Monitoring & tracking the criminal toxic chemical spraying of Beautiful British Columbia's land and people

BIOLOGICAL WARFARE RAINING FROM HEAVEN How Our Governments Are Secretly Killing Off The Population Through The Use Of Chemtrail Spraying by Will Thomas

[Webmin Note: The photo above is of the July/August 2000 edition of my former monthly newspaper, The Radical. It was 11 years ago that the article was published. 11 years! and still the spraying continues and the air, water, soils and lifeforms continue to grow sicker and die. Time maybe for people to awake to this threat to our collective environment? Definitely.

It’s also definitely time re-visit Will Thomas’ article so that those new to this phenomenon can get a better idea of the length of time that some researchers and writers have been focusing on the issue and also how the various factors involved connect.

Due to the length of time that has passed some of the urls mentioned in the article may not be functioning any longer. In the case of Mr. Will Thomas I have updated his current email address and website urls.]




How Our Governments Are Secretly Killing Off The Population Through The Use Of Chemtrail Spraying

By William Thomas
Radical Contributor

[The Radical is extremely grateful to Mr. Will Thomas for his permission to reprint the following excerpts from his website. As amazing and mind-boggling as it may appear to readers who have not come across this insane phenomenon before, the growing evidence is indesputable. Whatever we wish to call them – ‘our’ governments (both in Canada and the U.S.A. and abroad) or the New World Order or the Financial/Corporate/Elite or the Illuminati or the Lizzies or merely a bunch of power-crazed, megalomaniacal, psychopathic assholes doesn’t really matter any longer. What’s crucial to the survival of the populations of innocent, well-meaning people around the globe is that these mentally deranged monsters are eliminated from off the face of this planet. They are an estranged, alien, parasitical force that has infiltrated the highest and most influential sectors of our national and international (U.N.) goverments and they are bound and determined to kill off (they prefer the word “cull”) the rest of the world’s population by whatever nefarious means they can devise.

Anyone seriously paying attention these days to the growing plagues of weird and unusual diseases that are  spreading like wildfires across the nations of the globe would be well advised to heed the dire warnings of researchers like Will Thomas.

For readers who are unfamiliar with the term “Chemtrail” as opposed to the term “Contrail” I would point out that “contrails” are your normal con-densation of gases that are emitted from a jet plane’s exhaust. They normally disperse into the atmosphere within minutes of the plane passing overhead. On the other hand a “chemtrail”  (a trail of chemical whatever) spreads into cloud cover and sometimes has fallout (cob-web like filaments, red/yellow powders,milky-white fluid). At the rate this foul business is increasing it might be to your advantage to be cognizant of the difference!

My thanks also goes out to Ms. Heather Strang of North Vancouver, B.C. who was instrumental in encouraging me to carry the following information. Please see Ms. Strang’s letter in the “Letters” pages regarding her own personal experiences with these deadly laboratory concoctions. Ed.]


At 10,000 feet our chartered Cessna isn’t going to get much higher. Not legally anyway. And not without oxygen and a bigger engine. Squinting through the windscreen, I wince as our pilot informs baffled controllers and everyone else listening to this crowded frequency that our odd radar returns reflect “air sampling” activities. He estimates the lingering “contrail” we’re after is another 9,000 feet overhead.

Damn! For the first weekend in too-long memory, the skies in and around the city of Victoria on Canada’s Pacific coast are not being saturated with the lingering spoor of big unmarked jets flying complex X and grid-patterns. Just two lingering white plumes beckoned ambiguously above the surrounding mountains as we took off.

Crammed in the back seat between a lashed-down battery and a hulking pump big enough to suck outside air through a six-stage stainless steel sampling apparatus, I pass the intake hose forward to my companion who places the probe in the wingroot air vent. The best we can do is fly downwind and below the nearest suspect plume, hoping to pick up whatever organisms might be present. Of course, anything the hose picks up, we will breath.

I start the pump. For 10 minutes cool outside air is driven through a stack of six petri dishes loaded with cultures hungry for Pseudomonas and lung-lunging molds. I have enough extra cell cultures for three more tests – and I make them all. But back on the ground after three hours aloft, my cohort and I agree that without being able to fly directly through the plumes, our quixotic quest was probably fruitless. “What we need for this to work,” I tell him, “is total saturation.”

Still reflecting on the sudden lack of weekend spray activity, I drive home regretting our wasted effort. Around 7 PM, just outside of the town of Duncan, I start noticing “contrails” that do not dissipate like the brief white wake of a commercial jet flying high above them.

