threat occurring that will have global consequences for all sentient life on the planet yet this mysterious group of self-appointed gods (some might prefer the term “devils”) continue to pursue a course of poisoning and killing people, soil, water, air and the myriad other species that obviously depend upon this living planet for their healthy and survival without a single politician, statesman, academic or mainstream media asking why.

When crap like this is happening around the planet and the governments (supposed representatives of the welfare and well-being of their constituents) are complicit in it by the obvious fact of their silence and tacit consent, then it really doesn’t take the proverbial rocket scientist to figure out that something is very, very seriously amiss in the whole equation. Even a dummy ought to be able to figure that one out, no?

Addressing this very question of responsibility and accountability and what repercussions ought to occur respecting the punishment of those found to be guilty of these crimes against the planet, the website (motto: “Monitoring the Planned Poisoning of Humanity”) has posed the question, “What is Just Punishment?” to its audience in the form of a poll where people can register their sentiments. In response to the question, “What is the just punishment for those orchestrating and taking part in the death dumps?” the voter is giving four choices:

•  A slap on the hand and told not to do it again?

•  10 years in prison with time off for good behavior?

•  Life in prison without possibility of parole?

•  Death by hanging or lethal injection?

The results thus far do not bode well for those who ultimately WILL be held accountable for these insidious crimes. 61% of the votes cast to date indicate that the culprits ought to bite the dust; 35% would cast them into a dungeon for life; 3% would give them 10 years in prison and 1% feel a slap on the hand is sufficient for the crime.

It’s fairly obvious that people who realize what’s going on are pissed off, big time, and for good reason. Whether the dummies will vote in a similar pattern is of course debatable for the simple reason that most, if not all of them, are still too dense to even realize that the poll is happening. Best they get with the program and check out the site. It definitely contains much in the way of valuable information on health effects, areas where spraying is happening, and much more.


What do we do? It always comes down to this question in the end. How do those who know what the problem is teach, convince, awaken, spur on, cajole, harass, push, shove, demand, enlighten, etc. the vast numbers of dummies who for a myriad of reasons refuse to respond to endless pleading and consistent insistence that they give their heads a shake and wake up? It truly is a conundrum of universal proportions.

If we all lived in the Middle East, as someone once suggested, we could take a hostage; a person of such stature that the world’s controlled media would be forced to cover the story. The terms of release would be the exposure on prime time television around the world of all the documented evidence to date proving that humanity is under the gun and systematically being poisoned and condemned to a slow and agonizing death along with all the rest of our fellow species. Once the dummies viewed it on the Idiot Box there would be no turning back. Big Bro would have spoken and they would in all likelihood rise up en masse and demand that the spraying stop. Politicians would quake in their boots and calls for investigations would resound across the nations where the spraying was occurring. The world would be aflame with outrage and head would definitely roll.

Apart from such a radical solution there remains only the peaceful process of carrying the flame of truth to each and every corner of the planet in the hope that eventually enough numbers will be recruited to form an army of protesters strong enough to take to the streets and demand their governments DO SOMETHING! After a decade and more of trying to initiate change via this method I’m not at all convinced any longer that it will prove effective and I certainly don’t foresee another decade of continuous spraying without such permanent damage occurring that will make any future efforts worthwhile.

All we can possibly hope for is the unfolding of the old occult expression: “As Above, So Below.” Not in the sense of the contaminants continually falling to earth but in the more vital and virtual context of numbers of people from Cyberspace who will continue to organize and transform their knowledge into down-to-earth movements and protests that will soon show the rest of the dummies that we truly are serious about putting a final end to this mass murder of planet Earth.


Arthur Topham is a writer, researcher, publisher, builder and placer miner living in the mountains of central British Columbia, Canada. He can be reached at

Belfort-Group Case Orange report from belfort’s blog

[Webmin Note: Those who have watched the dvd by G. Edward Griffin & Michael J. Murphy, “What In The World Are They Spraying?” will recall the former mayor of Evergem, Peter Vereecke. Michael Murphy attended a symposium there in Belgium and interviewed Peter Vereeche and covered some of the speakers. It was an inspiration to watch the enthusiasm and positive energy that was put out by all in their efforts to alert the people to this diabolical menace now facing humanity. All people concerned with this issue should go to the Belfort-Group site and try to read and download this important document.]



