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The Final Wave by Arthur Topham

The Final Wave

A Dissertation on the Origin, Nature and Purpose of Political Zionism
with Additional Commentary on Ascension, Light & Darkness & the Nature of the Anti-Christ


The Final Wave

A Dissertation on the Origin, Nature and Purpose of Political Zionism
with Additional Commentary on Ascension, Light & Darkness & the Nature of the Anti-Christ

By Arthur Topham

March 22, 2011

[Author’s Note: This letter/article was originally written to Paul LeBaron, a 95 year old light-worker living in southern British Columbia, Canada in August of 2006 and appeared under the title, “Epistle to Paul.”

Paul and I had been communicating for a number of years and this letter was the latest in our ongoing discussions surrounding the nature and purpose of that spiritual quality we call “Light” and how it fitted into the Ascension process. Paul has since ascended into the Great Mystery.

I chose at this time to re-title the article “The Final Wave” for reasons which hopefully will become plain to the reader upon completion of the piece, which, I must add, by today’s standards, is relatively long.

One might call the subject matter of the letter “the first wave” in that it was the first wave of consciousness expansion of global proportions to break upon the shores of planet Earth in the summer of 1967. Prior to that period in man’s recorded history nothing of such a magnitude had ever appeared in mankind’s memory that so swiftly brought forth such sweeping and radical changes in the awareness of millions of people, the vast majority of them under the age of 30.

It was the force of LOVE; immediate and of such intensity that for a period of time it overwhelmed all previous cognitive constructs of the human mind in whatever field of thought. It’s my contention that the effects of that first wave are still with us and continue to play out today albeit, like the chemtrails in our skies, greatly diffused after a period of 44 years and consequently difficult for many to recognize, especially those who came of age after that period.

I will reserve my final comments for the addendum at the end of the article in which I hope to link the first wave to the one we are presently experiencing in 2011. It should also help to clarify why I’ve posted this piece at this point and on a site whose main purpose is to document the present aerial spraying of the planet by what, for many newcomers to this phenomenon, appears to be some unknown, inexplicable entity. Current questions being asked on both of the Facebook chemtrail groups that I am actively involved in (Chemtrail Consciousness Coalition and the Chemtrails and HAARP group),  prompted me to repost this work. ]


“Well I’ve got no hate
And I’ve got no pride
I’ve got so much love
that I cannot hide”

– from the song All the Best, by John Prine


“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered”

~Thomas Paine, The Crisis Papers, 1776

Dear Paul,

It appears at this juncture in life that our respective positions regarding Light and Darkness are meant to juxtapose for a purpose.

I therefore thank you again for graciously responding to my last reply.

I found your simile of a burning match cast down a darkened well (representative of the futility of individual, egoic efforts to awaken consciousness) to be a suitable one for your position as a proponent of the Ascension process but inapplicable to my own stance on this issue.

Granted Paul my voice at this point in the Earthly drama, relatively speaking, is as one crying in the wilderness but I do know from intuition, observation and research that it is definitely a voice whose resonance is increasing as the vibration of Truth waxes in both volume and intensity.

Rather than compare my efforts to a match spent in vain I would hope that you might see it more in the manner explained in the following dissertation.

Our generations, in which I include yours and those between you and I and those coming after me, have all been deeply affected physically, psychologically and spiritually by our involuntary exposure to a culture specifically designed to thwart our Reason, nullify our intellectual ability to come to terms with the obvious paradoxes of life that we have all been subjected to over the course of our individual growth and divert our attention away from seeking the ultimate source of our disconnectedness from Self.

In other words we have been mind-controlled, brainwashed, or psychologically conditioned (pick any one) by forces outside ourselves to see external Reality and our own inner world of Consciousness through lenses not of our own making.

As such we have physically developed through the various stages of human biological growth but due to the fact that our minds were tampered with from our earliest age we all, for the greater part, entered into adulthood in varying stages of mental retardation, euphemistically labeled as “ignorance”.

For those of us, who for whatever reasons, were able to remember or recall our past lives of conscious awareness or retained some “intimations of immortality” from our youth prior to the prison gates closing, or were blessed to be born into a family with one or two awakened parents, we eventually progressed to the realization that we were in fact existing in chains and held in thralldom to a cultural, intellectual mindset or paradigm not of our own making.

