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F#@K CHEMTRAILS Ben Livingston: The Father Of Weaponized Weather Plus more info urls

[Webmin Note: I would like to thank CCC for this lovely composite poster made from assorted photos of Chemtrails from around the planet. Most, if not all of them, come from the Facebook group known as Chemtrails Consciousness Coalition (CCC). I would encourage all readers to subscribe to this group if they wish to receive daily updates on the many attacks being perpetrated upon the unwary, uninformed population.

Also I would like to thank the News Service RAVE ON for sending along the information posted below.

Ben Livingston: The Father Of Weaponized Weather

Veteran weather modification expert Ben Livingston is a former Navy Physicist who briefed President Lyndon B. Johnson on the effectiveness of weather control back in the 1960’s during the Vietnam era, when he was involved in cloud seeding programs that worked to slow down the advance of Vietnamese and Korean troops. Livingston asserts that asserts that hurricane control was a national priority of the government more than 40 years ago and that the technology was fully operational to control the weather at the time.

In this exclusive interview for Prison subscribers,  Livingston explains how for decades the US government has had the power to both lessen and increase the severity of adverse weather for their own purposes.


More chemtrail links:


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  1. bubba gump

    props on the pic. nice work!

    March 11, 2011 at 11:10 pm

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