Belfort-Group Case Orange report from belfort’s blog
Case Orange Report

Dear chemtrailfighters from all over the world,

On Saturday 29th of May 2010 the Belgian Belfort-group organised in Ghent an international symposium on the subject:

The illegal spraying of harmful substances
in the atmosphere by airplanes
also known as ‘chemtrails’ :


Based on the positive reactions we received and also our own feeling it was a success. You can see the whole event via this link :

Our website
Or the Ustream site

One of the highlights was certainly the presentation of “Case Orange”, a scientific report, which has been compiled on behalf of the Belfort-group and humanity by a team of experts with relevant aviation background. This is very important: the authors are inside experts. They know what they are talking about !

The document consists of 300 pages. As it is too expensive for us to send it in a copy-version and as it not possible to send it in attachment because the pdf-file is too big I ask you to download it via the links below.

By doing so you will be able to see and read the basic text of 70 pages with 177 footnotes. If you should be interested in receiving the appendices, please let me know.

We would like to ask you to spread this document as broadly as possible to your politicians, administrations, press, policy, justice, fellow-fighters, and so on.

The fight for a world without chemtrails will not be easy, but now we have a peaceful weapon which offers evidence based prove that the phenomenon is not internet gossip or conspiracy theory but – to put it blatantly – that we are being sprayed.

This has been going on for years and it’s not going to stop! According to the conference of 18-22 th February of the AAAS they are planning to put to 20 million tons of aluminum into the atmosphere !

I have already delivered this ‘Case orange’-document in an print-out copy personally to the Brussels headquarter of UNO and Nato and eight embassies (USA, UK, Germany, France, Iran, Russia, China, Venezuela).

I have send it by email to all press agencies, all embassies, in short to everyone who should be interested in this very important information.

As you know on August 17 th of 2009 I personally lodged a complaint with the Belgian Justice department against the intentional and systematic spraying of heavy metals, chemical substances and virological filth into our atmosphere. As a result there is since October 2009 an ongoing investigation into this matter.

I am now also preparing to lodge two additional complaints:
• with the International Court of Justice, The Hague
• the European court of human rights, Strassbourg

I will do so not only on behalf of the Belfort-group but also of you all.

I would like to conclude this email with the chorus lines of our anthem, a very powerful and encouraging song by Leonard Cohen:

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in

Keep the good work going, my dear friends and brave fighters !

Yours sincerely,
– Peter Vereecke –
Former mayor of Evergem
Founder Belfort-group

Canadian plus What in the world Poster

Dear Arthur

Thank you for your B.C. website on Chemtrails and for spreading the word.

A group out east by the name of Canadian Awareness Network, are making T shirts  as well.

Have you thought about having all MPs  and Senators’s email  addresses on your site, so that we can send our chemtrail pictures to them as well. They need to be held accountable and stop hiding behind the “Contrail” myth.

Thanks for your all your efforts.

Rose Stevens
Holistic Practitioner

WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING? The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup

The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup

Produced by G. Edward Griffin,
Michael Murphy, and Paul Wittenberger

There are many dramatic photographs of chemtrails on the Internet, and your innate intelligence tells you that what you see in the sky is not mere vapor trails from jet aircraft, but no one yet has probed the questions: WHO is doing this and WHY. All of that now has changed. Here is the story of an industry called geo-engineering, driven by scientists, corporations, and governments intent on changing global climate, controlling the weather, and altering the composition of soil and water supposedly for the betterment of mankind.