Another five miles and I pull off the road to watch a widening grid woven by a pair of jets working back-and-forth directly overhead. The web they weave soon covers the entire sky, linking with natural cirrus clouds sweeping down from the northwest. I am stunned. Never before have I seen a chemtrail concentration as heavy as this! It is…total saturation!

It’s probably coincidence. Except that I stopped believing in “coincidence” a long time ago. At such an unusually late hour for spreading chemtrails, this maximum spray effort could be a laughing mockery of our costly sampling flight. Has someone intercepted the emails and phone calls setting up our flight? If so, I’m flattered by all this attention.


After a brief lull late last spring, [‘99. Ed.] spray activity has picked up considerably over the USA and Canada. Fresh reports are also coming in from England, Amsterdam, Australia, Italy, New Zealand and Mexico.

Though climate-upsetting La Nina has been over for months, unusually cloudy, cool weather hijacked summer across the USA and western Canada  – only to turn unseasonably hot and dry in the northwest. In Aspen and Santa Fe – two locales famous for nearly year-round sunny skies – I finished a pair of back-to-back “Chemtrails Over America” speaking tours this summer under overcasts that had the long-time locals complaining. My 45 minutes of videotape and photographs taken across the USA and Canada silenced the skeptics – and prompted one former pilot for a national airline to jump to the microphone telling the Aspen audience that what she had just seen and heard were “definitely not contrails.”

But what to make of the wonky weather that invariably follows intensive spraying – or the immediate reversion to more typical clear blue skies whenever spraying stops for several days?


A close reading of Bringing Home the War – and Biohazzard written by the former head of the Soviet biowarfare establishment – shows that these are classic signs of biological attack.

Apocalypse and Issue #1 of the Journal of Degenerative Diseases link several giant pharmaceutical corporations, the US, Canadian and British military, and powerful families in the US and Britain with 70 years of research and clandestine testing of increasingly sophisticated and “stealthy” bioweapons capable of culling populations.

While there is as yet no link between these ongoing, documented programs of population reduction and the chemtrails phenomenon, it is striking that spreading outbreaks of mycoplasmas and brucellosis infections have been traced by Horowitz and others to deliberate and/or accidental releases into North American bloodstreams through vaccines and public exposures to infected “test subjects” dating back to the 1970s.

These “weaponized” pathogens target the elderly and other immune-compromised victims whose deaths go largely unremarked. Though I have avoided this conclusion during nine months of intensive research, I now believe that the culling of “unfit, useless eaters” has begun, with an initial goal (based on known mycoplasma and brucellosis mortalities) of 4%-5% fatalities among those infected. (See Dan Scott’s The Brucellosis Triangle.)

While significant over time, such subtle increases in deaths among aged or ailing people already expected to die soon remain statistically stealthy – much less obtrusive than bodies piling up in the streets.

Check it out. From New York City to many “Third World” regions, mounting outbreaks of strange diseases and unidentified viruses could be caused by global warming and the northward march of microbes – as well as deliberate germ warfare experiments, such as the introduction of brain-rotting agents among unsuspecting New Guinea  cannibals by Japanese biowar specialists during WWII.

It is precisely this “masking” of unnatural causes that makes it so difficult to differentiate between a biological weapon and a naturally-occurring disease outbreak.


Mental confusion and vague anxiety are also hallmarks of beamed microwaves and other electromagnetic weapons developed over four decades through intensive U.S. and Soviet military research programs. (See my book, Scorched Earth for details.)

Chemtrail spraying and invisible EM radiation from nationwide GWEN towers, HAARP and sister sites could be deliberately or inadvertently interacting on our electro-chemical neurological functions. So could less sinister but no less debilitating emissions from cellphones and cellphone towers, TV broadcast beams and microwave links, radar-scanning satellites and other sources of electromagnetic smog.

Without proper testing using meters measuring microwaves and Extreme Low Frequency emissions, the electromagnetic influence on marked mental instability and the zombie-like lack of awareness increasingly reported throughout North America remains compelling conjecture. But deliberate toxic assault from the air is beyond dispute.


Issue #4,  June 14, 1999

Dear Friends, Chemtrails subscribers and concerned sky-watchers,

As acute upper respiratory and gastrointestinal illness continue to sweep the land, outbreaks of once rare diseases –  including Lupus, meningitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Transverse Myelitis, “flesh-eating” Staph Aureus, asthma, Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome and Gulf War Syndrome-mycoplasma infections – are popping up in clusters around heavily sprayed areas.

While there is as yet no laboratory evidence that these and other diseases are being deliberately introduced into the population, the pathogenic (disease-producing) bacteria and molds found in samples of chemtrail “cobwebs” and “goo” are known to produce serious illness in more susceptible people whose immune defenses are weakened by age, stress, lack of nutrition or environmental pollution.

