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Chemtrails or Contrails: What is causing these strange clouds in our skies?

I would like to thank Izora Woods for sending along this important and much appreciated article. Once again it confirms both the reality of what we are witnessing in the skies and the vigilance required to always be alert to the disinformation agents on the net who are doing their utmost to confuse people on this issue.

~ Arthur




The Izora Woods Post

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chemtrails or Contrails: What is causing these strange clouds in our skies?

1996 was the first time I noticed the strange linear clouds drifting across the Winnipeg skyline. I was driving and listening to talk radio when another listener called in and asked the host “what are the long white trails over the city”? I was prompted to call in and laughingly joked it was a case for X-files. Afterward I never gave them much thought and if I noticed them I supposed them to be caused by natural phenomenon such as weather fronts and wind patterns. That was until the September long weekend in 2010.

I have always been an avid stargazer and sky watcher, so since moving to a rural property I have spend many hours simply looking up. On that Saturday night while lying in our backyard stargazing with my kids I saw my first UFO! I call it that because it was unlike anything I had ever seen before – therefore unexplained. There is nothing unusual about my sighting and I would report it much like any other you have heard over your lifetime: a bright, fast moving object, white light, like liquid mercury, streaking out of the western sky, it flew over us and continued east. It did not follow the horizon, rather went off upward and disappeared in a flash of hot red light. Thankfully there were witnesses with me and in fact, there were other reported and published sightings across southern Manitoba, so I felt validated. I had always been a person who believed that you believed!

Then at 11:16 on Monday morning, my four year daughter pointed up and exclaimed, “What’s that?” I looked up and saw two fast moving, planes flying parallel in a westward direction. They were unlike any I had ever seen before and immediately thought they were military as they were flying the same path the UFO had come two nights previous. They were leaving a thick white contrail behind them and most unusual there were dark contrails that appeared to be coming out of the nose cone. I thought maybe this was some sort of heat seeking device, perhaps looking for UFO’s? I wondered if maybe there had been a crash! I ran inside to get my camera and began to excitedly take pictures.

Over the course of 45 minutes I saw and took pictures of up to 20-25 planes, white jets, flying very high in what soon became a grid pattern. They were making straight lines and crisscrossing one another east to west, and north to south. At times there were three and four planes in the sky at a time and even flying toward one another to form crosses. The trails left behind seemed unlike normal contrails that disperse behind the plane as you watch.

This was unusual and I became perplexed, what was it? I remembered that I had seen these same kind of clouds streaked across the sky before, but never had I watched them be laid down. I had never even attributed these clouds to planes; I thought they were natural, but strange cloud formations. As I continued to take pictures I was convinced that these planes were not looking for anything but rather they were something else entirely. This appeared to be a purposeful lying down of something in the sky. By the time the last plane flew across the day was quickly becoming overcast, the sky was painted with slow drifting linear clouds that glistened and created a hovering haze.

Over the next few weeks I watched the sky and saw that every few days this same pattern was being laid down, to the south-west of me, over the city of Winnipeg reaching above me and beyond to Selkirk. I then became somewhat of an investigator. While I never again saw two planes like the first two that caught my attention I certainly saw a pattern. I have done some research and there are many web sites that suggest these are normal contrails caused by any passenger of freight plane we might see on any given day. But I have been watching the sky for most of my life and I know what passenger planes look and sound like, what a contrail looks like and how long they last, I recognize the big air force freighter planes and intuitively know their patterns. I know the difference between what is normal and what is unusual. This phenomenon, these planes, these contrail are unusual.

Are they chemtrail or contrail?

Are these lingering clouds which reflect a prismatic band of colors normal jet contrails? Are they scientifically explainable and due to wind velocity, air temperature and high volumes of air traffic? Or are they what many are calling Chemtrails; that are spraying heavy metals for weather control or even other more nefarious biological agents? It seems though that no one has answers that are satisfactory to those, who like me, are watching.

So what is a contrail? It is what you have seen for most or all of your life, the white or light grey mist from the back of jet planes passing overhead. Whether it is passenger or cargo, if it is flying at an altitude where the temperature is cold enough the water vapor coming out the back of the engines will freeze. Similar to car exhaust in cold weather it disperses and completely disappears within a few minutes and you can see both the plane and the disappearing contrail as the plane moves across the sky. Some experts say contrails will linger longer and even all day if the temperatures and wind and altitude conditions are right. Others experts say the longest a normal contrail can last under the most perfect conditions is 20 minutes.

Why is it that some trails don’t dissolve, but rather expand? Those who call them chemtrails point out that they are streams of mist and at times foam-like trails that persist in the sky for hours, and even sometimes all day. They are laid down in a criscrossing, grid-like pattern, or parallel stripes which diffuse together and these trails seem to contain visible color prisms in the streams, and concentrated in single, usually highly populated areas. Is it something spread from planes for a certain purpose? Since it is laid down in a grid pattern and very different than the usual flight patterns one normally sees, you would be compelled to think so. Have these trails always been there or are we just now noticing them? I do not believe they have always been there or I would have noticed them prior to 1996, (I am a sky watcher) but I may have continued to ignore them had I not witnessed over the course of several weeks last fall, the spraying over Winnipeg and the area north where I live.

These chemtrails appear to be made by US military jets called Stratotankers and KC-10 Extenders; these planes fly very high and very fast and can fly great distances. They are often used in air force maneuvers to re-fuel fighter jets. Therefore they are capable of carrying large amounts of liquid or gases. When watching these planes emitting these trails you can easily see they are being laid down in purposeful patterns, generally saturating an entire area. These contrails are thicker, almost foam like and extend from horizon to horizon and blend to form large clouds.

These sightings have been occurring across North America and Western Europe. One explanation is Aerial Pharmacopoeia; a mix of silver Iodine and salt. This would be used to modify weather for good purposes such as drought, hail, tornadoes, snow and hurricanes. Another theory is that it is actually a military operation (radar countermeasure) created by chaff made up of aluminum, glass or plastic. Yet another is geo-engineering which is the blasting of sulfate particles into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight away from the earth to decrease the temperature and creating a shift in rain and snow patterns. And there are those who claim these chemtrails are laden with heavy metals such as barium, aluminum or even worse; biological agents.

Following the laying down of these chemical clouds worldwide there are reports of a syndrome of chemtrail-related illnesses ranging from symptoms of feverless flu, chronic fungal infections, auto-immune dysfunction; chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis, sharp joint pains, sudden extreme fatigue, sudden dizziness, mental confusion and short-term memory loss. Yet others claim to be able to smell and taste the chemicals and reports of respiratory problems after a spraying in their area. I cannot definitively say I experience any of these problems because my symptoms may be created by the power of suggestion. But I will say that my personal symptoms are consistent with those reported by others including: headaches, joint pains, metallic taste, fatigue and my doctor has told me I have fibromyalgia.

Is this another conspiracy theory?

A Conspiracy theory is a term often used to refer to any fringe theory which tries to explain a historical or current event by suggesting it is the result of a secret plot by a group(s) of conspirators. It is therefore often used to dismiss any attempt to characterize a belief as outlandishly false and held by a person judged to be a kook or a group(s) confined to the fringes of society.

While many are satisfied that there is a benign explanation for these chemtrails that last for hours, cover the sky in a radiant mist and appear to slowly ‘rain’ down, many more are not. The internet can both convince you that there is nothing wrong and that there is something wrong. The US military has called the chemtrail theory a hoax, but do not provide an alternative or address why the usual contrails have changed in quality and quantity. For many a brief reassurance by an authority is enough.

For myself I continue to research and watch the sky. I will monitor myself and those around me, I will take pictures and I will ask questions. Perhaps I am a ‘kook’ but I do not trust my government to keep my best interests, my health or the health of my planet foremost in their agenda. We know that the government and the decisions made therein are often driven by lobbyists, manufacturers, corporations – therefore to me, suspect in intent.

Finally I am reminded of a book I read many years ago; Dialogues with the Devil by Taylor Caldwell. In one chapter the character Lucifer explained to the Angel Michael that he had nothing to do with the destruction of life on Mars. He explained that all he had to do was whisper in the ears of the scientists that it was unfair that they could not enjoy the golden glory of the sun and see the stars at night. Perhaps they could disperse the cloud cover to reveal the sky. He told Michael, I did not build the machine; I just gave them something to lust after. Of course, once built the clouds were dissolved, the sun was revealed and the planet proceeded to die, life became extinct. Now perhaps the lust of some to block out the sun will produce the same outcomes here on this planet? A theory? Yes. A conspiracy theory? You decide.

Izora M Woods
March 6, 2011


9 responses

  1. Leslie

    Rae the article is well written. We have been talking about the state of the world and there is so much to think about. It blows my mind. I don’t know if what your saying is true or not but I can’t add another thing to worry about on my long list of worries, hunger, war, greed, homelessness, the list goes on. Your right when you say we can’t just ignore whats happening in the world and go on living the way we have been. The earth and all its creatures needs our attention now. Because of the overwhelming number of issues we need to educate ourselves on one or two. Maybe the government is spewing junk into the air or maybe not. But I do no that the government allows toxins, cancer causing chemicals, into our food. We are getting sicker, and dying from cancer and other diseases at an alarming rate. My question is why do we put up with and buy these products that we no are bad for us. And why is it o.k. with our Government that we all eat it including them?


    April 9, 2011 at 3:14 pm

  2. michael

    Check out coast to coast

    April 15, 2011 at 7:05 am

  3. Dreamer

    Quite honestly, I don’t care if this kind of stuff is going on. It could either be good for us, or bad for us. But I at least wish we were kept in the loop with this sort of thing, with some sort of explanation for it.

    I also experienced something like this where I live. But not several planes, it was just one plane that released something, and it gradually spread out and drifted over the entire area I was in. Quite honestly, it spooked me a bit, so I went inside and didn’t continue watching to see where this mist landed.

    April 15, 2011 at 9:29 pm

  4. Randy

    I noticed the spraying escalated during the 2010 Olympics. I remember seeing a plane leave a trail across UBC, to the ocean; then follow the shorline for awhile; then turn back across. A few of these and the sky is covered in a dirty white haze (sky had been totally blue before the spraying). It usually ends up raining afterwards. I know the different types of clouds, but I don’t ever recall seeing these distinct patterns, decades ago. At least one thing I’ve learned, is NEVER trust government or corporations!

    February 25, 2012 at 12:31 pm

  5. Randy

    Chemtrails and contrails behave totally differently. Only those who have been conditioned to be in complete denial and dismiss the phenomonem as mere “theory”!

    February 26, 2012 at 3:51 am

  6. pearl

    Could I be seeing these in Syracuse NY skies?

    March 23, 2012 at 1:08 am

  7. I CARE

    has anyone ever wondered if what they are doing is good for us and the enviroment,WHY the big secrecy.!!!! THEY,OUR government should be shouting from the roof tops,WE are saving the planet and you.Come on people WAKE UP,THEY are HIDING SOMETHING !!

    September 24, 2013 at 1:56 am

    • You’re absolutely right I CARE. If the spraying program was beneficial for everyone and did no harm to the biosphere then why keep it covert. Hidden agendas are rarely for the public good especially one as monumental as what we’re witnessing with the “geoengineering” job being foisted upon the planet. Evil walks in darkness. I notice in my area that now much of the spraying occurs during the night so that by morning the trails have already had time to spread out. I believe at this time that there are likely a number of reasons for the spraying. First is to create the “global warming” phenomenon so that governments can than tax the people and corporations can add additional costs to their products and they both make money off of us. Another main objective is to destroy as much natural life as possible, especially the soil, so that only Monsanto GMO crops will survive and thus the world’s eaters will be forced to rely upon this giant corporation. Then there’s the chemicals themselves that also have a debilitating effect upon the human brain and tend to sicken and dumb-down the population thus producing health problems galore that the mega pharma industry again can capitalize upon in the form of pharmaceuticals to cure all the chemtrail induced illnesses. And on it goes. Not a pretty picture. All we can do is to keep on educating those who are still conditioned to not see them.

      September 24, 2013 at 2:24 am

  8. flecher

    Hey I’m from winnipeg to and I’ve documented entire years worth of the sky seems like to you know the sky like I do and you’ll know it’s grown much bigger than just planes

    April 8, 2016 at 10:20 am

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