Many, who upon such early realization felt the hidden grip of these bonds, reacted via whatever means were at hand to throw off their confusing sense of affliction. A large number of my generation (the Sixties) turned to psychedelic drugs as a means of escaping what was in Truth the clutches of the Prince(iple) of Evil that had willfully nurtured them into a semi-comatose state of mental twilight throughout their childhood and youth.

In this respect the drugs were a legitimate and divine route to revelatory experience and an antidote to the negative effects of our external, man-made, mental environment.

The irony of course for the whole Hippie phenomenon, is that those who first began disseminating LSD throughout our western culture i.e. the CIA, did so because they thought the drug would make it that much easier to facilitate and sustain the mass mind-control that had been developed over the preceding four decades. It was their intention to further handicap the population by dispensing mind-altering chemicals which, in their ignorance, they felt would be the end result of such  tampering with the malleable minds of the youth.

In some respects their efforts at obfuscation proved fruitful and a percentage of those who turned to drugs as an avenue of escape from the ominous presence of the Beast were in fact disabled psychologically even further due to whatever individual karma they were carrying, but as a general observation I would have to state that the vast majority of the Hippie Generation went through the Indole ring of fire and emerged out the other side with an increased awareness of their own spiritual essence that by comparison to anything beforehand in history was essentially a quantum leap in terms of evolving human consciousness.

At the same time they found themselves with new tools in hand to begin re-designing their own lives for the benefit of themselves and their new sense of community rather than for the dark and nebulous entity which had held them in its grasp throughout their somewhat torpid and passive developmental stages leading to adulthood.

A Missing Factor

My generation then was the first one Paul to en masse liberate ourselves from the immediate and direct threat that the society of the period posed to the general populace. In saying this I must, needs be, qualify it somewhat.

Prior to the Sixties our shackles were firmly in place but by the decade’s close our society was suddenly overrun to the max with a seemingly new species of humanity. It was as if God had suddenly turned upside down a huge, cosmic box filled with dissident, ardent souls and simply dumped them into the nations of the world helter skelter to embed them throughout the status quo so that the slow, yet steady, process of what I now understand as the Great Awakening could begin to unfold. You, on the other hand Paul, may conceive this to be the process of Ascension per se.

Those of us who had burst our bonds and were once again free spirits found ourselves at long last upon a path of regeneration and saw that it was a golden opportunity to assist in the great rebirthing of what is commonly known as the Aquarian Age.

This was a giant step for so many of us to have taken but it didn’t necessarily imply that once free to act all those who had been released from the imposed prison of a designed social milieu would automatically know what to do and how to go about doing it.

Reviewing it all now after forty years I can see that a crucial factor in the overall equation had been overlooked. It was the debriefing stage that would have assisted tremendously in helping my generation of mind-controlled youth to fully realize why we had all ended up in that massive existential dilemma in the first place.

In individual cases, such as that of Kathy O’Brian in the U.S.A. (see her book, Trance-formation of America) and illustrated in the documentation surrounding MKULTRA, coming to terms with the who and why of what had transpired was essential to the victim’s eventual return to a healthy, happy, productive life. In the case of a whole generation thus affected this wasn’t able to occur for the obvious reason that it was the surrounding socio-political-cultural matrix itself that had perpetrated the grand fraud in the first place and outside of that actual medium there existed only a tumultuous and somewhat chaotic set of disparate circumstances, newly born, that disallowed any formal cohesiveness and therefore could not act as a definitive vehicle for such a requisite and vital purpose.

That factor, while unbeknownst to the re-borns, was instantly perceived by the Beast as an imminent and mitigating reality – one requiring immediate reaction in order to regain its former foothold on the masses of deceived.

It was as if the Beast had accidentally birthed the new Child of Horus when in fact it had anticipated but a further development of the Frankenstein it had created decades, if not centuries before, and therefore the bastard flower child could not be allowed to find out the truth behind its miraculous inception/deception. Instead it had to be re-conditioned or re-fitted into the present social “reality” by attacking it with every conceivable influence within the Beast’s arsenal of destabilizing, mind-control weaponry.

And so it did. And so it continued to do until the children of the New Dawn were finally able to create a weapon of their own, one of both defensive and offensive capability, that finally manifested in pragmatic form in the 1990s.

A Net to Capture a Beast

This new sword of Truth, undoubtedly, was the Internet; an electro-linking together of a world wide web of past and present events, information and visionary ideas that finally offered the possibility of exposing, ensnarling and eventually disabling the debilitating negativity of the Beast.

