Monitoring & tracking the criminal toxic chemical spraying of Beautiful British Columbia's land and people

Comments on Chemtrail spraying over Barriere by Alex Hunter aka jokertattooo & captainchemtrail

Black Chemtrails Over Victoria, B.C.


We were up in Barriere BC last summer and saw them spraying the entire month we were there. We have/had similar symptoms and the same results when I contacted BC ‘news’ agencies/’authorities’.

Before we left Victoria for the interior last June the aerosol assault on the civilian population here in Victoria, BC, Canada had just increased dramatically. I filmed, photographed and published it as I had been ritually for the last couple of years.

After shooting the series “Black Chemtrails; What they Spray on us While We’re Sleeping” we had gone up there looking for fresh air, water and agricultural opportunity and to do a documentary on ‘Geo Engineering’ and its Effect on the Environment & Agriculture.

All the way up to the ranch in Barriere we saw chemtrails and planes spraying us.

As we went through Kamloops I filmed two jets as they flew right at and then past one another – extremely closely – right in front of the sun.

The first morning I was in Barriere I awoke at 5 am to film black, brown green and yellow aerosol banks floating down the North Thompson River beneath the tree line and filmed dozens of chemtrails per day.

Whenever we had to go to Kamloops we saw green, yellow and brown coloured aerosols coming from the smokestack there and black, grey and white crap coming from the US Military KC 135/KC 110 tankers and converted cargo/passenger aircraft. All the spray planes are painted blue/grey, have no ID #’s on the bottom and fly at heights and in patterns no commercial airliners would. As they’re flying erratic patterns/crooked flight paths, forming “X’s” in the sky, hammering us 6 jets at a time, sometimes flying in complete circles and always flying in and out of the US it is obvious they’re US Military planes.

In early August we left Barriere to go to the Okanagan and it was completely sunny and they had good air quality and weather while we were camping there. The powers that be seem to realise they’d never get away with spraying the Okanagan at peak tourist season because everybody would quickly become outraged and begin talking amongst themselves and very soon none of our mind controlled military minions would be welcome (or safe) at the Sunday dinner table… and therein lie our only hope. These military personnel have been desensitised, brainwashed and either compartmentalised or lied to and we need to do whatever we can to remedy that very quickly.

As we got back home to Victoria we saw the familiar mess in the sky, but there was something else. There was ‘man’ made aerosol coming from land and sea as well and the temperature would drop as much as 10 degrees suddenly whenever these strange aerosols appeared, bringing my health and hopes with them.

By the time school was about to begin in September the aerosol spraying program had increased another hundred percent. Since that time we have had barely a sunny day in a location which used to have them most of the time. The ;geo engineered’/’man’made skies look like Hell.

We experience the following health symptoms:

– sore to extremely sore throat
– lung pain/various respiratory problems
– various “24 month flu” and H1N1 ‘flu’ symptoms,
– allergies
– slimy, itchy skin
– lethargy/malaise
– body aches/pain,
– earaches,
– gluey/stinging/itchy eyes, failing eyesight and twitching eyelids
– diminished digestive/gasto – intestinal function
– acid reflux
– spasm, twitching and cramping muscles
– strange neurological symptoms
– extremely high frequencies/whistling in the ears
– fluctuating memory/intellectual capacity deficits

Some of the symptoms are caused by chemical weaponry, psychotropics and psychotronic frequency as opposed to those caused by the biological, nano bio polymer and advanced biological and genetic weaponry they spray us regularly.

The symptoms vary depending on the scale and type of the aerosol assaults and the time and type of exposure (ie filming atop a mountain, hiking, biking etc (not recommended!). I have interviewed medical practitioners/staff in the hospitals, clinics and family practices as well as those working in the peripheral healthcare fields. Most of them have reported a surge in the symptoms listed above as well as cancers and other degenerative diseases.

The last spraying cycle here in Victoria began on the 9th of July, 2011 and the symptoms increased almost immediately.

A cycle consists of moderate to extremely heavy spraying leading up to the point where they can turn the desired amount of aerosolised metals, etc into plasma gas with the HAARP System. Once they power it up, the HAARP system forms one big, uniform (consistency/thickness) screen overtop of us – usually from horizon to horizon.

