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Open Letter to Tom Spears, Science Reporter for the Ottawa Citizen Re: Chemtrails by Arthur Topham


Open Letter to Tom Spears, Science Reporter for the Ottawa Citizen Re: Chemtrails


Arthur Topham

Dear Tom,
“When people mistrust modern science it can lead them to embrace extreme world views: a hollow Earth, mind-control drugs sprayed from airplanes, poisonous vaccines, and more.Here are six wild theories that persist, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.”~ Tom Spears, Science Reporter for the Ottawa Citizen

The old saying that bad press is sometimes better than no press at all may have, as in the case of your recent article “6 wild anti-science theories“, proven itself to be axiomatic after all.

In that sense therefor I ought to thank you for the inclusion of “wild” theory Number 3: Chemtrails in your rather fatuous and simplistic attempt to dismiss one of the more imminent and far-reaching environmental issues of the day. I shall quote this portion of your story so that readers will have a reference point for my subsequent comments:

“3. Chemtrails


Chemtrails over downtown area of Quesnel, B.C.

Some believe that condensation trails behind aircraft are chemicals spread by the government.

The theory: The white streaks behind high-flying aircraft are not contrails (condensation trails caused when hot exhaust hits cold air) but chemical trails. The government and the U.S. air force are spraying mind-control drugs or poison on us. Or they are “geoengineering” — trying to change Earth’s climate.

Where it came from: No specific origin is known, but spraying of chemical weapons and defoliants (such as Agent Orange) may play a role.

For example, a website called British Columbia Chemtrail Alert lists these ingredients: “Aluminum oxide particles, barium salts, barium titanates, ethylene dibromide, cadmium, methyl aluminum, desiccated human red blood cells, nano-aluminum-coated fiberglass, sub-micron particles (containing live biological matter), polymer fibers, unidentified bacteria, enterobacteria cloacal (sic), enterobacteriaceae, mycoplasma, human white blood cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA), mould spores, bacilli and moulds, yellow fungal mycotoxins, lead, mercury, nitrogen trifluoride, nickel, calcium, uranium” and more.

Variation: Fluoride in water is a mind-control drug as well.

The fallout: Chemtrail theory is widely held. It attracts callers to late-night radio shows and has a vast array of websites. Yet many scientists have never heard of it.”

As the science reporter for the Ottawa Citizen and, presumably, a journalist to boot, I found your article “6 wild anti-science theories” to be, in a general sense, pretty “wild” and “anti-scientific” in itself especially when it came down to providing any credible, corroborating evidence to back up your rather puerile attempt at belittling the growing body of scientific evidence that currently exists proving the reality of this relatively new phenomenon. Having spend a number of years in the teaching profession I could easily say that it read more like something one might expect from say a Grade 7 or 8 high school student frantically trying to get their homework done late Sunday evening.  In fact, after reading it through, I’m surprised you didn’t attempt to scale up the numbers so you could toss in the flat earth theorists and maybe even those who still believe, with unwavering certainty, that the moon is actually made out of cheese.

Nonetheless, the fact that you made mention of my website British Columbia Chemtrail Alert in conjunction with this poorly constructed piece of msm propaganda is what prompted me to reply in this manner.

Now I know from my own experience as a writer and publisher in the alternative news media for the past seventeen years that one does have to come up with some sort of copy for those dastardly deadlines but given the calibre of your piece here it appears you gave it about as much research time as you possibly do some of your other stories relating to automobile accidents and other such sundry and mundane items.

Given your background in the sciences I would expect that given your own rigorous training you would have done some proper research before putting out to the public the type of blatant misinformation and not-too-subtle calumny that you did in your article with respect to the topic of the spraying of chemical aerosols in Canadian skies as well as the skies above many other nations around the world.

What you call “theory”, fortunately, has been proven again and again to be fact yet rather than explore the growing volume of data to substantiate the claims all you can do to counter the evidence is to repeat the old, worn-out response that chemtrails are merely “condensation” coming from jet planes which millions of people somehow have been bamboozled into believing are something else much more sinister.