Some might ask why it took so long to assemble a cohesive response but measured in terms of the time that the vast majority of humans have been suffering in economic misery and enslaved to an elite group of financial power brokers bent on virtual global control of the masses, it was relatively short indeed.

When the explosion of energy that occurred in the Sixties took place and re-birthed literally millions of spiritually awakened beings around the world, the infrastructure of our present-day tyranny was then firmly in place. The cat of course was out of the bag now but in order for the rest of the world to realize it a medium was still required (a channel if you will), some techno-body necessary to carry this renewed, transcendental revelation to the slumbering, dumbed-down, conditioned minds of the general public in order that they might know the truth about themselves and also the circumstances surrounding their collective condition.

When the new spiritual awakening happened in the Sixties all western media – TV, Movies, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Book Publishers and Distribution Networks were firmly held in the grip of the forces of oppression and exploitation. The only alternative at that point was to utilize the existing institutions via rebellion in order to bring this new awareness to the attention of the general mass of people. Thus was born the period of campus and street revolt and protest marching, a period met in turn with billy clubs, tear-gas and overwhelming police brutality, all of which occurred within a background gestalt of full and complicit media sanctioning of the repressing agents of the state. Big Brother was alive and well.

[No one artist interpreted the tenor of these times better than R.COBB whose graphics, which appeared in countless underground newspapers and magazines, captured the intent of the times. As the reader will see from the cartoon above the concept of “terrorism” wasn’t something that Georgy Boy Bush Jr. suddenly coined in 2001 after Israel brought down the Twin Towers in order to initiate an open “War on Terrorism.” It was already established in the agenda of the controllers well before the advent of the 21st century. A.T.]


A Whiter Shade of Pale

And so Paul we weren’t “skipping the light fandangle” or “turning cartwheels across the floor” for no reason. We were jubilant and we were HIGH because we were finally FREE; liberated from the lockstep conformity of our fellow passengers on Space Ship Earth and those who had constructed the mental prison from which we had escaped; released from a constraining, paralyzing sense of confusing futility that permeated the bulk of humanity up to that point, leaving only the archetypal ideal of the Automaton for future aspiration. Within this context we were proud to grab the torch of freedom and confident in our courage that we would pass it on to coming generations.

The Disclosure

In the Forties George Orwell had outlined the problem in fictional form and by the mid Fifties Douglas Reed, famed British war correspondent during World War Two, had connected up the dots to show the world the graphic details of the Beast’s visage. We may count our blessings that at least Orwell survived into the literature of the Sixties.

Reed though had to be wiped clean off the slate of recorded history for he had committed the unforgivable crime. Through his consummate skill as a professional journalist and author and his unequivocal discernment in the presence of those players then on the stage with whom he had been in intimate contact, he was finally able to slide a wedge beneath the veil and get a firm enough grasp on it that he was then able to raise it up for all the world to see what lay beyond. What he exposed to the clear light of day was the viscera of the Beast and how it functioned as the decisive factor in the subversion of western civilization to alien influences. No small task and one that the world still has to recognize and honour him for accomplishing.

As Reed discovered, the body of the Beast had a name and that name was Political Zionism. But as for the core of minds who acted through this agency of evil such knowledge for the most part was to remain unnamed, for Reed rarely indulged in conjecture. Beyond revealing those who publicly pursued the Zionist objectives, his only reference to the occult center was to quote Theodor Hertzl’s oft used turn of phrase, the dreadful, “power of the purse”. This, to me, was an obvious allusion to the Rothschild/Rochefeller crime syndicate.

For having rent the veil behind which the Zionists had operated clandestinely for so long, the fury of the Beast was unleashed upon Reed and all his works. Its controlling eye and mouth – the mainstream mind-control media (M3) – turned an evil gaze upon him and with one movement of its claw-like finger deleted Reed from the screen of public consciousness along with his opus magnum, The Controversy of Zion!

The Dark Well

This expanded summation Paul brings me full circle to the point in this letter where I began and to your comparison of my personal efforts to help reveal the face of the Beast to someone throwing a lighted match down a darkened well.

Within the context of all that I’ve just written, allow me to focus in further and extrapolate on your statement, “human darkness, being entirely a product of ego/intellectualism, has its own way of gobbling up and incorporating into itself any kind of intellectualism concept, no matter how much light it is thought to contain.”

