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Former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm blows the whistle on Chemtrails! by Arthur Topham

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: Once again B.C.’s former controversial premier Bill Vander Zalm has taken the courageous step of speaking out on an issue that has been plaguing hundreds of thousand of people around the world for close to two decades – the controversial issue of Chemtrail spraying of the earth’s atmosphere. In my own case I cannot thank Bill enough for finally taking this issue by the horns and demanding that government and politicians come clean on what the hell has been going on for so many years. It truly is a major breakthrough in terms of gaining coverage and I would personally like to than Bill for taking this stand. Please listen to Bill’s radio show talk on this issue and pass this message to everyone you know.]

Former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm blows the whistle on Chemtrails!

August 17, 2013


Former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm blows the whistle on Chemtrails!

Bill Vander Zalm puts politicians on notice

Former Premier of British Columbia acknowledges chemtrails in public letter

Former Premier of British Columbia, Bill Vander Zalm sent the following letter to dozens of politicians across BC

August 14, 2013

We’re told that “Global Warming”, now conveniently called “Climate Change”, is a threat to Agriculture and therefore an issue of National Security. As a National Security issue, whatever they do to combat climate change, can be kept out of the public domain.

For years, many people have observed, what we were told to be, “Con-Trails” (Airplane engine condensation trails), but different from the contrails as we used to see them. Instead of dissipating quickly, they spread, stayed in the atmosphere for a pro-longed period, and if a lot of them, criss-crossing, caused a more cloudy sky. In the Pacific Northwest, we often suffer cloudy skies, the evidence was not always visible, but many people here, as elsewhere, referred to the cloud forming trails as “Chem-Trails”, trails not caused by water condensing but trails full of toxic substances to supposedly fight Global Warming.

In government circles it is referred to as “Geo-engineering”, it’s manipulating the earth weather system. Scary stuff, especially when we consider the enormous capabilities of the HAARP technology. For the purpose of our submission, to seek information, Geo-engineering and Chem-Trails are defined as a military-industrial complex program in partnership with private contractors and possibly major fuel suppliers and airline companies, whereby planes spray particulate matter into the atmosphere that would otherwise not be there.

It may seem ‘far-fetched’ to some, but it’s only recently that we found out a Drone can see a human face on the ground, from 10,000 ft. up, that the government can monitor every phone call we make and every email we send and a terrorist can detonate a bomb by using a cell-phone from miles away.

Chem-Trails are said to consist of tiny particles of the very harmful toxins, Aluminum and Barium. Toxins that we inhale, poison our water and kill the soil. We can avoid cancer causing second hand smoke, but there’s no way to avoid the far more toxic particles that fall from the sky. Already diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer, Lou Gehrichs, Huntingtons, Parkinsons, Autism and Bone diseases are at a highest level ever, all of which could be directly linked to Aluminum.

Whenever man manipulates nature, be it for profit or politics, the cost and consequences are horrific. Events like the Hurricanes in the East, the Tornadoes in the Mid-West, the flooding  in Toronto, the unprecedented flooding in Calgary, the loss of millions of trees in B.C. due to a pine beetle epidemic, will all be attributed to “Mother Nature” and Climate change and not a mention of Geoengineering.

I would highly recommend that anyone wanting further information, check the internet for well known Neuro Surgeon Dr. Russell L. Blaylock who tells us about Social Engineering by the Elitists, funded by such foundations as “Rockefellers”, Ford and Carnegie.

According to documents released by the National Academy of Sciences, the CIA is funding a scientific study to determine the feasibility of altering the planet’s climate, in order to stave off climate change. When a government agency does a study, it might well be to justify activities already in play.

No such activity, as spraying the atmosphere with toxic chemicals could ever take place without government consent, Federally, State or Provincially and without a detailed agreement governing times, places and materials used. The government of Maui, Hawaii is now considering an Ordinance (law) prohibiting the release of aerosols and other particulates into the atmosphere without informed consent from the people of Maui.

Neither Federal, State or Provincial government has ever announced such a “Climate Control Program” nor denied it existed.

