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Earthquake in Japan & China caused by HAARP?

GRAPHIC: Carl Chaplin
Coastal Watch Society

Thanks to Terry Long for sending this information along to BCCA.

This is a good one which finally explains the vibrational mechanism involved in producing the Tesla effect by HAARP. They use the ionisphere to create a plasma discharge which in turn produces the harmonics within the earth. It is a given that the universe operates overwhelmingly on plasma principles as opposed to Newtonian gravity. This film shows clouds over China in plasma glow mode before a quake  and is highly credible…..about 7 minutes.

The following video shows a different but highly suspicious cloud formation supposedly over Japan before the big quake yesterday. That cloud formation is not in plasma glow mode but possibly in plasma dark mode.   TL
About 3 minutes.


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  1. ‘NWO’S HAARP Weapon Did Japanese EARTHQUAKE’ …

    March 13, 2011 at 11:14 pm

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