Monitoring & tracking the criminal toxic chemical spraying of Beautiful British Columbia's land and people



Dear Concerned People Opposed to Chemtrail Spraying:

The response to the new blog is most encouraging. Letters are coming in with additional information on other areas within B.C. affected by Chemtrail spraying. As well, one person from Grimshaw, Alberta has sent some interesting observations regarding this same phenomenon. These letters are posted below.



From R in Quesnel, B.C.

Hi Arthur,

I’m glad to see that someone else has finally taken up the cry!  I’ve been a voice in the wilderness for a long time now re the chemspray atrocities…

I have reams of pics from local/regional.  And the spraying is global and has been for some time now, the planet and all who inhabit it have been exposed to the barium salts etc., and totally contaminated with mycoplasma and other related toxins.  The main agenda apart from creating conductivity in the upper atmosphere is to suppress the immune systems of all life forms – especially humans – the geo-engineering thing is part of a massive coverup for the increasing fragility of the human genome through the manipulative effects of the mycoplasma.

There are some excellent articles here:

And you should have seen the article “Molecular T*rror*sm”?  I’ve circulated it quite a few times although it gets scooped by the carnivore filters before reaching most recipients….   A must read if you haven’t seen it.  Let me know.

I also have the ebook “Healing Chemtrail Syndrome”  if you want it.

BTW,  MMS will fix pretty well all of humanity’s health challenges relating to toxins – viral/bacterial/mould/fungal/parasites/heavy metals etc. by removing them and allowing the immune system to handle the challenges it was designed to…




Admin Response: Thanks for the very excellent information R. I will post the Molecular Terrorism – Mycoplasma article in a new post on this site so folks can read it. It’s very, very interesting and a logical explanation for much of the debilitating diseases that seem to have sprung up around the same time that “they” started the chemtrail spraying programs back in the late 90’s.


From: Barbara Lee <>
Sent: Tue, February 8, 2011 1:18:38 AM

G’day Arthur.

I hope this finds you and yours in good shape considering the state of the world these days. Here, doing ok, tyvm.

This chemtrail site for BC is a good idea. Thank you for taking this initiative!

The lower Island is chemtrailed every goddam day. Christmas, New Year’s, we got it on those days without let-up.

I have found that this spraying effects my general mood as well. I am coming out of a bout of depression that just would not lift for a long time (Dealing with the underbelly of the beast was taking its subliminal toll I figure) and it is not helped by seeing chemtrails in the sky every time I go out. I will go out to the beach and have a lovely walk enjoying the ocean, then look up and there are the trails. The rainclouds break and there are the trails.  The other morning there was a sunrise of surpassing beauty due to the trails fluffing out over the area. They had sprayed in the wee hours of the morning. One sees a beautiful sunset and knows that you cannot credit nature for the beauty, the chemicals in the sky cause a great deal of the colour.

There are a few people in the city who I have seen on YouTube filming chemtrails in town; I will do what I can to steer them in the direction of this site. And, I will battery up my camera and see what I can come up with.

I had never considered Monsanto to be behind this and will have to look into that idea more. I just finished reading Seeds of Deception and nothing surprises me with those creatures.

At about 8:15 they drop some facts about Monsanto and Cargil which are of interest.

Anyhow, this site is saved … and time to look more deeply into this. I believe that the Rockefellers are heavily involved with Monsanto but not too sure on details. With their penchant for population control in all ways, it is very likely they are.


Take care



A second email contained from the woman in Victoria contained the following additional information:

On YouTube, a Victorian lass with a lot of film on local chemtrails. I have sent her your url and a little of what this is about. I hope she responds but you might also like to see what she films and posts. Very good quality and she is ripe for political action.

I sent invites to several BC YouTube folks so we shall see what comes of this.

Then there is this guy who is of interest. I have sent him an invite. He posts his own videos of chemtrails over the city.

So does this fellow.

The woman below, she has some very strange Victoria vids of chemtrails on her site.