When they power it down the aerosols/metals separate back into white, brownish, black and grey ‘clouds’. They may use this aerosolised material for days, adding to it as it dribbles down on us or they move it away to another location, then begin the whole process again. They can move pieces of the HAARP screen around, park it where they want to and bring it back into position in no time at all – even against the wind.

Normally it is a mixture of aerosolised aluminum, strontium, barium, cadmium, lithium, (and much more) and whatever chemical, microbial and advanced biological and genetic weaponry they might add according to schedule. Oftentimes the cycles are seamless – in other words they’re spraying us so much you can’t see the break between one cycle and the next. Occasionally weponised components are swapped and added to the mix and our symptoms are monitored “real time” on their international, electronic health’care’ database/registry.

We’ve tried to document all of the symptoms and photograph, film and post as many of the aerosol spraying cycles here to YouTube & FedBook as possible over the past 26 months.

We manage the symptoms with the following anti chemtrail cocktail and protocol:

– Vitamin A (to strengthen resistance to airborne pathogens/weaponry by repairing/maintaining the mucosa – the barrier between your insides and the outside world),
– B12,
– D3 (due to lack of sunlight),
– echinacea,
– Zymactive* (aids digestion when taken with food and acts as an immunity booster/anti inflammatory when taken without food),
– Chlorella (and Super Greens in health shakes)
– infrared saunas with copious amounts of reverse osmosis filtered, alkaline balanced water to detoxify the body.
– Proper use of either nano silver or oil of oregano (switch back and forth) to kill off absorbed aerosolised bacteria, viruses, fungus, molds and parasites. If you want specifics feel free to contact me.
– Avoid these ‘man’made aerosols as much as possible and above all avoid raising respiration in it.

* It should be duly noted that too much of anything isn’t good for the body so it is essential to take breaks from many of the herbal remedies and vitamins.

* Also, this chemtrail cocktail/protocol has little effect on symptoms derived from exposure to nano – bio polymers and advanced biological and genetic weaponry; for that one would need access to advanced military medicine. As that information/medicine/science is being hoarded and kept from public/private medicine via the dark powers that be the prognosis is anything but good and will remain that way so long as the inbred, psychopathic creeps remain in power. By the way, they have many cures for cancer – they just don’t use them (on us).

Furthermore, as prevention is better than cure, we should do everything we can to get those planes out of the sky and the arrogant and pathological parasites behind the ‘geo engineering’ program (psycholinguistics for the Global Green Dictatorship; Agenda 21 –  the global domination and population reduction agenda) incarcerated in their own FEMA Camps.

These are the same power hungry psychopaths that brought you every significant act of war and False Flag Terror (from Air India 06/’85, WTC ’93, Oklahoma Federal Building 04/’95 to 9/11/’01,the Madrid Train Bombings 3/11/04 and the London Transit System Bombings 7/7/’05) and they’re now perpetrating the greatest atrocities against us (under the guise of ‘protecting’ us) using God and Uncle Sam as the Fall Guys. Were they to have their myriad of crimes against humanity quantified and to receive an appropriate sentence, those at the highest levels would have to reincarnate themselves 10’s of millions of times to complete their sentences.

They’re not only killing our immunity, respiratory systems, and causing us a myriad of physiological and psychological ailments, they’re using the (Chemtrail/HAARP) psychotropic, psychotronic, tectonic and weather weaponry to keep us apathetic while they poison our ecosystems, cause catastrophes, floods and droughts and kill off the global food supply.

This is only a portion of what the ‘elites’ are doing to cull us, albeit one of the most significant. They are currently hitting us from so many sides few could comprehend what they were doing if they had a decade to study it 90 hours a week. Unfortunately we’re out of time. Using their latest “exotic weaponry” (see Bill HR 2977 introduced into the 107th Congress Oct 2, 2001 by rep Denis Kuccinich) they’re targeting activists, dissidents, investigative journalists and whistle blowers with directed energy weapons (DEWs) to bring down their resistance to frequencies and microwaves and to destroy their immunity in an effort to silence us (my son and I have experienced this firsthand).