Whereas you perceive “human darkness” as a product of “ego/intellectualism” I, on the other hand, understand the mental darkness to be more of the nature of a psychic ossification of the human will/mind/emotions due to their immersion and subsequent adversely-affected influence and growth within a socio-political and cultural environment not of one’s own making that has been purposely engineered to create an illusion, or possibly more precisely, an underlying socio-cultural dogma which will have specific effects upon the person developing within it’s parameters.

By the time a child has emerged from this developmental process their mindset has been more or less determined and the general outcome is a homogeneous group of ‘bone-headed’ citizens conditioned to view the world and the events happening around and to them through the artificial filters of an imposed ideological template that has been embedded in their minds from virtual birth.

In a specific context though you are correct in suggesting that the “ego/intellectualism” aspect of the human being creates “human darkness”. In the case of the Beast’s program for world control i.e. Political Zionism, I would have to concur with that definition, as it is a product of specific human endeavor designed purposefully and strategically to produce a planned set of objectives.

But if it was truly so Paul for all human beings that “human darkness” was a sort of self-perpetuating black hole that absorbed anything and everything intellectual into its own vacuum and stopped the mind from accepting new revelations then it appears obvious to me that the world would not have progressed at all over the eons of time and we would also not be facing the paradoxical situation we’re currently discussing.

You initially stated that you honour the passion and honesty contained in my efforts to inform others of the various aspects of darkness. So let us therefore return to my basic premise and see how it ties in with all that has been said thus far.

When Reed lifted the veil and exposed the face of the Beast he did so not only as an investigative journalist but also as a small “c” Christian. All his research, from the beginnings of the tribe of Judah, the origins of the Levitical priesthood and the Pharisees, the distinction between the tribes of Israel and Judah and the origins of both Judaism and Christianity, confirms that two primary, underlying paradigms compose the whole of Judeo-Christian thought over the past 2500 years.

Basically these two branches of thought are the following:

1.) Judaism:- a doctrine first conceived by the Levitical priesthood that held their god – the ‘god’ of Moses – Jehovah, was the only god and that he had chosen the tribe of Judah to rule over all other nations of the world. The manner in which this was to be accomplished is contained within the Judaic Old Testament of the Christian Bible in the first actual book of the Pentateuch, Deuteronomy. Tersely put the Judaic ‘god’ demands absolute authority over all his subjects and for those nations outside the fold their fate is to be met with genocide and destruction and abject slavery for whatever remnant might remain after the final holocaust.

2.) Christianity:- the doctrine that the one God is the God of all nations, the Judaic as well, and that this God manifests His essence through Love and Compassion for all humanity and that foremost, His essence is contained within all His creation and in humanity is found in that which we designate as the I AM presence or God or Christ Consciousness which we equate, rightly so, with It’s physical and metaphysical aspect – Light.

And so down through the ages has come this ongoing struggle between two forces – one, the Judaic/Talmudic, which has an agenda of world domination and one, the Christian, which has as its objective the liberation of the human spirit in all God’s creation and freedom for all individuals and nations to live in peace and harmony and brother/sisterhood.

The anti-Christ

Metaphorically speaking Paul, these are the two forces that we are currently discussing under the heading of light and darkness. Yet another symbolic aspect of the darkness is of course the term “anti-Christ” and it is in this connection that I have consistently denoted the word “Beast” with its synonym “darkness”.

When Reed was finally able to show us the essential features of this dark entity it was suddenly obvious beyond a doubt (for me) that here, in form and feature, was the proverbial arch-enemy of the light, duly draped in sheep’s clothing yet manifesting all the quintessential qualities of darkness in the metaphysical and physical sense of that term. Here it was, before us finally, and its name was Political Zionism.

Now, embodied in the ‘state of Israel’, was the manifested spirit of darkness itself – the anti-Christ – transforming and working its evil ways via the doctrine of the Deuteronomic deity which had now shape-shifted into Political Zionism at the start of the 20th Century and under the guise of a supposed sovereign and democratic state, was hell-bent on wreaking untold death, destruction and misery throughout both the Arab and the Christian worlds.

Allow me Paul one further point in regard to the notion of the anti-Christ. Most people assume that the spirit of darkness, as also in the opposite case of the Christ or Christos – the spirit of light, will appear in the form of a single human personage. This is both false and misleading and a point that I have argued for many years with some Christians. The light, as you well know Paul, is immanent in every particle of Creation and shows itself through acts of love, benevolence and peaceful intercourse amongst nations.