Judging from your photo Tom you were likely still acquiring your science degree when the spraying programs began in earnest around the middle of the 1990’s and chances are you were spending most of your time in the university library cramming for exams or too busy writing essays to have had the time to look up at the sky and begin to take note that those “condensation trails” were beginning to become more and more prevalent in the skies and, oddly enough, were beginning to develop a life of their own and linger a whole lot longer in the atmosphere that they once did. That may explain your failure to enlighten your readership as to where this “wild anti-scientific” theory first originated. Still, given the basic research skills that most scientists master at a very early age I would have expected you to do a little googling to search out the source of this “theory” which, in all likelihood would have led you to a story on Chemtrails that first appeared in the October-November 2001 edition of Nexus Magazine, an Australian publication and, coincidentally was one penned by Canadian and BC researcher and author William Thomas.

In my own case I’ve resided in a rural area of BC’s interior for the past forty-five years and where I live I have a panoramic view of the skyline and being an outdoors type of fellow I’ve spent a good amount of those years working and playing outside and, quite naturally, observing the sky above my head. The changes that I’ve witnessed for at least the past fifteen years can hardly be misconstrued or discounted as simply “condensation trails” for the number of regular commercial flights over the Cariboo skies in the central region of the province has not increased substantially during the same period and cannot therefore account for the dramatic and clearly visible volume of additional artificially-induced cloud cover that mysteriously materializes in the atmosphere after those “condensation trails” somehow refuse to dissipate in minutes as they always did but now regularly persist and slowly transform themselves, after hours of unfolding, into clouds-like simulations that never disappear until the prevailing winds flush them out of one’s viewscape.

Your “theory” goes so far as to even suggest that the science of Geoengineering itself is somehow just a theory rather than established fact. Again, a rather astounding observation on your part considering the amount of information on the web these days relating to the topic.

But what’s even more remarkable, coming from someone who in theory is a scientist, were your pithy comments stating that there’s “no specific origin” to the history of the chemtrail debate other than people attempting to link it up to the U.S. government’s spraying of the Vietnamese people with the chemical defoliant Agent Orange during the Viet Nam war. Again, being the age you are you likely never investigated that particular spraying program to any great degree. If you had then it wouldn’t come as such a surprise or sound so “wild” that the same mindset responsible for raining down chemical death upon millions of innocent men, women and children during the Viet Nam war might now be doing the same thing today albeit more for other reasons than just the deliberate murder of citizens which is, in my mind, more a collateral issue now.

Were you truly a scientist in the traditional sense of the word you would have investigated your subject matter much more thoroughly than you obviously did and having done so you would have found that the U.S. Defense Dept. basically began the whole business of weather modification back in 1945 with the first explosion of their atomic bombs and subsequent experimentation throughout the 1950’s saw a series of weather disasters happening as early as 1960.

By 1961 scientists were already then proposing artificial ion cloud experiments and throughout the 1960’s chemicals like barium powder were being dumped from satellites and rockets into the Ionosphere.

In 1966 Gordon J.F. MacDonald published military ideas on environmental engineering and by 1972 the first reports were coming out on “ionospheric heater” experiments with high-frequency radio waves in Norway.

By 1974 the United Nations General Assembly had banned environmental warfare and in 1975 the Pell Senate Subcommittee urged that weather and climate modification work be overseen by civilian agencies answerable to the U.S. Congress. Not surprising, it didn’t happen and just like today, forty years later, we’re still seeing their secretive programmes manifesting right before our eyes and over our heads and still being hidden from the general public by the controlled corporate media via ridiculous disinformation articles such as yours.

Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s greater and greater emphasis was placed on weather modification by the U.S. military and out of the many initiatives was born HAARP, the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project that now exists in Alaska and is undoubtedly the most massive undertaking of its kind on the planet.

