Monitoring & tracking the criminal toxic chemical spraying of Beautiful British Columbia's land and people


Welcome to the British Columbia Chemtrail Alert (BCCA) blog site

Dear British Columbians,

For well over a decade now there has been in place in British Columbia and across Canada and the USA as well as all the other NATO countries, a continuous, widespread and criminally covert program of aerial spraying of deadly toxic chemicals into our once pristine blue and white skies.

These chemicals are emitted from jet planes that traverse our common atmosphere in myriad patterns on what appears to be a 24/7 schedule. Whether they are currently being manned by actual human pilots or are drones is still unknown. What is known though, thanks to the combined efforts of numerous concerned individuals throughout the affected areas, is that the fall-out from these chemical “clouds,” called CHEMTRAILS, is poisoning the ecosystems being sprayed and at the same time poisoning the vast populaces that inhabit these areas, be they humans, birds, animals, insects or those living within the water systems below the spraying.

The first and most obvious question to be posed is why are they doing it? The second question is who is doing it? And the third question is what can be done to bring this horrendous crime against all sentient life forms to the public’s attention and stop it as quickly as possible? Along with the final question of course will be the need to bring those responsible for the criminal deed before a court of law to be tried and held accountable.

The “why” question furnishes us with a number of potentially credible answers, the foremost being that whoever is responsible for these spraying programs is doing so in order to control the weather for the benefit of mankind. While laudable on the surface as a justification it quickly loses all semblance of reason and logic when viewed from the angle of the actual damage being done to the ecosystem. We are all well aware by now that there are specific corporate, media and governmental interests who have been pushing the “global warming” agenda for a long time. Their deceptive attempt, now found to be indisputable, appears to be little more than a ruse designed to justify the reality of their spraying of these noxious chemicals into our atmosphere should the culprits eventually be identified and brought to trial.

The second reason being proffered to questioning minds as to why these poisons are being sprayed on the fragile mantle of life-sustaining soil has to do with the increasingly hostile attempts by the large multinational seed corporations like Monsanto to de-legitimize the whole natural food or organic food production industry and once the growing of organic products has been made illegal and curbed to the point of being practically irrelevant then these giant food producing companies will have an absolute monopoly over the world’s food supply. Add to this that the specific types of chemicals being sprayed upon the earth are precisely those which Monsanto’s GMO seeds are designed to adapt to and you have some rather substantial arguments for linking these multinationals to the spraying programs now in effect.

The third most commonly held belief regarding why anyone would spray the collective ecosystem with heavy metals that are toxic to all life forms is that there is a morbid and psychopathic conspiracy on the part the guilty party to cull the world’s population. While that may be a possible secondary outcome of the poisons, irregardless of motive, it still leaves too many unanswered questions, foremost being, why only the NATO countries are being sprayed and not the rest of the globe?

“And who are you?” said the Caterpillar to the Chemtrail sprayers, his query being greeted with only silence.

For well over a decade now concerned people have been posing this fundamental question to every level of government and to the mainstream media and since the questioning first began the status quo answer from all involved has been, “Chemtrails? What’s that? You mean contrails don’t you? There’s no such thing as Chemtrails. What are you? A conspiracy nut?” That line of response is now unacceptable.

Only recently, thanks to the combined efforts of a few concerned individuals in the USA, a breakthrough has come about regarding this primary, unanswered question. In Los Angeles, California an international conference was held back in 2010. The subject of it was “Geo-engineering” of the weather and it purported to be a novel concept wherein climatologists from around the globe were to gather and discuss and weigh the possibility of having to deliberately attempt to perform weather modification programs in the near future should global warming get out of hand.

The conference was attended by Michael J. Murphy of and afterwards, in concert with G. Edward Griffin, famed American author and film maker, they produced a DVD called, WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING? which basically has blown the lid off any future attempts by the powers that be to keep the issue of Chemtrail spraying hidden away from the pubic eye.


The above introductory statements are the reasons why this blogsite has been set up. The mainstream media, for all its pretentiousness and so-called concern for journalistic standards and research, has been remiss in the extreme in covering this controversial subject. As such the job of alerting the general public to the menace of chemical poisons being sprayed upon them and their environment falls once again to the alternative media and to those willing to use the Internet to publicize this massive cover-up.

The politicians are also complicit in this deceptive program of aerial spraying, either by conscious intent or else because they are ignorant of the subject and fail to realize that they too are as much victims of it as their constituents who are demanding some straightforward answers from them as to who is responsible for this crime against humanity and the natural environment. Whatever the reasons for their stalling and refusal to ask the questions required in order to resolve this critical emergency the people must not stand by waiting any longer for them to cooperate. With each passing day the volume of toxic chemicals is increasing and the soils and the health of the population are being adversely affected.


It is hoped that the BCCA blogsite will become a central clearinghouse and resource center for all of the regions throughout the province of British Columbia and that information and photographic evidence of this criminal spraying program can be gathered on the site so that others looking for information and evidence on the subject can come here and find readily available materials for their use.

B.C. is but one of the provinces in Canada being adversely affected by Chemtrails. It’s also a strong wish on the part of BCCA that other provinces might form similar blogsites and do likewise in identifying and amassing the needed evidence to convince our politicians and media that this issue is not just another “conspiracy theory” that doesn’t warrant any serious attention on the part of government or the mainstream media. Such a collective Canadian effort could reasonable produce a concerted federal plan and strategy; one that theoretically might give the general public the much-needed clout to demand some form of redress occur with respect to this grossly immoral and criminal practice of spraying poisons upon our environment and our selves.


Interested people with information, questions, photographs of Chemtrails in their related regions should write to BCCA at the following email address: