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Alert! The Fukushima Radiation Crisis: From Japan to the USA to Europe — What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You —

The Fukushima Radiation Crisis: From Japan to the USA to Europe

What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You

by William B. Fox

April 6, 2011

Dear Fellow Citizen:

The cumulative impact of radioactive fallout that has been sweeping across America is likely to become very dangerous. This applies not only to long term radiation-related damage that comes from breathing in fallout particles, but also from indirect causes of cancer such as the radioactive contamination of water sources, livestock, farmland, and other components of the food chain.
In my open source intelligence summary page titled “The 3-11 2011 Tohoku Quake-Tsunami-Nuclear Catastrophe: LIHOP or MIHOP `False Flags’ or Something Else?” at, I have listed many articles which explain the continuing danger of fallout to America and around the globe. The following are some recent examples:

• 2011-04-04 Latest forecast has all of California under radiation threat April 6, 7 — Shows levels as high as in Japan (VIDEO),
• 2011-04-04 Nuclear fallout will “engulf” Taiwan starting April 6 — “People should stay home” or “Immediately take off their clothes and cleanse nuclear contaminants” (VIDEO),
• 2011-04-04 EPA finds DRINKING water with radioactive iodine-131 in Idaho and Washington — Samples collected last week,
• 2011-04-03 Nuclear industry propaganda about low-level radiation is “absolute rubbish” says physician who taught at Harvard Med School — It’s all about internal emitters (VIDEO),
• 2011-04-02 Nuclear policy expert: “Striking” that radioactiveiodine-131 in California rainwater is so far above level permitted in drinking water,
• 2011-04-01 Airliner makes emergency landing in Midwest — Four passengers being held in sterile room,
Unfortunately mainstream media continue to suppress stories that dare to address the magnitude of the radiation threat to America. The following are some examples from another section of my web page:
• 2011-04-04 End of Week Three by Dr. Marc Sircus,,[also at] “The mainstream press is not wasting any opportunity and are dragging their experts out to center stage telling us not to worry and that there is no reason to load up on supplements. I kid you not—some are going as far as telling the public that the remedies people are reaching for in their health food stores could be more dangerous than the radiation itself, which of course is the most stupid thing I have ever heard.”
• 2011-04-04 California nuclear expert criticizes EPA: “We have an emergency network that’s supposed to help us know whether to take emergency action and it’s not working”,
• 2011-04-04 Nuclear expert: EPA claim that no harmful radiation could reach US is “idiotic” — EPA says “the federal government is monitoring the situation”,
• 2011-04-03 EPA to the rescue re: radiation: They will fix it permanently….Raise the limits considered safe,

Authorities in both Japan and America are still unable to come up with any credible plans to end this crisis soon. Not only are Fukushima reactors continually threatened with complete melt-downs, but also tens of thousands of spent fuel rods remain exposed to the atmosphere. Many experts believe that the total magnitude of radioactive pollution over time could exceed Chernobyl by a factor of more than ten – or even a hundredfold.
We must pressure government officials and other leaders to immediatelymobilize all resources necessary to end this crisis as quickly as possible. Individual Americans as well as local communities must also take aggressive steps to protect themselves from fallout, food contamination, and other dangers.
My summary web page links to many web sites with animated maps that forecast the continuing spread of radiation across America. Energy News is one good source. Some other examples include:
Weather Online. Recommended by Kurt Nimmo, Excellent time-progression animated maps for the atmospheric spread of radioactive isotopes. In his 22 March 2011 article Radionuclide Blankets United States; Authorities Insist Levels Are Harmless, Paul Joseph Watson,, wrote: “Although Xenon has been released globally, it is considered a far more inert and harmless form of radioactivity in comparison to the far more dangerous iodine-131, caesium-134 and caesium-137.”
Norwegian Institute for Air Research; see the Fukushima FLEXPART Forecast Products web page for links to excellent time-progression animated maps for atmospheric dispersion over Japan, Pacific, North America, and Northern Hemisphere for Total Column and Surface Concentrations of I-131, Cs-137, and Xe-133.
Lastly, we must address strong evidence of high level criminality behind this tragedy. The Fukushima Crisis shares disturbing patterns of high level malfeasance with the BP-Gulf Catastrophe that I identified in a prior alert at:
Please get back to me with comments and suggestions, and pass this email along!
Best regards,
William B. Fox
President, America First Institute
P.O. Box 137, Sarver, PA 16055
Email address:
Skype phone number: 832-426-2441
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About the Author

William B. Fox, is a former U.S. Marine Corps officer, an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School, and publisher of America First Books. He is also author of the Mission of Conscience Trilogy about common citizens who refuse to be terrorized by their own government and by subversive high level domestic special interests. This includes government-sponsored false flag terror and cover-ups by controlled mainstream media. He has been an active member of many Norwegian and other Scandinavian-American organizations. As an “international nationalist,” he would like to continue developing the America First Institute as a paleoconservative-leaning, “open source intelligence” think tank and alternative media source to help counter trends that are subverting European countries as well as America.




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  1. nooralhaqiqa

    Arthur, call me a pc incompetent but I cannot find a place to post this very very very important video. I know this is not Fukushima, just dem ordinary chemtrail activity but it must be seen!


    April 10, 2011 at 4:33 pm

  2. Webmin

    Hi Noor,

    It is rather interesting isn’t it? Their brashness knows no bounds!

    Hopefully folks will view it here.



    April 11, 2011 at 5:20 am

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