Monitoring & tracking the criminal toxic chemical spraying of Beautiful British Columbia's land and people

Chemtrails Over Duncan, B.C.

Again, big thanks to Linda Tomlin for sending BCCA some graphic shots of chemtrail activity over the Duncan region of southern Vancouver Island.

Like many people Linda rightfully expected a serious and truthful response from her MLA as well as from famed “green” man himself Mr. David Suzuki. Alas, she had the same smoke blown in her ear as everyone else who tries to get some straight answers from politicians and so-called “environmentalists” who, for whatever reasons, cannot seem to wrap their intellects around the concept of chemtrail spraying.

Just how many photos and articles and testimonials does it take? Apparently hundreds of thousand or millions because even on the few chemtrail sites that I frequent on Facebook the volume of data that comes in on a daily basis is overwhelming. It’s as if Suzuki and Crowder are living in a separate reality from the many clear-eyed observers around the world who don’t appear to have any problem in distinguishing between a “contrail” and a chemtrail.

Does David actually think that maybe it’s just the pilots playing x’s and 0’s in the sky for the benefit of viewers below?



Linda writes:

I’m new to your site but have been monitoring the chemtrails over Duncan since June. We’ve been “hit” almost everyday and I am attaching some photos I took. I’ve contacted our MLA, Jean Crowder, and “the” David Suzuki Foundation over this and, not surprisingly, got “it’s just contrails” from Crowder, and “we have no official position on chemtrails” from the Foundation. And I thought David Suzuki might have an interest being the firm environmentalist he claims to be.
Keep up the good work!


2 responses

  1. Lisa Modika

    So true, but we must push on with our fight for our right to Breath….We the People Of The Entire World Did Not Consent To This Destruction Of Our Planet With The Toxic Death Dumps As Ted Gunderson Put It, R.I.P……

    August 19, 2011 at 8:29 am

  2. Larry

    Our “right to breathe” ? No, that disappeared with CARBON (whatever-happened-to-DIOXIDE) tax. the tax on the air we breathe out . . . because the globalists were able to convince millions of fools that Global Warming or Climate Change, was a REAL crisis rather than the contrived ponzi scheme that it is. THE CHEMTRAILERS THEMSELVES CREATED GLOBAL WARMING.

    The real climate changers are these GEOENGINEERS. After all, what is engineering the weather if not CLIMATE CHANGE.

    July 2, 2012 at 7:14 pm

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