Monitoring & tracking the criminal toxic chemical spraying of Beautiful British Columbia's land and people

Responding to the Ridiculous by Alex Hunter

Black aerosol HAARP Shield above Victoria, B.C. PHOTO: ALEX HUNTER

Responding to the Ridiculous:

The ridiculous response Estee Millar received from Elizabeth May’s rep. Paul regarding her exceptional photography of OBVIOUS chemtrails and legitimate health and safety concerns

By Alex Hunter

March 14, 2011


Jonathan Dickie
Campaign Manager
Elizabeth May,
Leader of the Green Party of Canada

Dear Jon,

Please take the time to help my children and I understand the following:

1) the ridiculous FaceBook response Estee Millar received from Paul regarding the message and photography she sent to Elizabeth May last week; The message contained exceptional photography and the most legitimate health and safety concerns regarding the obvious and relentless aerosol assault here on Vancouver Island and

2) the irony of the leader of the Green Party having chemtrails clearly visible behind her head in her promotional photograph. Was that meant to induce “doublethink” or did it just “happen”?

Estee’s photography and concerns reflect the most critical threat to BC residents, Canadians, ecology and to humanity itself at present and as such they should be of the highest priority to your party. This is particularly so as you call yourselves “the Green Party” and especially as it pertains to your duty as Canadian citizens and your duty to us as public officials. To be perfectly clear your future, the futures of your family members, community, country folk, our nation, our health, our dignity – everything that ever mattered to us is at stake.

I can appreciate how someone aspiring to be a politician might not want to shoot him/herself in the foot by making ‘trouble’, but some trouble begs to be made and the fact we are being frog marched into war again by the same arrogant, inbred, inter-generational group of banksters, financiers and globalists calls for truly dedicated and tough Canadian leaders. That you people intend to represent the Canadian people but are afraid of the really tough challenges or even being ‘politically incorrect’ is a real disappointment to my children and I.

If chemtrails puking millions of tons of toxic and carcinogenic metals into our atmosphere, killing our animals, birds, insects, fish, our people our food supply and destroying our air, water and ecosystems isn’t a Green issue then we don’t know what is. My youngest son and I, like many Victoria area residents, suffer daily symptoms and sickness from being exposed to these aerosolised toxic/carcinogenic metals, chemical, biological and nano bio polymer agents and the HAARP Shield transmitted psychotronic frequencies. Many of those speaking out about chemtrails, the war and ruling group corruption are being electronically censored, sabotaged, harassed and attacked with directed energy weapons which causes further irreparable harm to their internal organs, to their central nervous system and most significantly, it makes them less resistant to the psychotronic frequencies we are all being subject to in varying degrees.

All this exotic warfare technology was described in Bill HR 2977 IH introduced by Representative Dennis Kucinich in the 107th Congress, First Session, Oct 2nd, 2001 and a myriad of information is available to those intelligent and brave enough to look. However, like the blatantly obvious chemtrail issue those complaining of these often fatal health issues aren’t getting any rational response from their ‘elected’ officials, constabulary and/or judiciary. It didn’t take fifty years for the authorities to recognize people were being shot after gunpowder was invented.

It is no big secret that Edward Teller, Zbignew Brezinski, Henry Kissinger and George H Bush set out to develop Nicola Tesla’s scalar, tectonic, psychotronic & weather weaponry while in a think tank in 1959. Nor is it a secret that in the early ’70’s Brezinsky talked about using this psychotronic frequency (transmitted by the now ever present HAARP “Shield”) to mass mind control North Americans. There is no shortage of video and photographic evidence, but for simplicity please see attached photograph of the black aerosol HAARP Shield below. There are many different mixes, but on this occasion black chemtrails were being used for experimental purposes… while we were sleeping.

Typically they pull the gray HAARP Screen across our sky from horizon to horizon here on Vancouver Island. Once a beautiful, sunny and warm climate Victoria is now dismal, gray and completely unhealthy, especially for residents.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, advisor to many presidents, said that soon the public will not be able to think for themselves, all they will be able to do is to “repeat ” last nights “download” of ‘news’. Since most politicians and journalists can’t even ‘see’ the massive spraying operation above their heads. I can only conclude that this may have happened to them already or perhaps they are afraid to stand up against the ruling group.

We are eager to hear an explanation of the Green Party’s policy on the ‘geo engineering’, ‘persistent contrails’, chemtrails and HAARP ‘experimentation’ programs currently being perpetrated against us here on Vancouver Island by the globalists’ military – industrial complex (which obviously includes the highest levels of our own ‘Defense’ Department and power structure). As we are contained on an island and the globalists now monitor our symptoms over their new international health’care’ database and registry it is becoming crystal clear why nobody seems to be able to get a diagnosis (or official explanation) for blatant chemtrail & HAARP related symptoms. That the increase in aerial, land and naval aerosol attacks correlate to the implementation of the globalists’ international health’care’ registry and database is cause for alarm.

We expect you to represent our better interests at all times, to demand that those in public office are held to account for their actions (or lack thereof) and to ensure the Canadian power structure upholds its Oath to protect and serve the people of Canada rather than the psychopathic inter-generational, inbred, arrogant, greedy and parasitic criminal conspirators who are obviously pulling your collective political puppet strings.

This is precisely what Dwight D Eisenhower tried to warn us all about in his farewell address to America, what President John F Kennedy stood against and paid for with his life and reflects the level of commitment that Canadians need and expect from all of our ‘elected’ officials. In fact, if you aren’t willing to make a stand against this blatant tyranny being perpetrated through our North American and globalist military you are not only a coward, but you are pissing all over the graves of those who suffered and laid their lives down in the last two Great Wars for our “freedom” and “democracy”.


Alex Hunter, President & Founder,
The Canadian Coalition of the Walking Wounded (CCWW)
The American Coalition of the Walking Wounded (ACWW)
Victoria & Vancouver, ‘Beautiful’ British Columbia Canada

Contact Alex at:


6 responses

  1. I live in Italy. Stay unite. UMANITY IN UNITY.

    March 14, 2011 at 8:49 pm

  2. L.V.

    Alex, you have spoken bravely and clearly. We are daily witnesses to this ongoing horror , and are paying for it with our health. I hope and pray that people all over the world, and here on Vancouver Island, will wake up and take action. “Knowledge is power” . I want to urge people to Write to your M.P.s ! write to your M.L.A.s! Write to PETER KENT , Federal Environment Minister! Join the David Suzuki Foundation’s letter campaign, ( addressed to Peter Kent ) sent today, June 7, 2011 ,insisting on “clean air and healthy oceans” ! Share information with others! Observe document, and photograph ! … I thank you for all your dedication and hard work, Alex. Please continue …you ARE reaching people and making a difference! your friend, L .V.

    June 9, 2011 at 7:57 am


    December 26, 2011 at 1:00 am

  4. Wilma de Bruyn

    Since it appears I am banned from the G&M perhaps I can put my views on Alex’s website as with the disgusting issues that Warner Bock on YOU TUBE ALSO DISPLAYED.

    THE SHEEPLE (PUBLIC) better wake up before it’s too late.

    December 26, 2011 at 1:10 am

  5. ma

    no one listens….they look at us as if we are the crazy ones….wake up sheeple

    love, ma nature

    January 15, 2012 at 11:24 pm

  6. MV

    I live in holland, and i very interested in your book, i have buy your book on the internet by a webshop. 73 a dutch ham operator

    July 8, 2014 at 12:30 pm

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