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Orgonite Creations from Orgone Labs®

Orgonite Creations from Orgone Labs®



[Webmin note: The following products are being sold by a friend of mine living in Quesnel, B.C. It should be noted that I am publishing the information and photos for readers on this site and elsewhere. I am not endorsing nor guaranteeing the productions. This is strictly a freebie for a friend who has helped me out with information and advertising.

Do contact the following email address listed here for any enquiries. Thank you. Arthur]


All the devices shown included here are EMR (ElectroMagnetic Radiation) killers which generate clean, invigorating, healing energy (Orgone/Chi/Prana) to replace the damaging, invasive electromagnetic frequency bombardment (Deadly ORgone/DOR) that is destroying our bodies, minds and the environment.  In addition, each also has its own designed purpose and will be an object of  timeless fascination and beauty.

The HHG (Holy Hand Grenade) “Blue HealerTM'”

Containing 5 matched natural quartz crystals wrapped in golden-ratio copper coils plus a host of minerals and more, this is a healer/energizer of un-matched power and beauty. Usually programmed for specific ailments or disease conditions at time of construction if desired (e.g. hepatitis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, arthritis, epilepsy, ADHD, etc.).  These are also a great ornament and conversation piece for any home, providing constant, soothing energy which benefits a wide radius – hundreds of meters or more.  Utility models of this type of device are capable of taming the DOR (Deadly ORgone) from a nuke plant when buried in the near vicinity! These are very powerful for clearing the immediate environment of negative or damaging energy and giving off an abundance of free, beneficial orgone energy plus exceptional EMR protection!  Dimensions: Base = 20cm square, height = 10cm, weight = 800gm+     Price:  CDN$150.00 Plus S&H   Made to order only at this time for specific ailment or condition(s) Please feel free to inquire.

The Meter BusterTM

Placing one of these units on your electricity meter or breaker panel/load center will generally reduce overall power consumption by an average of 10% to 25% depending on the nature of your use patterns and
consumption level. It will pay for itself in weeks or months! Also great for placing on top of your computer, TV or stereo, or under your water filter, bed or favorite chair for EMR protection and the subtle benefits of abundant, free Orgone energy over a wide radius. Dimensions: Base = 9.5cm, Height = 9cm, Weight  =  450gm CDN$95.00 Plus S&H .

The Orgonite Tetrahedron (TETTM )

These are very popular for placement on radiating appliances such as microwaves, TVs, computers as well as reception/executive/office desks etc., for EMR protection and they are also highly charged healers with similar properties to the ORGGs below. Popular desk ornaments and paperweights – perfect for stressful work environments, especially those with fluorescent lighting! An energetic and effective healing and protection device. Dimensions: Width = 7.5cm, Heigth = 6.5cm, Weight = 135gm Price: CDN$55.00 plus S&H.  Colors vary.

The ORGG TM  (ORgonite eGG)

The ORGG TM  (ORgonite eGG) These are very attractive, tactile and energetic healing and EMR protection devices, extremely popular for Reiki/touch & massage healing, acupressure tools and a great local pain reliever for sprains, bruises, arthritis, headache, toothache, back pain etc., anything that hurts or needs healing. Quite sensational to hold – they replenish energy for the body’s vital functions and promote healing. Extremely powerful for their size, one half of the unit acts as a generator and the other half as an amplifier/multiplier – only achievable with a complex triple casting technique.  Dimensions:  Length = 6cm,  Width = 4.25cm, Weight = 125gm.  Colors vary, each handmade unit is unique & polished to a brilliant shine!.  Price = CDN$75.00 plus S&H

The Majik Bullet TM (MB)

Similar to the ORGG TM in performance and use, the shape of these units is ideal for Reiki/touch etc., and is very effective in this role as well as for quelling EMR within a considerable radius.  They are nice just to have around. Many owners of these or some of the other Orgone devices have them for no other reason than “they feel good”. Good enough reason! An energetic protection and healing device. Dimensions: Height = 6.5 cm,  Width = 4.25cm, Weight = Colors do vary – each is unique and hand-made. Price = CDN$45.00 or 2 for $85.00 plus S&H

