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The Politics of Pot & Chemtrails (Letter to Black Press’s Quesnel Cariboo Observer) by Arthur Topham

[Webmin Note: The things we must do to draw attention to the Chemtrails in our skies!

Thanks to the local editor of the Quesnel-Cariboo Observer, I was able to kill two birds with one stone here (no pun intended).

The mindset of those within government toward Marijuana is synonymous with their heads-up-their-keesters attitude toward what is going on in our once clear blue skies. Denial, denial and more denial!

Fortunately I was able to combine a critique of my local MLA’s position on “grow ops” with the real environmental disaster that’s directly overhead. Another way to skin this Chemtrail skunk and gain a bit more exposure in the mainstream media.]

More pressing issues

March 10, 2011


Re: The bust is just the beginning, Observer, Mar. 2 .

I’m not sure whether our MLA for North Cariboo, Bob Simpson, was off his meds when he made some of the asinine statements contained in this article but whatever the reason I found it to be pure hogwash and an insult to the close to 90 per cent of Canadians who favour the decriminalization of marijuana.

Rather than doing his patriotic and elected duty for his constituents and advocating for the legalization of pot; a positive initiative which would not only eliminate organized crime from the cannabis equation but also remove the need for spending more taxpayers money to fund and expand these police “make work” projects such as the Cariboo Region Integrated Marijuana Enforcement task force, it appears Simpson is all gung-ho on lavishing praise upon the RCMP and encouraging more of this same outdated, draconian behaviour from the police and government.

Rather than trying to make grow-ops out to be some major environmental disaster (which they aren’t), I strongly suggest that Simpson remove his head from wherever and take a good look above into the Cariboo skies.

There he will see real and threatening toxic contamination of our air, water, soils and all immediate life forms in the shape of endless spraying of chemtrails that contain toxic amounts of aluminum, barium, strontium and a host of other biological organisms that rain down upon the landscape indiscriminately day after day and have been for well over a decade now.

2011 marks the 44th year that I have been advocating for the freedom of Canadians to grow their own pot without fear of being charged with a criminal offense.

The consistent refusal of our politicians to listen to the people has resulted in the situation we see today where organized crime must supply the millions of pot smokers with their stash.

Isn’t it high time we finally put this lie to rest and focused on more important and pressing issues?

Arthur Topham

Cottonwood, B.C.


One response

  1. Nancy Hubbard

    Great letter!

    March 13, 2011 at 5:00 am

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