This is the URL to Arthur Topham’s new site dedicated to compiling data, images, films, etc of chemtrail activity in BC. On this page he has posted chemtrails like I have never seen before. Arthur is up in Quesnel and he would appreciate any material from the lower part of BC especially Victoria because he knows we are getting it worse than most.

BTW, I am in Victoria, in Esquimalt and I have not seen dark chemtrails at night but I have seen the sun rise to a beautiful sky that has chemtrails that were sprayed during the wee hours of the morning.


I dropped the above in about 6 or 7 BC YouTube sites that had chemtrail films etc …

Hopefully that will bring a few results.




Admin response: Thank you Barbara! This is just the type of networking that we need happening to address this province-wide, Canada-wide problem. I’m most grateful for your help.


Ray Strachan writes from Grimshaw, Alberta:

Re Chemtrails Ray Strachan

From: Ray Strachan
Hi Arthur

I take my dog out for a run everyday at 2:30 pm to the outskirts of Grimshaw.

One day I saw these 3 Chemtrails one over the other to the South.  They were running W to E. I had heard the word Chemtrails and realized that was what these were.  This started in mid winter.

What I didn’t know was that the trails would not disperse for many hours and when they did they formed the most phoney clouds I had ever seen.    They came on a daily basis, sometimes only one plane and sometimes two.   When there were two, they would lay a perfectly criss-cross pattern directly over the Townsite.  I seen them doing it.

I told people about it and they wouldnt even believe what they were seeing, or acknowledge that it wasn’t normal.

I looked up a Website on the computer.  I told my story and they jumped on me like a pack of Jackals.   I didnt know any better so I argued with them for two months or so and it was torture.

This is what I had to always answer:  “Well what’s your proof? Do you have Scientific Proof? You live in the direct flyway for passenger jets from the USA to Asia etc.”

I would say, oh yes, I’m sure the Passenger Flights fly over Grimshaw laying patterns.    To no avail.  I truly believe that some of them are paid  shills.

I had not had a cold or sniffle for years. Suddenly I had a problem in my lungs,  just across the top portion,  when I would try to take a normal breath. As soon as the air would pass through the top of my lungs it would automatically trigger a cough. Also I had leaky sinus and sore throat.    A friend of mine phoned me one day, hadn’t seen him for months. After we had talked for a while  he said, “I have this damn cold in my lungs, sinus and sore throat.   That was identical to what I had.  He lived 3 towns from me.   We both had this crap for months. Plus others that I met in the post office.  Everyone said they had seen a Doc., got antibiotics but didn’t help.

The planes quit coming around first part of August. Also heard reports that they were operating in Edmonton, Calgary area.   Was wondering later if that’s why we had drought up North and they had flooding down south.   Just a thought but what crossed my mind was “Different Chemicals”.

Anyway they are flying around here again. I just know there will be another outbreak of upper respiratory problems and probably another drought.



I received a second email from Ray as well. In it he writes:

It was clear here all day until the plane finished its run.  It clouded up before dark with the phoney clouds.    When I went out half hour ago the moon and stars are absolutely out full force.

My car windows are all covered in what normally would be frost  They are covered instead with a very Crystal type coating of ice. It is just not real. I know it is going to start to sound like I am making things up, but, my dog, part Border Collie lives in an insulated dog house with a 100 wt bulb for heat. When I go out to take her into the car she, when normal, is so happy she jumps up and I hold her front paws and she looks up at me with a dog smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye.   Not lately.  Her smile and twinkle are gone and she just stares and wants me to hold her and she has that “dog talk going on in her throat.”  She wants to tell me something.

I wish I could scrape the car windows and take it to be analyzed by a reputable person but I don’t suppose that is possible.  Since there is not a peep about these trails on the MSM or local newspapers.   Must be a Government Secret like many other things.



Admin response: Hi Ray. Wow! It looks like you’re getting the spray treatment as well. Thanks so much for writing in and sharing this with others. Your observations are very useful and for me ring a number of bells. Warning bells that is! May I suggest that you think about possibly contacting someone in Alberta who might be interested in setting up a similar Alberta Chemtrail Alert blog? Please stay in touch Ray.


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