‘Canada’ and the ‘US’ have always been merely British Colonies at best. At this point it is safe to say our respective Charter and Constitutional Rights, sovereignty and democracy are merely a charade to make us think we all have a choice. In reality ours is a master slave society with decrepit Globalist front men/manager/messenger boys like Zbignew Brezinski, Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller telling the political puppets what the shadow government expects of them. The political puppets parrot the policies and agendas to the media muppets who in turn parrot these lies to us and pathetically, we gauge our ‘sanity’ on our ability to regurgitate these lies to one another. Britain is obviously controlled by the Globalists who have managed to infiltrate and dupe the G20 countries’ military personnel and thus they control their munitions as well. These ‘elites’ have underground cities, bases, tunnels, agricultural operations, bio and seed banks and the medicine, science, technology, need, greed and arrogance to try to pull this off. As we are onto them for their myriad of Human Rights violations, atrocities, War Crimes, False Flag Operations and acts of Aggression and Genocide it is us or them. Welcome to WWIII. This World War is against humanity/the civilian population of the Earth.

The first casualty of war is the truth. It is, in fact an aristocratic, political, ‘legal’, Satanic, Masonic and Talmudic technique to completely reverse the truth – to tell a lie so big the public cannot possibly believe it or afford to spend the time it would take to do the research necessary to disprove it. As slaves we are preoccupied with the tasks of basic survival, paying our (carbon) taxes and keeping up with the Joneses. Under the guise of ‘protecting’ us from ‘global warming’, the Global Green Dictatorship have concocted their greatest and most destructive lie to date. Through the complete control of the ‘news’, Hollywood, TV, radio, the music industry, magazines and communication (all information) they have many of you/your men & women in uniform believing that the world’s population needs to be dramatically thinned out so that some of ‘us’ can survive. Meanwhile they’ve created bogus “carbon tax” and “carbon credits”, collapsed the bogus global economy and are causing ecological catastrophes to kill off the global food supply. Seeing as chemtrails are allegedly being sprayed to protect us all from ‘global warming’ that simply wouldn’t be happening. They are controlling the weather to achieve their global domination and population reduction agenda. History is indeed repeating, but on a much darker, more massive and devastating scale and there is no time left on the clock (as many of us have tried to warn you).

We must form/join the global resistance in an effort to put pressure on any/all military and law enforcement personnel or the world’s most pathological people will be our legacy here on Earth and in the Universe at large.

The Global ‘elites’ are decades ahead of us in technology and planning and via the upper echelon of the Masonic Order they control all of our industries and power structures.

Every moment they maintain air superiority from this point forward is another one of the last handful of nails in the coffin of humanity.

Throw out your tv’s, leave cellphones, laptops, GPS (etc) behind and get out into the public to spread the word to everyone you can.

– Alex Hunter,

Victoria, BC ‘Canada’