I’m aware that any attempt at rationalizing complicated problems will be characterized, by the Elitists and those they control, as Conspiracy theories, and some will be, but this is then used to stop all attempts at creating a public awareness. Not too long ago, mention of governments telephone evesdropping or screening all our emails, would have been tagged as Conspiracy theory at its worst.

(1) I, Bill Vander Zalm, request through “Freedom of Information”, both Federal and Provincial, all information on file about “Climate Control Programs” with the government or anyone of its Ministries.

(2) I, Bill Vander Zalm, request that Municipal Councils, City Councils and Regional Boards pass a resolution to say that “no particulate matter for climate control be sprayed in the atmosphere above their jurisdiction, without informed consent” and that the issue be presented to the annual meeting of the Union of Municipalities for debate and consideration this September.

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Radio broadcast:

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X Marks the Spot

Now that we’re into the dead of winter the weather patterns, in term of chemtrails and natural cloud cover in the north Cariboo region of central B.C., have been fluctuating so erratically that we’re witnessing what some days appears to be schizoid behaviour patterns.

For some odd reason (likely time off or refueling?) we’ve been getting an occasional break from the normal spaying program that keeps the Cariboo skies continuously covered in chemtrail pollution and right out of the blue (so to speak) we arise in the morning to scenes like those immediately below:

Early morning photo off my front porch in Cottonwood, B.C. approximately 27 km east of Quesnel.

Driving to Quesnel along the Barkerville Hwy one sees nothing but a broad expanse of blue looking westward.

This view is closer to Quesnel. One is looking across the Fraser valley westward toward the coast. The distance across the viewscape is likely around 100 miles or 160 km. Again, blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee as far as the eye can see.

Now these sorts of days extend into the night sky as well and with the moon now waxing toward her silvery fullness they make for beautiful night viewing. Unfortunately I still don’t have my act together as far as night shooting so I can’t provide you with a shot of the following scenario but a couple of evenings ago I stepped out on the porch on my way to the woodshed for another load of that wonderful dry bug killed pine when I happened to look up at the bright, moonlit sky. To my usual dismay I could again see the same clear night sky as the one in the photos above with one exception. Right across the face of the moon, traveling in its tell-take north south pattern, was a single chemtrail that was just beginning to spread its expansive girdle of gunk across the otherwise clear canopy of night. It was the precursor to what the sky would look like the following morning as shown in the photos below:

The sky on February 5th, 2012 looking south from my porch.

The same once pristine sky looking eastward toward the Cariboo mountains on Feb. 5th, 2012.

Another shot looking more south eastward showing the chemtrail covering as it spreads itself outward across what was a clear-blue panorama on February 4th.

Then, this morning, Feb. 6th, 2012, we’re right back to a clean blue slate again as seen below:

February 6th, 2012.

Again, that purple cross for victory over goechemtrailpollution!

The obvious question therefore arises. What the hell are these geoengineering, chemtrail spraying, NWO wackos going to say about the sky on February 5th? Will their trickster tale explanation include some “scientific” rationale for the sudden appearance of a facsimile cloud cover for that one day? A freak weather pattern that moved in by stealth during the moonlight to fog up the day and distribute its daily ration of poisons upon the face of the planet and the people and all the other biological life forms negatively affected?

There’s really only one response to their deception. BS! Lies! and Chemical Coverup! all in the name of climate and people control for hidden entities with a hidden agenda.

It’s high time to occupy our skies and rid them of these poison makers.


Chemtrails over Mission, B.C.

Hi Arthur –  The attached photo’s were taken over Harrison Bay, east of Mission. We see Chemtrails here every few days.

Here is a video that I took also:


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Orgonite Creations from Orgone Labs®

Orgonite Creations from Orgone Labs®



[Webmin note: The following products are being sold by a friend of mine living in Quesnel, B.C. It should be noted that I am publishing the information and photos for readers on this site and elsewhere. I am not endorsing nor guaranteeing the productions. This is strictly a freebie for a friend who has helped me out with information and advertising.

Do contact the following email address listed here for any enquiries. Thank you. Arthur]


All the devices shown included here are EMR (ElectroMagnetic Radiation) killers which generate clean, invigorating, healing energy (Orgone/Chi/Prana) to replace the damaging, invasive electromagnetic frequency bombardment (Deadly ORgone/DOR) that is destroying our bodies, minds and the environment.  In addition, each also has its own designed purpose and will be an object of  timeless fascination and beauty.

The HHG (Holy Hand Grenade) “Blue HealerTM'”

Containing 5 matched natural quartz crystals wrapped in golden-ratio copper coils plus a host of minerals and more, this is a healer/energizer of un-matched power and beauty. Usually programmed for specific ailments or disease conditions at time of construction if desired (e.g. hepatitis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, arthritis, epilepsy, ADHD, etc.).  These are also a great ornament and conversation piece for any home, providing constant, soothing energy which benefits a wide radius – hundreds of meters or more.  Utility models of this type of device are capable of taming the DOR (Deadly ORgone) from a nuke plant when buried in the near vicinity! These are very powerful for clearing the immediate environment of negative or damaging energy and giving off an abundance of free, beneficial orgone energy plus exceptional EMR protection!  Dimensions: Base = 20cm square, height = 10cm, weight = 800gm+     Price:  CDN$150.00 Plus S&H   Made to order only at this time for specific ailment or condition(s) Please feel free to inquire.

The Meter BusterTM

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The Orgonite Tetrahedron (TETTM )

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The ORGG TM  (ORgonite eGG)

The ORGG TM  (ORgonite eGG) These are very attractive, tactile and energetic healing and EMR protection devices, extremely popular for Reiki/touch & massage healing, acupressure tools and a great local pain reliever for sprains, bruises, arthritis, headache, toothache, back pain etc., anything that hurts or needs healing. Quite sensational to hold – they replenish energy for the body’s vital functions and promote healing. Extremely powerful for their size, one half of the unit acts as a generator and the other half as an amplifier/multiplier – only achievable with a complex triple casting technique.  Dimensions:  Length = 6cm,  Width = 4.25cm, Weight = 125gm.  Colors vary, each handmade unit is unique & polished to a brilliant shine!.  Price = CDN$75.00 plus S&H

The Majik Bullet TM (MB)

Similar to the ORGG TM in performance and use, the shape of these units is ideal for Reiki/touch etc., and is very effective in this role as well as for quelling EMR within a considerable radius.  They are nice just to have around. Many owners of these or some of the other Orgone devices have them for no other reason than “they feel good”. Good enough reason! An energetic protection and healing device. Dimensions: Height = 6.5 cm,  Width = 4.25cm, Weight = Colors do vary – each is unique and hand-made. Price = CDN$45.00 or 2 for $85.00 plus S&H

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Tower Busters (TB’s – original)

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The Field Pulser

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The overall design criteria were developed by Jon Logan – from the original Power Wand developed by Don Croft of Chembuster fame. These can be used as a Clarke-type zapper with external electrodes as well as scalar wave output at built-in frequencies or from external frequency sources (e.g., Rife or other frequency generator for your computer). The internal components include a large double terminated quartz crystal, a heavy guage single knot copper mobius coil (for the scalar output) enhanced ingredients for increased relative output either when powered or un-powered, a parabolic reflector to focus and direct the energy from the “barrel”. The circuitry is designed for constant use and guaranteed for 1 year.  Made to order only,  50% deposit required upon establishing design requirements with proposed owner. Lead time for delivery: up to 90 days from order date.
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Necklace/Pendant PORDs TM
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Wholesale inquiries are welcomed. Custom building available. Many other task-specific devices are on hand for water-gifting etc., or made to order, suitable price breaks for bulk buys.  PayPal or EFT preferred, certified cheques & Postal Money Orders accepted in Canadian funds. SolidTrustPay also available.

Please Note: Prices subject to change without notice due to volatility of raw material costs.