In further ravaging our bodies’ natural defenses, “Chemtrail Sickness” opens the way to opportunistic infections. Auto-immune disorders can also be triggered in already overloaded immune systems by further exposures to toxins. My colleague Erminia Cassani notes that gel-like chemtrail “goo” has stuck to a house and property for over a  year. “With all the snow, rain, sun that’s come down in the interim and this stuff has not washed away! I just bet it’s got some kind of polymer in it that’s making it so impervious to the elements.” Polymers, Cassani explains, “are plastic resins added to materials to make them more pliable and ‘resistant’ to environmental degradation.”

While no one is testing chemtrail fallout for polymers, it is likely they are present. A possible connection between polymers and autoimmune disorders may be a “RAST” or “allergic” reaction to processed foods laden with gas warfare-derived pesticides, a toxic daily environment, stress, the many vaccines now suggested or mandated by federal and local authorities – and polymers present in chemtrail fallout.

How do we defend ourselves and our families against this latest toxic assault? How can we treat “Chemtrail Sickness”? Erminia writes: “Would you please tell everyone from me – who came down with ‘strep throat from hell’ after being out under one of the biggest, widest, chemtrails I have ever seen to date – this urgent message to everyone who comes in contact with one of these “vertical rivers” or the other tell-tale chemtrails patterns (tic-tac-toe, grids, etc.) in the sky:

1) The “junk” in these trails (i.e.. bacteria, molds, yeasts) are falling down into your breathing space while you are standing there watching them. Get inside as soon as possible.

2) Take a hot shower with an antibacterial soap like Dial or another brand (hot water helps to kill bacteria, mold, yeast particles that may have fallen on you). Wash your hair. These ‘bugs’ get a free ride in your hair and have easy access to getting into your upper respiratory tract.

3) If you start getting a bad sore throat or coughing up green phlegm, please do not let it go. Green phlegm means bacterial infection either in the lungs or in the upper respiratory tract. Bacterial infections, such as green phlegm indicates, can only be killed by ‘bug drugs’ – antibiotics. I would say colloidal silver too, but it does not work as fast and bacterial infections like these multiply rapidly. You want to kill these infections fast because they can be devastating. This is some nasty stuff, let me tell you first hand.

I believe the Strep and Staph infection epidemics we are experiencing are coming from somewhere other than our day to day exposure to each other…. something has gotten out of balance somewhere. We have never had this much Strep throat and Staph A infections before. The incidents in Michigan alone are enough to have our own epidemic – like somebody opened a new Pandora’s box and unleashed a whole new supply of ‘bad bugs’ on society. Those ‘somebodies’ need to be taken to task and held accountable for the illnesses they are causing numerous people.


* Damning patents. U.S. patent 5534413 for invasive mycoplasma infection (isolated from the urine of AIDS patients), and THE VACCINE YOU NEVER EVER HEAR ABOUT U.S. Patent 5242820. Mycoplasmas can cause Epstein-Barr/mono, lupus, ALS, MS,  meningitis, lymphoma, leukemia, alzheimers, Crohn’s Disease, PID, arthritis, fibromyalgia, allergies, asthma etc etc etc. and

* Lab results from ground samples taken from 2 unassociated parties (Sacramento and E.Oregon) after flyovers from unmarked aircraft reveal biowarfare bacterias named in over 160 Pentagon patents referencing biowarfare applications, toxic molds, ethylene dibromide (a pesticide banned by the EPA which damages lungs/heart/liver/kidneys). (See

“The flu that’s not the flu” – hospitals filled to capacity turning away patients: “THIS VIRUS IS A MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL PARASITE”, Dr. W. Paul Glezen of the Influena Research Center at Baylor. NEVER has “parasite” been associated with a “virus”. A parasite FEEDS FROM THE HOST. A virus, on the other hand, NEEDS A SUSCEPTIBLE HOST’S CELLS TO MULTIPLY. What’s Dr. Glezen talking about? Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz states: “Based on  the evidence that my colleagues and I have accumulated, I  conclude that this flu-like illness IS most likely associated with chemical and biological co-factors.” His email:

William Thomas is the author of The Scorched Earth, Bringing The War Home, and Probing the Chemtrail Conundrum.

William Thomas Online website:

Chemtrails/Chemtrail Facts/Chemtrail Books/Contrails/ChemtrailsConfirmed/Weather Modification:

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  1. Michael

    Why waste money on this effort to reduce the human population when we got the radiation levels we ain’t allowed to know about..
    It’s awful ain’t our servants rose up and became our task masters…

    May 28, 2011 at 4:20 am

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