Monitoring & tracking the criminal toxic chemical spraying of Beautiful British Columbia's land and people

Toxic Chemtrails which ended at 5pm yesterday in Florida

Toxic Chemtrails which ended at 5pm yesterday in Florida, March 23, 2011


[Webmin note: Big thanks to Stacy Young for sending this post. Please watch the YouTube. Arthur]

Yesterday they were spraying heavily all day and then right at 5:00 pm, they stopped abruptly! It’s like they were working 9 to 5. If yesterday’s Chemtrail activity was merely just condensation trails, then what kind of humongous changed happened in the atmosphere at precisely 5:00 pm?

Why did they spray yesterday and not today or the day before? Were the atmospheric conditions so much different yesterday as to permit long persistent condensation trails all day yesterday but not today? These are simple questions, which really point to the fact that these were definitely not just condensation trails. There can be no doubt that they are Chemtrails!

Please just think about it. Does Mother Earth change the atmosphere suddenly and enough to make the long, drawn out, persistent plane trails, which have been happening all day, one after another just stop forming at 5:00pm? (which is 3 hours before sunset).

A little common sense will tell you that what obviously happened yesterday is the Chempilots ended their work for the day instead of the atmosphere suddenly changing so drastically!

I documented yesterday’s Chemtrail activity and made a little 3 minute Youtube movie from the photos and video clips.

See more Chemtrail movies and some Travel movies (with a chemtrail or two in them also) on my new Youtube channel, Plowed Clouds!


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