By now everyone has seen crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning the sky into a murky haze. Our innate intelligence tells us these are not mere vapor trails from jet engines, but no one yet has probed the questions: WHO is doing this and WHY. With the release of this video, all of that has changed. Here is the story of a rapidly developing industry called Geo-engineering, driven by scientists, corporations, and governments intent on changing global climate, controlling the weather, and altering the chemical composition of soil and water – all supposedly for the betterment of mankind. Although officials insist that these programs are only in the discussion phase, evidence is abundant that they have been underway since about 1990 – and the effect has been devastating to crops, wildlife, and human health. We are being sprayed with toxic substances without our consent and, to add insult to injury, they are lying to us about it. Do not watch this documentary if you have high blood pressure. DVD. 95 minutes. See the preview

What in the World Are They Spraying?
DV63C_when_purchased_alone$19.50 ORDER

——>  DV63C_with_an_additional_purchase$15.60 ORDER



Dear Concerned People Opposed to Chemtrail Spraying:

The response to the new blog is most encouraging. Letters are coming in with additional information on other areas within B.C. affected by Chemtrail spraying. As well, one person from Grimshaw, Alberta has sent some interesting observations regarding this same phenomenon. These letters are posted below.



From R in Quesnel, B.C.

Hi Arthur,

I’m glad to see that someone else has finally taken up the cry!  I’ve been a voice in the wilderness for a long time now re the chemspray atrocities…

I have reams of pics from local/regional.  And the spraying is global and has been for some time now, the planet and all who inhabit it have been exposed to the barium salts etc., and totally contaminated with mycoplasma and other related toxins.  The main agenda apart from creating conductivity in the upper atmosphere is to suppress the immune systems of all life forms – especially humans – the geo-engineering thing is part of a massive coverup for the increasing fragility of the human genome through the manipulative effects of the mycoplasma.

There are some excellent articles here:

And you should have seen the article “Molecular T*rror*sm”?  I’ve circulated it quite a few times although it gets scooped by the carnivore filters before reaching most recipients….   A must read if you haven’t seen it.  Let me know.

I also have the ebook “Healing Chemtrail Syndrome”  if you want it.

BTW,  MMS will fix pretty well all of humanity’s health challenges relating to toxins – viral/bacterial/mould/fungal/parasites/heavy metals etc. by removing them and allowing the immune system to handle the challenges it was designed to…




Admin Response: Thanks for the very excellent information R. I will post the Molecular Terrorism – Mycoplasma article in a new post on this site so folks can read it. It’s very, very interesting and a logical explanation for much of the debilitating diseases that seem to have sprung up around the same time that “they” started the chemtrail spraying programs back in the late 90’s.


From: Barbara Lee <>
Sent: Tue, February 8, 2011 1:18:38 AM

G’day Arthur.

I hope this finds you and yours in good shape considering the state of the world these days. Here, doing ok, tyvm.

This chemtrail site for BC is a good idea. Thank you for taking this initiative!

The lower Island is chemtrailed every goddam day. Christmas, New Year’s, we got it on those days without let-up.

I have found that this spraying effects my general mood as well. I am coming out of a bout of depression that just would not lift for a long time (Dealing with the underbelly of the beast was taking its subliminal toll I figure) and it is not helped by seeing chemtrails in the sky every time I go out. I will go out to the beach and have a lovely walk enjoying the ocean, then look up and there are the trails. The rainclouds break and there are the trails.  The other morning there was a sunrise of surpassing beauty due to the trails fluffing out over the area. They had sprayed in the wee hours of the morning. One sees a beautiful sunset and knows that you cannot credit nature for the beauty, the chemicals in the sky cause a great deal of the colour.

There are a few people in the city who I have seen on YouTube filming chemtrails in town; I will do what I can to steer them in the direction of this site. And, I will battery up my camera and see what I can come up with.

I had never considered Monsanto to be behind this and will have to look into that idea more. I just finished reading Seeds of Deception and nothing surprises me with those creatures.

At about 8:15 they drop some facts about Monsanto and Cargil which are of interest.

Anyhow, this site is saved … and time to look more deeply into this. I believe that the Rockefellers are heavily involved with Monsanto but not too sure on details. With their penchant for population control in all ways, it is very likely they are.


Take care



A second email contained from the woman in Victoria contained the following additional information:

On YouTube, a Victorian lass with a lot of film on local chemtrails. I have sent her your url and a little of what this is about. I hope she responds but you might also like to see what she films and posts. Very good quality and she is ripe for political action.

I sent invites to several BC YouTube folks so we shall see what comes of this.

Then there is this guy who is of interest. I have sent him an invite. He posts his own videos of chemtrails over the city.

So does this fellow.

The woman below, she has some very strange Victoria vids of chemtrails on her site.