jokertattooo & captainchemtrail on YouTube


5 responses

  1. Lyle Eagles

    I myself being x-military know they’ll do what they want because of the ego that is in gulfed in this type of peoples. As of now how I’ve been poisioned in the work place for year’s in manufacturing of electrical transmission equipment, only to be denied my personal sickness, at 52, I am unable to work because of throat cancer, they knew that hydrocarbon’s exposeure long term was unhealthy, I ended up in the hospital in 2000, with the sensenation of fire in my lung’s and throat, I was told I was only complaining because they were closinng all their manufacturing plant’s. The truth was everyone was getting sick in so many ways, it was easier for them to close shop and leave, in the name of free trade. Now I am a victim of these games, I am so supprised at the ignorance of the general population, so they win again. We go home and die from the effect’s of our society and told people live too long now. That our bodies only give forty years of good physical work, so in my case they got the best from me, too bad so sad, life goes on for them and too bad for disposeable peasant’s. It’s my fault, I worked to many hour’s in my life, my wife became ill long time ago, and it’s put extreme pressure on me the bred winner. Not long ago my wife had a brain tumor removed, now I am sick but still have two of my four kid’s need help getting their feet grounded in society. My youngest daughter wanted to be a police officer but after doing a thesis on the world trade centre, common sense tell’s you that’s it was a scam to create more war with public support. Anyway’s she’s lost hope as a young person as to the real world we live in and rightly so, so she quit that type of career, because she stated to me that she couldn’t just be a yes person even if she knew it was against her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. So that’s it, the last part of my life is seeing the New World Order, putting their final pieces’s of the puzzle together. I am stating that the one world church, won’t happen, as long as true believer’s are here, and know the true. For example the Jesus Christ of some many churches, are false and therefore will band together in this idea of common faith, but the true believer’s will not go willingly. If so many church’s have denied the true creed of the church and therefore their Jesus’s is not my Jesus’s, so we will not join this world church. The Lord Jesus Christ stated that no one come’s to Father God with out going through Jesus Christ himself , than it’s time for these people to educate themself’s as to the correct church they belong to. I and my family will never join with this one world church because it’s a big lie. So people if you can not or will not be able to stop the New World Order, than you better know who the real Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour God is. So you smart people look up our Lord’s time is near, I hope and pray that your name is in the BOOK OF LIFE because so many people have been so dumb in not researching the true foundations of their churches, who were only started for money and power over people. My Jesus Christ is of LOVE, our God is a God of LOVE, he made all people to come to the understanding of who the real Jesus Christ is. So the secert of life is to find the REAL Jesus Christ is and gave you life, and ask the Real HOLY SPIRIT to come into your life and get ready for the rapture, the first coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, to call up the elect of his true believing people because this world we live in now will be unbearable even for the elect, or as the Lord put it, no flesh will be saved. The suffering of all people will be so bad, we may even deny our God, because the great pain we will all suffer at the hand’s of the world government’s and the FALSE church leader’s. So beware Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour God will be ushered in before all hell break’s loose on this earth and these false leader’s will suffer,too, the Lord say’s their monies will not save them this time. So to end, my time is short, but as a Born Again Christian, I know my God. The God of the Jew’s who even denied his right as the Son of God, who than allowed the Gentile’s the opportunity to know the work of the Holy Spirit. My God state’s he is the MOSTHIGH GOD!!!, the ONLY TRUE LIVING GOD, Thank You Jesus Christ, and there is no other. It’s make’s my choice in life real easy, To believe in the Son of God who came as the Lamb of God to take away the sin’s of the world, that who so ever believe’s in him shall not die but have ever lasting life in heaven with God. AMEN!!!!

    July 22, 2011 at 4:08 pm

  2. Jake

    Well here i am Thursday (09/29/11) morning in ,what used to be, Beautiful Kamloops British Columbia, with a cup of coffee in my hand , looking out the window at three planes spraying side by side right past the sun. How can i post the pictures i have?

    September 29, 2011 at 3:28 pm

  3. Deb Rondeau

    So damn correct in you analysis !! The chemtrails above today were a freakin freak show. Folks are dazed and looking down and just driving. Can,t people see what’s going on here. Everybody needs to WAKE UP and WAKE UP NOW !

    November 19, 2011 at 10:54 pm

  4. anon

    Planes naturally emmit aerosol particles which will aggravate new cloud formations. Scientific papers already details how plane-traffic create more clouds and change the climate on earth. No need for fancy ideas about massive chemical spraying from special tubes when it’s already happening from regular jet engines.

    March 27, 2012 at 5:36 pm

  5. Brycemeister

    Anon-that theory has been debunked quite awhile ago. Some perspective – I was born in ’63, and have seen the skies of my youth. There were jets back then, using exactly the same fuel as they use now. No trails that would hang in the sky and form clouds. The fuels used, same now as it was then. Chemtrails are a recent, and sudden phenomenon-meaning climate, weather, and jets cannot be blamed.And material has been collected, which aint natural material.

    Daily, I am saddened. The skies of my youth were clear, and clouds were natural, as was the weather. One has a sense of natural versus unnatural clouds and even weather. When it was sunny, that was because it was nature, now, like during August we were allowed a few clear days. It disgusts me to no end that all freedoms are gone, even the basic right to enjoy the natural world.I view them as fences in the sky. Because even though my childhood was brutal, I could still look up, and dream, I could still think about basic freedoms. Now I just feel like cattle.

    August 25, 2012 at 6:16 pm

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