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Why is Stephen Harper still so popular? by Jack Etkin

[Webmin Note: Well, I guess if Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada, can take her photo ops with Chemtrails in the background I don’t suppose Prime Minister Stephen Harper would mind either. Six of one, half a dozen of the other as the saying goes.

The article below by Jack Etkin touches upon a number of very important issues affecting Canadians and I wanted to preface his remarks by saying that his willingness to speak out is not only laudable and courageous but extremely necessary at this stage of Canada’s political predicament.

Two things in particular stand out for me, the first being the seditious and mendacious nature of Canada’s so-called “independent” media and the second being Harper himself and the fact that he is not only a traitor to this country and a war criminal but also, unbeknownst to most Canadians, worked as an undercover operative for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) during the 1980s and early 1990s. This latter matter, while not mentioned by Jack, is a ‘national security’ issue which very few Canadians are aware of and one that the mainstream media is still keeping under wraps.

So if those of us concerned about the rain of death falling from Canada’s chemtrail scarred skies are harbouring any thoughts of Harper coming to our rescue please think again.]


Why is Stephen Harper still so popular?

Because he’s giving Corporate Canada everything they want, so they use their media to keep him in power.

By Jack Etkin
from The Bridge
March, 2011

First the corporations removed the Paul Martin government from power in 2006. They did that by using their corporate media to create the ‘sponsorship scandal’ that Mr. Martin probably had nothing to do with. The corporate media called it the biggest scandal in Canadian history, which was absolute nonsense. They hammered away on it for months, and destroyed Paul Martin with it. It is a very dangerous situation when big business can eliminate the federal government virtually at will.

The media then had Mr. Harper elected and he has given them a never-ending series of tax-cuts and corporate free-trade deals. He has done everything Big Business could possibly want in terms of environmental destruction with the TarSands and climate change, salmon farms, clearcut logging, removal of safety regulations, and everything else. There’s been little or no criticism from the corporate media as he has done his job of destroying our planet in order to maximize corporate profits. Canada is one of the worst nations in terms of climate change; and we are one of the worst in using and promoting genetically contaminated foods, which is a nightmare yet to come. Mr. Harper is an enemy of the planet, so is much loved by corporate Canada.

He has given them the corporate war they want in Afghanistan, a war being fought over natural gas and pipelines and US power, while the media pretends it is all about democracy and helping women and children. What a pack of lies, but they are good at spreading it.

Mr. Harper is very likely a war criminal. In Afghanistan, he has forced Canadian troops to give innocent civilians to the Afghan police to be tortured. That is a war crime, but it is never mentioned by the corporate media.

Last year Mr. Harper gave us the largest deficit in Canadian history, over $50 Billion, all of which we are going to have to pay back with interest, but not a word of criticism. That deficit was caused by tax cuts for the richest people and biggest businesses in Canada, put in place by Liberal and Conservative governments over the past 20 years. Unemployment is up, no criticism. Poverty and homelessness are growing. No criticism. Canadian soldiers maimed and killed, no criticism of the man who is keeping them there. Australia under water; but barely a mention of the words climate change or global warming. People dying while waiting for health care; but no criticism of Mr. Harper who is allowing the destruction of public health care so it can be privatized and taken over by big business crooks who intend to make Billions from it; and this has been going on for the past 20 years under various governments.

Stephen Harper is a corporate prime minister. He works 100% for big business; and they keep him in power to continue the job of attacking and selling out the rest of us. It is certainly long past time to get rid of this traitor, but can we do it when corporate power is so very great?

The following article was published in the January 31-March 31, 2011 issue of The Bridge, p. 9, put out by Jack Etkin, producer of the interview series “Face to Face” with Jack Etkin shown on community TV.

Jack can be reached at


5 responses

  1. becky

    Arthur–every party is a corporate puppet. Chretien got us into Afghanistan, Martin kept off shore banking which aided him but lots of other corporations. It was Chretien that stood with Monsanto and destroyed Percy Schmeiser, a farmer who had saved seeds from year to year to plant, but Monsanto said that he was using GMO canola without paying for it and the Liberals stood with Monsanto against a Canadian.
    Sadly, we have no concept of the evil perpetrated against Canadian citizens by all of our governments, no matter the stripe. The sad fact is that we have no one to vote for because they are all puppets of the same ‘people’. I would not say that Harper is ‘popular’, that is something the polls tell us–but polls are for dogs. They have nothing to do with democracy but the poor ignorant people of Canada believe their opinion is being sought and therefore believe we are a democracy, when in effect we have been a corporatocracy for years.

    March 10, 2011 at 10:08 pm

  2. Ian Baird

    I liked puppets when I was a kid* WTF Obviously we have to fend for our selfs and work together. Government is a bunch of highly uneducated people working together to what ends? Self deification? lol

    Wake up and wipe your own ass! Shelter, Water and food!!!

    Final Warning 🙂 I love Humanity, don’t let it fail 🙂

    March 14, 2011 at 10:59 am

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  4. RDG

    More than a year later, same old, same old.

    April 11, 2012 at 9:51 pm

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