The PORD (Personal ORgone Device)










This is the most popular EMR killer and soothing/healing, pocket-sized dynamo of its type on the planet! These little powerhouses pack a real punch for their size and contain a host of minerals and ingredients which make them highly effective at protecting the wearer from all forms of EMR as well as enhancing the Orgone energy produced in its place with a harmonic blend of frequencies from the powerful selection of minerals and other ingredients they contain. In our electronic world, no-one should be without at least one of these little beauties in their pocket during the day and under their pillow at night! Makes a great gift that will last forever (how many cell phone users do you know that are being zapped without some form of EMR protection??) The increased exposure to all forms of EMR is a key element in the increase in all forms of cancer. Here is a simple, never needs re-charging and no-batteries-required device that goes wherever you go, automatically giving the wearer a zone of protective energy. Photo-luminescent with Nite-Glo TM  technology – expose to light to charge.  Dimensions: Width = 3.5cm,  Height = 1cm,  Weight = 25gm Price = CDN $25.00 each, 4 for $90.00 or 10 for $200.00 plus S&H.   Colors do vary – each is unique and lovingly hand-made.

The Enhanced Tower Buster (ETB TM)

These are enhanced versions of the original Tower Buster which was designed specifically for turning DOR (Deadly ORgone) from cell/microwave/communications towers, house/industrial wiring, power transmission lines etc., into beneficial Orgone energy. The ETB is constructed with similar ingredients to the other healers above and are finished nicely for placing on desks, computers etc., for EMR suppression and the calming influence they have on their immediate environment. Similar in power and effect to the Orgonite Tetrahedron above but more robust – always a conversation piece.  The enhanced model is made for gifting to the energy ignorant also as it will affect them positively even though they may scoff at the prospect…   These units are not quite as highly evolved as the PORDs but do a similar job, influencing a wider area due to their sheer size.  Each one is unique.  Dimensions:(approx.) Width = 7cm, Height = 3m, Weight = 160gm    Price: CDN$20.00 each / 5 for $80.00 plus S&H

Tower Busters (TB’s – original)

Tower busters are the ultimate environmental weapon.  Used mostly for “gifting” areas of negative/deadly energy such as cell/microwave/radar installations, sewage outfalls, creeks, rivers, lakes, vortexes, property boundaries, in your vehicles – the uses are endless – we are happy to suggest more…  We recommend placing at least one under the seat of your vehicle to provide a bubble of Orgone around you while away from the safety of your home. Functional, not pretty, their main purpose is to tame the EMR pollution from communication tower nests that are desecrating the skylines of our planet and the bombardment from wiring, appliances, tools etc. TB’s are quite simple – a quartz crystal wrapped with a PHI length copper wire aerial and a phial of charged water, embedded in enhanced orgonite.  This basic model is nothing much to look at as they are designed for gifting to the environment by burying near towers or depositing in waterways etc., as needed so they don’t need to be pretty.  These are nearly indestructible. Dimensions: Width = 7cm, Height = 2cm, Weight = 160gm.  Price: CDN$5.00 each or $50.00 per dozen plus S&H.  Larger quantities negotiable.

The Water Charger TM

The Water Charger, when attached to the water supply pipes of a home or business, will impart the life-enhancing qualities of un-tainted, natural spring or stream water to most domestic supplies.  The reason for using the Water Charger is to undo the damage & destruction to the molecular structure of water that pumping and piping has caused, effectively “killing” it.  The Water Charger revives and awakens the life and natural qualities of water, making it far more beneficial for consumption and general use. It will reduce the amount of scale in hard-water supplies and improve the hydrating properties of water for use by the human body, both for drinking and bathing.  For use on potable water systems only – if you would not normally drink or bathe in the water, do not consider “charged” water safe for human consumption. No Batteries, power or maintenance ever required. Portable – Just strap to your incoming water supply line with zip-ties or twist-ties and enjoy your energized water. Perfect for city or apartment living as well as rural locations. Dimensions: Length =, Width = 1.75cm, Weight = 135gm   Price: CDN$55.00 (Commercial/high capacity model $75.00) plus S&H  May not ship to international destinations due to perceived resemblance to some explosive devices. Check with your customs authorities before ordering from outside Canada. Larger units for commercial applications are available by special order. Email for details.  Water Chargers are also used for spinal and cranial re-alignment and similar applications with great success due to the nature of the energy output from these wonders and the affect on the body! If ordered for therapeutic use, the units will be epoxy coated & covered with leather/cord for comfortable handling.

