Monitoring & tracking the criminal toxic chemical spraying of Beautiful British Columbia's land and people

Chemtrails and Monsanto: Controlling & Culling the “Useless Eaters”

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By Arthur Topham

BCCA Moderator

My wife and I are both concerned about the source of our food and whether or not it’s been adulterated or sprayed or if it contains genetically modified organisms such as the frankenfoods that Monsanto is attempting to introduce throughout Canada and the USA and other non-European countries.

This evening while she was canning up some apples that we’d picked locally from a friend’s trees we were discussing the issue of ingredients such as aluminum that have been identified in the chemtrail sprays that are ever present in our skies on a daily basis now. Given that Monsanto has already patented particular GMO crops that are able to grow in soils containing high levels of aluminum it appears plainly obvious that the intent of these spraying programs is to eventually destroy our natural, God-given biological soil medium so that normal, organic plants won’t be able to survive and only the GMO varieties will.

The outcome of course will be absolute control of the food supplies for untold millions of people and from then on the negative effects of these frankensteinish ingredients will work their nefarious way into the living cells of all their victims and the ensuing sickness and disease that will follow will be an added bonus to these same criminals who are now responsible for poisoning the air, water and soil because, they just happen to also control the medical industry and the drug industry as well and we all know that sickness is an industry that makes megabucks for those who control the pharmaceutical end of it.

It’s all rather sordid and incredibly irresponsible on the part of these transnational corporations and those who are aware of what they’re up too had better start making a stink about it if they want to avoid what’s coming down the track. Another generation or two and we’ll all be looking like those Mutant Ninja Turtles that our kids used to play with!

2 responses

  1. Cassandra

    Yes, I am afraid to say but I have been thinking the exact same thing. From someone who has spent her entire life cultivating and enjoying the rewards of all things natural from the earth, this is an absolutely horrifying end. And to make it even worse, whether it is because of mind control or what, people just aren’t waking up like they should. Corporate news media will discuss trivialities and non-essential news ad nauseum, all the while the planes are spraying down on their heads. This truly is an unbearable nightmare

    I have contacted all my representatives – to no avail, all the proper authorities and agencies, news stations, etc–all to NO avail. Have even tried calling environmental law attorneys in LA and never receive a call back. I attend the demonstrations, pass out flyers, tell everyone I know–and still to no avail. Most people just look at you like you’re a kook. Sadly, they are going to sink our ship and we will all have to go down with it. This is exactly what the PTB want. It is quite obvious by now that our politicians are ONLY in it for personal gain and power. If this doesn’t prove it I don’t know what does.

    February 1, 2014 at 1:26 am

  2. Slowly but Surely we and everything else, are being poisoned.

    Soft Kill, so it’s called.

    A very unfortunate situation for everyone including the people that are doing this.

    January 19, 2015 at 6:20 pm

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