This is the URL to Arthur Topham’s new site dedicated to compiling data, images, films, etc of chemtrail activity in BC. On this page he has posted chemtrails like I have never seen before. Arthur is up in Quesnel and he would appreciate any material from the lower part of BC especially Victoria because he knows we are getting it worse than most.

BTW, I am in Victoria, in Esquimalt and I have not seen dark chemtrails at night but I have seen the sun rise to a beautiful sky that has chemtrails that were sprayed during the wee hours of the morning.


I dropped the above in about 6 or 7 BC YouTube sites that had chemtrail films etc …

Hopefully that will bring a few results.




Admin response: Thank you Barbara! This is just the type of networking that we need happening to address this province-wide, Canada-wide problem. I’m most grateful for your help.


Ray Strachan writes from Grimshaw, Alberta:

Re Chemtrails Ray Strachan

From: Ray Strachan
Hi Arthur

I take my dog out for a run everyday at 2:30 pm to the outskirts of Grimshaw.

One day I saw these 3 Chemtrails one over the other to the South.  They were running W to E. I had heard the word Chemtrails and realized that was what these were.  This started in mid winter.

What I didn’t know was that the trails would not disperse for many hours and when they did they formed the most phoney clouds I had ever seen.    They came on a daily basis, sometimes only one plane and sometimes two.   When there were two, they would lay a perfectly criss-cross pattern directly over the Townsite.  I seen them doing it.

I told people about it and they wouldnt even believe what they were seeing, or acknowledge that it wasn’t normal.

I looked up a Website on the computer.  I told my story and they jumped on me like a pack of Jackals.   I didnt know any better so I argued with them for two months or so and it was torture.

This is what I had to always answer:  “Well what’s your proof? Do you have Scientific Proof? You live in the direct flyway for passenger jets from the USA to Asia etc.”

I would say, oh yes, I’m sure the Passenger Flights fly over Grimshaw laying patterns.    To no avail.  I truly believe that some of them are paid  shills.

I had not had a cold or sniffle for years. Suddenly I had a problem in my lungs,  just across the top portion,  when I would try to take a normal breath. As soon as the air would pass through the top of my lungs it would automatically trigger a cough. Also I had leaky sinus and sore throat.    A friend of mine phoned me one day, hadn’t seen him for months. After we had talked for a while  he said, “I have this damn cold in my lungs, sinus and sore throat.   That was identical to what I had.  He lived 3 towns from me.   We both had this crap for months. Plus others that I met in the post office.  Everyone said they had seen a Doc., got antibiotics but didn’t help.

The planes quit coming around first part of August. Also heard reports that they were operating in Edmonton, Calgary area.   Was wondering later if that’s why we had drought up North and they had flooding down south.   Just a thought but what crossed my mind was “Different Chemicals”.

Anyway they are flying around here again. I just know there will be another outbreak of upper respiratory problems and probably another drought.



I received a second email from Ray as well. In it he writes:

It was clear here all day until the plane finished its run.  It clouded up before dark with the phoney clouds.    When I went out half hour ago the moon and stars are absolutely out full force.

My car windows are all covered in what normally would be frost  They are covered instead with a very Crystal type coating of ice. It is just not real. I know it is going to start to sound like I am making things up, but, my dog, part Border Collie lives in an insulated dog house with a 100 wt bulb for heat. When I go out to take her into the car she, when normal, is so happy she jumps up and I hold her front paws and she looks up at me with a dog smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye.   Not lately.  Her smile and twinkle are gone and she just stares and wants me to hold her and she has that “dog talk going on in her throat.”  She wants to tell me something.

I wish I could scrape the car windows and take it to be analyzed by a reputable person but I don’t suppose that is possible.  Since there is not a peep about these trails on the MSM or local newspapers.   Must be a Government Secret like many other things.



Admin response: Hi Ray. Wow! It looks like you’re getting the spray treatment as well. Thanks so much for writing in and sharing this with others. Your observations are very useful and for me ring a number of bells. Warning bells that is! May I suggest that you think about possibly contacting someone in Alberta who might be interested in setting up a similar Alberta Chemtrail Alert blog? Please stay in touch Ray.