The Field Pulser

The Field Pulser  is a Power Wand on steroids.  Designed for multi-role use including but not limited to psychic rotection,
manifestation and healing.  Equipped with a custom built signal generator with dual power input (battery or AC current) dual
frequency output, external frequency input and other features as required.
The overall design criteria were developed by Jon Logan – from the original Power Wand developed by Don Croft of Chembuster fame. These can be used as a Clarke-type zapper with external electrodes as well as scalar wave output at built-in frequencies or from external frequency sources (e.g., Rife or other frequency generator for your computer). The internal components include a large double terminated quartz crystal, a heavy guage single knot copper mobius coil (for the scalar output) enhanced ingredients for increased relative output either when powered or un-powered, a parabolic reflector to focus and direct the energy from the “barrel”. The circuitry is designed for constant use and guaranteed for 1 year.  Made to order only,  50% deposit required upon establishing design requirements with proposed owner. Lead time for delivery: up to 90 days from order date.
Dimensions: (approximate – varies with design) Width = 13cm, Heigth = 18 cm, Average Weight = 1.2kg.  Price: Dependant upon options and proposed use.  Average cost approximately CDN$600.00 and up. Similar radionic tools are generally priced in the $2-3000 minimum range. Not for casual use. Orgone Labs takes no responsibility for method or manner of application! Accessories included: copper witness well, hand-held copper electrodes for zapping, external power supply (a small surcharge is made for European – 240V/50hz), CD with users guide etc.


Some Other Products:

Necklace/Pendant PORDs TM
: A more symmetrical version of the original PORD which comes with an eye set in it for hanging on a chain or cord. These are photo-luminescent with Nite-Glo TM  technology – these glow in the dark! “Charging” from a light source is required. Cheaper in bunches! 10 for only $200.00 Free shipping in North America!

Now in production: The OORB TM : (pronounced “Oh – Orb”) and the KEG TM , very user-friendly adaptations of the ORRG TM  that are approximately the same in weight. You have to hold one of these to really appreciate how much energy they put out!! Testers have reported that these “- feel almost like your hands are burning!”. Great for arthritis, joint and muscle pain – fibromyalgia etc, circulation problems and much more – including first class EMR protection, of course!  Advance production orders accepted due to limited inventory – introductory offer price of CDN$60.00 each – that’s $15.00 off the regular price of $75.00 Limited time offer*, order now!  Also the KEG – truncated cone shape – brother to the OORB.

Earth Pipes: Email for more information if you are un-familiar with these passive but extremely effective devices for quelling negative energy, both of the man-made as well as natures tricks variety. Made to order only. May not ship to some international destinations. Slightly similar to the Water Charger in appearance although larger, more powerful and less complex. These are utility devices designed for specific use. Please inquire.

Wholesale inquiries are welcomed. Custom building available. Many other task-specific devices are on hand for water-gifting etc., or made to order, suitable price breaks for bulk buys.  PayPal or EFT preferred, certified cheques & Postal Money Orders accepted in Canadian funds. SolidTrustPay also available.

Please Note: Prices subject to change without notice due to volatility of raw material costs.



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    Awesome site and great information. I’m from Alberta and want to get things going up around Edmonton if they aren’t already doing something here. Just starting out and learning as much as I can as fast as I can.

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    • Hi Kelly. Ron’s email contact is R B I’ve sent your request to him along with your email address.



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