Monitoring & tracking the criminal toxic chemical spraying of Beautiful British Columbia's land and people

Long overdue update from BCCA Moderator

BCCA Moderator

Dear BCCA readers,

It’s been so long since I last posted on the site that I’m actually embarrassed by the fact although there are serious and justifiable reasons for the long absence.

The world, as we all know, is under constant duress that comes from numerous sources and manifests itself in so many ways that it makes one’s head spin trying to fathom it all. Chemtrails are one major facet of the assault upon humanity as a whole and the planet’s ecosystems but there are also many other forms that the darkness uses to wreak havoc, despair and destruction.

Unfortunately in my line of work (I run other websites and news sites) those that don’t wish to have the truth revealed, be it the nature of chemtrails or any of the other politically-motivated disasters that are happening around the globe at the moment, have decided to attack the messenger and thus I have been embroiled in legal suits for a number of years now all of which have had a detrimental effect upon my ability to maintain sites like this one.

I am currently facing criminal charges here in B.C. brought on by the Zionist lobby in Canada and my case has been ongoing since May of 2012 when I was arrested and charged with a “hate crime” for criticisms of the state of Israel and the Zionist forces. Since that time most of my time has been spent defending myself against these spurious charges. The case will most likely go to trial in B.C. supreme court in 2015 and then I’ll know one way or another what my fate will be. In the meantime my ability to focus on this issue will continue to be hampered.

I would ask that if any dedicated readers wish to assist in carrying on with the site that they contact me about possibly co-editing it and taking over the task of posting recent articles.

I can be reached at

Thanks for your understanding and once again I apologize for the sorry state of the site over the past while.

Arthur Topham

Moderator – BCCA


One response

  1. Ed

    Arthur you are one Brave dude . You have lite the torch . Just remember many will follow

    October 15, 2014 at 2:04 am

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