The same cannot be said of darkness beyond the fact that what we call such is but the absence of light due to the disguising of it by the actions of the human Will. In other words the natural quality of darkness as found in Nature is not inherently evil but the subversion of the light by the human Will for selfish purposes is. And so it is in this manner and context that all human evil must be viewed or else one ultimately falls prey to the erroneous notion that it is God the Creator of All who is directly responsible for the woes of the world and thus is not worthy of our supreme adoration, faith and affection.

In the Middle East, as I write these words in early August, 2006, the anti-Christ is hard at work manifesting its agenda for world destruction and control. Those human beings wielding this diabolical power through the focal point of the ‘Israeli state’ are the living emissaries of this wrathful, false deity of the ancient Levitical god of the Judahites. Their attitude toward the Arabs and the rest of the world is identical to that found in Deuteronomy and the teachings of the Talmud. The results, as witnessed around the world wherever the Zionists aren’t controlling the free flow of images and information, are stark testimony to Zionism’s diabolical nature and intent.

To finally conclude this letter Paul, allow me to say the following about the present darkness, which I see as enveloping the minds of so many human beings at this time in history.

Comparing the image of an individual crying forth in the midst of a fabricated wilderness of mind-controlling, Zionist-induced darkness to that of a lone rebel casting a lit match down a dark well is, to my way of understanding, a premature and misleading analogy.

The darkness (ignorance of what is truly occurring due to human actions) now surrounding and pervading the lives of everyone on the face of the planet, whether they’re privy to its origins or not, is as palpable as a raven’s claw on the skin. But still we sit huddled together within the confines of the dark well, like Plato’s philosophical contemplates within the cave of illusion, debating the merits of every sundry, flickering, image (all designed by Zionism) in the vain hope that somehow such efforts will enlighten us as to our existential predicament.

The only way out of this man-made, darkened hell is for each individual who is aware of the problem to strike their individual match of truth and apply its flame to their neighbour’s unlit, yet awaiting wick of awareness. With every new wick that catches the flame of illumined truth will come increased light and along with it a greater understanding of who is controlling and destroying this potential paradise we call the divine Earth Mother.

When enough individual souls have lit their match the inner walls of this dark well will finally be illuminated for all to see and at that point Paul the world will have accomplished true self-awareness on the scale of social, economic and political justice and freedom. If this first step is not accomplished and we neglect our duty to truth and to our fellow man due to our personal ignorance of how the drama is being directed and produced we will very soon witness the collapse of all that once was good in this world.

We need to first know the truth about Political Zionism and then end its willful agenda of global dominance. From that point we can sail into the mystic with the full knowledge that we’re leaving behind a world safe for future generations and one primed for a new beginning and a new hope and a new love for all of God’s creation.

I remain,

In Peace, Love & Light,

Arthur Topham


As a species we’ve gone from willingly ingesting LSD in the 60s to unwillingly being sprayed like insects with poisonous, toxic chemicals on a global scale by the mid 90s to the present day. Our trip began in order to find answers to certain ontological or existential truths and has ended with the deep realization that life on this planet is in extreme and imminent danger of being destroyed by the very same forces that originally attempted to fuck our heads up back in the 60s. This is the existential dilemma that we now face as a human race. Do we continue to live in denial or do we organize and finally take away their license to kill?

As well, I don’t think it’s any accident or coincidence that the spraying began around the same time that the Internet exploded and global communications took a quantum leap in terms of giving the individual direct access to information which, prior to then, was mainly controlled and dominated by the Zionist forces; forces that still retain their absolute control over politicians, the msm, Hollywood, the financial system, the nuclear power industry, transnational corporations, and so on.

Had my generation possessed the Internet back in the 60s the world of today may have been a much different and better place but obviously that wasn’t in the cards for humanity. Now of course we all possess, or potentially possess, our own personal cyber-sword to wield as we see fit in this death struggle with the Darth Vaders of the world who are hell-bent on maintaining and furthering their empire of evil.

We are the final wave of souls, both literally and figuratively engaged in mortal combat with these nefarious, criminal, psychopathic forces and as we quickly speed onward toward that ominous year 2012 it becomes the quintessential question for each of us to face, as to whether or not we ought to drop our swords out of fear and frantically flee to wherever we might think a safe haven (there isn’t such a place) or, as Shakespeare so poignantly put it, take up our cyber arms and join forces globally in a manifest, concerted, global effort to stop the madness now threatening the survival of all sentient life upon the planet.

As always, the choice lies not somewhere out in the starry cosmos but within each of us.


Arthur Topham welcomes feedback and can be reached at:


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