Monitoring & tracking the criminal toxic chemical spraying of Beautiful British Columbia's land and people

eXtreme Chemtrails Amsterdam filmed by Fred Grauf 9 February 2011 Nato Aerosol Crimes in Netherlands?



Hi Arthur,

Joe Greene here from Harrisburg PA.

I picked the “smartest” dummies from in here, a real estate office of 70 and have been doing this little experiment as to what point someone, anyone will agree something is really wrong in the sky. Here is the latest vid I’m using to make my visual case…

After that link, I now then send them to your new site to take in a little well-deserved abuse.

Attached is a pic I took with my phone some 6 weeks ago, nothing unusual they say?

My one dummy thinks “60 Minutes” would have jumped on this if there was anything at all to it (the same people who now own the sky’s also own the media)



Reply to Joe from BCCA Webmin:

Hi Joe,

As Fred repeatedly says in the video “UNBELIEVABLE!!!”.

Wow, what a video and what a great thing you’re doing. It ought to wake up at least a few dummies no? 🙂

I will get this up on the site asap!

Much appreciated Joe,



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