And, were you truly a scientific researcher Tom, you would also have come to understand that the spraying of these toxic chemical aerosols in our atmosphere play a vital role in the overall use of HAARP to accomplish artificially induced weather modifications throughout the world.

HAARP bk cover 600 copy

None of this is theory. It’s only theory for people like yourself who are either too busy or too intellectually challenged or lazy to take off your preconceived blinders and delve deeply enough into the subject matter to get a grip on what’s actually going on; not only in our skies but in the deeper and darker recesses of those military think tanks and hidden boardrooms where minds are at work hell-bent on preserving the present unsustainable economic and political order at all costs to both the planet and its myriad lifeforms.

Finally. In what you term “The fallout” you simplistically espouse the “theory” (actually the lie) that the ongoing spraying programs only attract callers to late-night radio shows yet contradict your own words in the same sentence by adding that the phenomenon has a “vast array of websites” dealing with the subject. And then, to top off your simplistic assessment with further misinformation, you state, “Yet many scientists have never heard of it.” I, suppose Tom that if these “many” are as misinformed and wilfully blind as you are then that possibility may exist. But where’s your evidence Tom? Where are the polls and surveys that indicate “many” scientists haven’t heard about chemtrails? It’s my guess that you’re merely attempting to blow “contrails” in the ears of your readers rather than the proverbial smoke.

Contrary to what you may believe Tom all those millions of Internet users today aren’t as confused as you might like to think when it comes to recognizing the reality of the government’s clandestine, covert efforts at manipulating and despoiling the collective atmosphere of humanity for military and/or corporate reasons. Cameras don’t lie and the volume of photographic evidence alone that now exists supporting the allegation of spraying is beyond any reasonable doubt and, in itself, unquestionably demands a full, public, independent inquiry by the Canadian government. Nothing short of such an initiative will ever satisfy those who know what’s really taking place in the skies overhead.

If articles such as this are reflective of the Ottawa Citizen‘s position on science then it’s hardly surprising that your mainstream media is quickly losing whatever semblance of credibility it may have once had and is being replaced by the alternative, independent media where common sense dictates what constitutes “theory” and what constitutes “practise”.

In fact Tom, what you are peddling in your article is pure propaganda designed to mask the reality of what’s happening today in Canada’s skies so that your paymasters can continue to burn their fossil fuels and hold the planet hostage to the machinations of the current New World Order that is already here and working overtime to keep its nefarious agenda hidden from the general public.


Arthur Topham
BC Chemtrail Alert
Readers interested in contacting Tom Spears and commenting on his article can reach him at the following email address:

18 responses

  1. I’m glad you took the time and effort , but, I am sitting here watching the tanker planes flying. Once again, as usual, it started off to be a nice day. Once again, the planes aimed for the clear blue areas in the sky. Once again, I want to strangle someone. The forecast was for sunshine and 11 degrees. That was before chemtrails. Now…. after chemtrails… a 5 degree drop in temperature and the usual milky, cover. I was ready to go fishing, but now I just made the liquor store a little richer.

    February 24, 2015 at 6:44 pm


    Excellent Arthur.

    February 24, 2015 at 8:11 pm

  3. Alex Hunter

    Excellent response to a very obvious government minion’s propaganda piece. I Would like to add to the history of development, funding, application and evidence of the rather obvious yet somehow “covert” aerial aerosol – electromagnetic – weather, tectonic and technetronic warfare being waged against humanity, Mother Earth, Her Creatures and Ecosystems the following homework for our fledgling ‘Science’ reporter who seems to be attempting to keep people listening to the lies pumped out by the Zionist controlled media rather than looking at the blatant evidence of the greatest crime, scam and atrocity in the history of the world overhead.:

    Nikola Tesla HG Wells Edward Teller Denis Kucinich’s HR2977 Oct 2 2001 And Alan Watt’s most recent broadcast on the subject here:

    There is an abundance of evidence in the form of photographs, literature, statements, videos, radio shows and symptoms listed on my facebook timeline. Thank you for all of the effort you have put into bringing us the truth at such great effort and expense Arthur. You are a real man. Sincerely, Alex Hunter

    February 24, 2015 at 10:35 pm

  4. George Chisholm

    Thank-you Arthur, for exposing the lies surrounding this covert, but, actually, overt crime against hunanity, which is probably the largest and most evil, and malevolent of all the crimes against humanity, next to the atomic bomb. The only difference is this diabolical weapon effects a ‘slow kill’, but a kill none the less, and on an even larger scale since the area affected is much greater than that of the atomic bomb. I can think of no more deserving persons to constitute the ‘guests’ at the FEMA camps than those pschopaths behind this nefarious weapon gainst the general public, known to these criminals as the ‘useless eaters’. So, the task now at hand is to make sure the camps are peopled by ‘them’, and not ‘us’. That is the priority now, before we allow them to pass this crazed planetary policy as a yoke upon the shoulders of our children. To the barricades!

    February 25, 2015 at 7:14 am

  5. kELLY

    I AGREE!!!

    February 26, 2015 at 6:58 pm

  6. Reblogged this on Lissa's Humane Life.

    February 28, 2015 at 5:21 am

  7. Kristina Maria

    When I resided in Alberta, I was being harassed pretty severely by a gang of farmers after asking one of them to slow down on the road in front of my house. Personal and property attacks soon turned into aerial assaults, airplanes flying low, spraying manure, they placed gps trackers on our vehicles and followed me all over alberta (and recently Prince George) releasing silver chemical mixture into the air to seemingly block out the sun and make it rain. One day they saw me sun tanning outside and I haven’t seen the sun ever since.
    Terry Krauss is the project manager of Alberta Hail Suppression project. He is employed by private insurance companies in Alberta( see Alberta Severe Weather Management Society) to reduce claims after hail storms.
    His pilots from eastern alberta are the ones I have identified. My contact with him has been vague and unsatisfactory to resolution..he claims they are merely “cloud seeding” which aims to reduce hail damage by adding moisture with a silver chemical component release.
    Imagine!!! A private business clouding over otherwise sunny days to make money. What a huge menace to the public. Leave it to Alberta to lead the way in corrupt and unethical business practices.
    However, I observe this practice over a lot of North America thru travel.
    I have observed years of this practice directly around me on an almost continously basis because of the “gang of farmer/pilots” gracing me with their presence on a daily basis.
    It causes unnecessary lightning (and not always moisture) which causes fires, high winds that contribute to desertification and unusually high moisture in some areas with other areas in total drought. The sun is essential to ALL life to live, collective wellness must be considered, quality of life is collateral damage here.
    Its well known that big agriculture is threatened by climate changes and desperate to protect the unbalanced system they have created with industrial agriculture practices to begin with.
    I can ASSURE that the people and companies implementing these practices are of the absolute lowest possible virtue.
    Sick people doing sick things.

    August 5, 2015 at 7:25 pm

  8. Meg

    In my hometown the contrails/chemtrails are pink! The mountain behind our house is lit up with red fire lights at one in the morning there was banging like metal hitting the concrete! The birds right now are freaking out!

    September 25, 2015 at 8:44 pm

  9. Where are you living Meg? Is it in B.C. or elsewhere?

    September 25, 2015 at 9:06 pm

  10. Jim

    Well said I live in Edmonton, Alberta and this spraying has got to stop. I emailed government and they call me a conspiracy theorist! lol I guess they’re too stupid to look up. Thanks for your post. Do you have a ytube channel? Again thank you Sir. Peace.

    November 30, 2015 at 5:38 pm

  11. Hi Jim. Thanks for your comments. It’s my belief that these government bureaucrats know what’s going on. They’re just too scared to say or do anything for fear of losing their jobs.

