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NEWS FLASH: Iodine Treatments for Radiation Exposure

Exposing Myself to Explo: From the ART NUKO series • By Carl Chaplin 1986


[Thanks to Ron Blanc for sending this important information to BCCA.  Arthur]

There is a severe risk of radiation exposure as the jet stream carries particulate matter across the Pacific Ocean from the explosions at the reactor sites in Japan – be prepared by knowing how to employ the preventative measures to reduce or eliminate the poisoning from this threat.  Prevention is critical as opposed to treatment after the fact.

Please check the following link to Dr. Mark Sircus’ blog for info on using iodine in a number of forms to counteract fallout from radioactive iodine:

I have limited quantities of SSKI (super saturated potassium iodide) on hand for people in the central BC/Cariboo region who wish to obtain some.  It can also be ordered from Reid’s Prescriptions in Prince George: 1-250-564-6666  OR any competent COMPOUNDING pharmacy – these are few and far between these days as most pharmacies just dole out packaged/pre-compounded material.  Look in the phone book for a compounding chemist/pharmacy in your area. The nearest to the afforementioned that I know of is in Kelowna.  There should be plenty of choices in the Lower Mainland area.

Good fortune to you all in these troubled times.


*** Please forward this to anyone in the risk area – (anywhere in the North American continent)


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