Monitoring & tracking the criminal toxic chemical spraying of Beautiful British Columbia's land and people

Chemtrails and Miner’s Tales

Being the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 and a Sunday to boot my wife and I and our placer mining business partners decided to go up to some of our claims and do a bit of panning. Mr. D had just bought a new sluice box (known also as a “Highbanker”) and was wanting to check it out so it seemed like the perfect day for a little adventure up into the gold creeks of the Cariboo.

We drove out to the claim which was about 60+ km from any type of urban center. Nothing in that region but mountains, rivers, swamps, meadows, old clear cut forests, rocks and gold. Hardly the spot where one would imagine the chemtrails appearing.

The creek is still pretty rich in gold considering that the the placer miners have been scouring the hills now for around 150 years and one would think that they’d have panned every flake and nugget by now.

It was a beautiful, clear, warm sunny blue sky day when we left around 10 a.m. Perfect fall weather for doing anything outdoors and the bugs by now were pretty well gone after some heavy frosty nights over the past while.

Mr. D set up his sluice box and we shoveled some gravel into it for a while before doing a quick clean up. Mr. B who has held the ground for a number of years now assured us that we’d definitely find some colour (gold). As one can see from the photo below he was right on the money.

It wasn’t too long after this that my wife happened to look up. The spot where we were panning and sluicing was in a narrow valley and the hillsides on either side were fairly steep so one had to look up almost directly to view the sky. Murphy’s Law being what it is she immediately announced, “Well now isn’t that a lovely chemtrail.”

Around this time we were just getting ready to pack up and head back home so within 15 minutes or so we were back at our vehicles and on the gravel road heading for Cottonwood on the Barkerville Highway. As we came out on the main gravel road the landscape opened up and we got some more panoramic views. The rest of the photos illustrate the mess that had built up in the sky from the time we had driven up to the claim.

As we followed the chemtrails home (they were, as normal, running in a north south direction in our region) my wife said, “You know I’ll bet the chemtrails are what’s causing all the leaves on the poplar trees in the region to have the sick, diseased and pale look that they’ve taken on over the past couple of years.” It’s so widespread and there’s not a single poplar tree that isn’t affected. I had to agree with her that the possibility of spraying being the cause of it was highly likely.

One thing for sure though these sob’s don’t stop whether it’s the Sabbath or the 10th Anniversary of their other attack upon freedom and life. They’re relentless and deadly. Something has to be done to stop their madness.





3 responses

  1. Arthur, your wife is bang on in her assessment.

    If this crap kills off garden plants and small bushes etc in the cities, it would have a similar effect on the bigger wilder greens, don’t you think?

    Case in point, my sister in law has kept an absolutely magnificent garden for years. She is a very highly educated erudite woman and did it perfectly as she does everything in her life. And oh, the veggies! To dream of ~ in this climate, all year round there was something delicious.

    Well, this year, the garden sucks. A bit can be blamed on our weather, but then, a lot of that weather is from, IMHO, manipulation in our skies around the continent. Certainly not a day goes by without spraying. I wake up to it (my br window faces nothing but sky) and I see it settle in during the days, reducing our sunshine to that silver sick glow.

    I suggested she have the soil tested for aluminum to see if that might be part of her problem. And this educated woman snapped my head off with, “So what? Why? What on earth does it matter if there is aluminum? How would it get there!And what could I do about it anyway?” At that, the topic was shut, completely. She did not want to discuss it and left me hanging as she walked out of the room.

    And does it not mention in What On Earth Are They Spraying, the effects of spraying around Mount Shasta and the gardens of the locals?

    This is a war on all forms of life, and to hell with the consequences on the wild world that is being cause of SO MUCH concern in the environmental movements that ignore this problem. Loss of habitat effects the flora and fauna they are in business to save but no one makes a peep. Perhaps it might effect their funding.

    But yeah, she is right. Sad but true.

    September 12, 2011 at 5:52 pm

  2. James Ritchie

    My name and email address are not real and I am sending this post via a non-traceable computer for reasons which will become obvious. I am one of the few humans who is completely aware of why these aircraft are poisoning our planetary race. In 2005 I applied for a job, the place and company I am not able to specify for again, obvious reasons. Right now I continue to be employed here because to leave would mean the end of my life. A few days prior to me showing up for my first day of work I found myself mysteriously transported to an alien spacecraft. I lost control of my body, becoming completely numb. In a large room with many other people on tables I found myself able to communicate through some kind of telepathy. Next to me was a gentleman who said through this telepathy that he was running for a government position in France. Milling about the room were several dozen beings obviously from another dimension or planet. They told us to relax and that we would not be harmed. They then injected some kind of liquid into each human. One of the aliens for some reason was sympathetic to our cause. He (I will refer to the alien as he. No sex was evident) told me that someone must warn the human race that we are being taken over by a planet from a dimension close to ours. He said he was not going to give me the injection and I would have to return to earth as if the injection had taken place. In other words I would have to act like a human but perform my duties as an alien invader. I know for a fact that all people in government of all levels are actually aliens. Their sole purpose is to wipe out the human species so they can clean up Earth and inhabit it as their own. This is the reason for the chemtrails which are slowly poisoning the planet. Humans with the intelligence to see the truth involved here are in grave danger. My advice to anyone actively involved in attempting to expose this plot is never to be alone. The aliens can only abduct a solitary human. The actual process of occupying their being takes a very short time.

    September 13, 2011 at 10:22 am


    Hello, They have tracked your Vibration of energy around your biomagnetic field , as you found the gold , these ” control ” oriented confused beings who do not know the exctasy and harmony in consciously knowing we are all one and connected , have themselves fueled on a false sort of generation that comes from an error in universal codings , where they take in energy based off of suffering instead of the correct codings, love . They found and read your vibration and immidiately dispatched planes to shoot up your area , but this is all they can do. These beings are very weak because they do not understand the unity of the universe , and feed off false methods that do not give them much power at all , but it is all they know. We are the Alians, the connected ones, we are consciousness here to tell you you are safe. Be aware of these chemtrails and expose them all without hesitation. Do not stay under them but know you have an immunity and great resistance to anything, which depends on you . These chemicals are very strong, mind altering , dulling and belittling , and are different in each town. In bc in the small towns they are doing experiments, while leaving the big cities with less powerfull chemtrails. No chmtrails are as powerfull as you , but some can litterally leave you hallucinigating in nightmares , and you woudlnt even know it. The reptilians, these confused leach – like consciousness I am talking about which is doing this , Is thinking it needs the control of the planet , to satisfy itself in its energy . Not knowing that we all share the same energy in vibration so to make yourself better you ahve to make everyone else better , as the universe as one as the light all the same , as the pattern of energy all the same, we all help eachother. We are all one consciousness. This is true power. Love for oneself . This is the universe we are the light

    December 19, 2016 at 2:28 am

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