    No, I don’t have a YouTube channel that deals with chemtrails. Maybe someday.

    November 30, 2015 at 5:52 pm

  12. Desiree

    I feel the same as you do. I don’t even like to go outside anymore. It just ruins my day, everyday, to see this horrendous crime taking place right above my head.

    August 18, 2016 at 8:22 pm

  13. Desiree

    Thanks for this letter. It is right on! Now if we can just get this to stop!!!!!!

    August 18, 2016 at 8:24 pm

  14. Nicky Pemberton

    Arthur, this was an excellent piece. Thank you for writing it. It’s unbelievable to me how little attention is paid to this horrendous operation ongoing in our skies and how few people are concerned about it. We need many more websites such as this. And an action plan. I hear there is a class action lawsuit underway here in Canada. Hopefully, something will come of it. How are you doing? What happened at your court case? This hate crime bs is totally out of hand in Canada. What next?

    May 18, 2017 at 6:24 am

  15. Nigel

    First of all I just want to say Bravo for the job you’ve done with this website. I don’t have enough time to go through your entire site, but there are so many of the sheeple even here on Vancouver Island who roll their eyes when you mention chemtrails, its nice to find someone who also is ‘awake’. I have seen that you’ve commented on most of what ‘they’ are doing to us; whether it be toxins in our GMO food, in our water, in the air, with low level Radio Frequency Radiation, etc., and there is more – namely the why they are doing it to us and it isn’t about the almighty $ as some think. But this wouldn’t be the place to comment on it. What I do want to say is that I didn’t see any mention of the fact that they have ADMITTED to geo-engineering. Dr. David Keith (funded by Bill Gates) acknowledged (accidentally I believe) that they are spraying and are aware of the consequences of the sulphuric acid (killing approx. 10k people per year), and acknowledged that aluminum oxide was also being sprayed but that their “experts” at Carnegie University had not yet figured out what the Human Health Impact was. I believe it was a seminar that was filmed and posted on uTube. Mr. Keith and friends I believe have back-tracked now and claim that they are only “discussing” doing geo-engineering where before they admitted that it was occurring but was necessary as the costs to not doing it outweighed the costs to doing it. I usually use that in my arguments with those that doubt the validity of chemtrails. I tell them its not my opinion, they ADMIT it.

    Anyhow, thank you so much for your website. I will be back to more thoroughly view your content and hope to use it when sharing information with others.

    May 29, 2017 at 9:53 pm

  16. Silver skies

    I have been noticing these unnatural clouds since 2006. At first I bought into the theory that they were Chem trails (a theory that I think was planted in the minds of anyone aware enough to notice that the contrails from airplanes were no longer disappearing right behind the airplane like they used to, but were instead expanding and turning into big wispy clouds creating a hazy silver sky). I think it is weather modification done by companies such as who seed the sky with silver iodide to harvest precipitation. I think the Chem trail theory was planted so that anyone who noticed the strange skies and questioned it would be labeled a “nut job conspiracy theorist” by people who “believe” in the media. They seed the skies wth silver iodide with attaches itself to any condensation (contrails from commercial planes) and expands it. Studies testing the effects of silver iodide continuously get shelved. BC hydro and Ministry of Lands Forests and Natural Resources are customers of Weather Modification Inc. WMI is not the only corp. who manages the weather…there are several of these transnational corporations. It is not a good thing and no one is doing anything because if one dares to mention the activity above , the media has already programmed the general public to consider that person to be a nut job.

    July 9, 2017 at 12:24 am

  17. John

    Great site. Thanks for the info. Can we post pictures? They are really bad in Vancouver today.

    November 27, 2017 at 10:10 pm

  18. Webmin

    Thanks John. Sure you can post pictures but you have to send them to me via email. The site only allows admin to post photos and articles. Send them to me at and I’ll post them and any commentary you want to add. Thanks.


    November 28, 2017 at 6:06 am

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