Monitoring & tracking the criminal toxic chemical spraying of Beautiful British Columbia's land and people

A Winter Chemtrail Tale from the Cariboo Goldfields of central B.C.


A Winter Chemtrail Tale from the Cariboo Goldfields of central B.C.

by Arthur Topham

February 7, 2011

Saturday morning, February 5, 2011 was one of those beautiful winter days when, after a rather cold and chilly night, the dawn brought forth her clear light and the sun shone warm and brilliantly in the blue sky overhead. The night temperatures, well below freezing, had leaped up into the high pluses by 10:30 a.m. and the air, as usual here in the foothills of the Cariboo mountains, smelled fresh and clean.

So it began.

I was sitting reading at this point when my wife came in the room with coffee and exclaimed, “You should see the chemtrails beginning to form outside. They’re freakin’ unreal!”

“Oh, oh, I though, Murphy’s Law. The weekend arrives and the winter’s weekend fun activities for folks living in the Cariboo are about to begin but instead of what used to be the typical warm, bright, sunny days of yore, the ominous, surreal plumes and patterns of those damned chemtrails once again were rearing their hideous heads and beginning their slow, methodical plodding across the skyline like the four horses of the apocalypse to eventually shroud the sun and cast their dreary, cheerless pall of shadows over the landscape.”

Knowing the nature of this cloud-like, chemical spraying phenomenon that in recent years has come to darken and dominate our atmosphere and obfuscate our minds with conflicting reports as to the intent of this program for poisoning the earth and all its inhabitants I quickly abandoned my morning coffee and, instead, grabbed my camera and headed outside to document the dastardly deed that was once again manifesting above us in the once pristine skies over Cottonwood where we live.

What follows is thus a photo documentary as the day progressed. We had to go into our local town/city of Quesnel to do some shopping in the afternoon so this afforded me the opportunity of continuing to photograph the skies above the region and track the chemtrails as they literally unfolded into their strange and, in some cases, fan-like forms. From the small village of Cottonwood located approximately 27 km east of Quesnel traveling westward to Quesnel one sees a fairly open viewscape along the route.

The pictures tell the story of this unfolding tale of deadly toxins being sprayed upon the unwary public as if we were nothing more than pesky little insects, insignificant and worthless in the vast scheme of things being planned for a future world filled with dark and deep foreboding.

One of the purposes in presenting the unusual volume of images in this article is to give the novice as many reference points as possible with which to judge in any future experiences while looking up at the sky as to whether what they see is a natural cloud or a chemical cloud created by presently unknown forces. Hopefully, by the end of this tale, the old maxim of “seeing is believing” will take ahold and the unbelievers will at least have some reason to question whether or not all of the controversy surrounding chemtrails is just hype and “conspiracy theory” or whether in truth something’s happening here (like Dylan’s Mr. Jones) but you didn’t know what it was until now.

I’ve included commentary below some of the images in order to explain the picture better.

Happy trails dear reader!




The most common response of those who do not wish to see chemtrails  in the skies is to say that they are simply cirrus clouds which, typically, form in the upper stratosphere during the cold winter months. This argument of course falls to the ground when one realizes that these now common patterns seen in the sky are ever-present throughout all the regions of the world where chemtrail spraying is occurring. Chemtrails over Atlanta, Georgia or the skies of Australia or New Zealand or southern California all in warm regions display the precise same patterns exhibited when the chemtrails are released from jets and slowly begin to unfurl.





One thing to note in this picture (looking in a northeast direction) is that just above the tree line one can see a few actual normal clouds slightly greyish in colour. The rest of the “clouds” are artificially seeded via chemtrails.






As spectacular as these formations appear at first glance with their apparent brilliance and gossamer-like appearance one must never forget that they are in fact laced with heavy metals and other toxic substances that eventually fall to the earth and begin their nefarious and detrimental poisoning of the surface soils and waters. Along with that they are breathed in by all creatures including humans and are the cause of numerous respiratory and other diseases.





This photo was taken along the Barkerville Highway heading west toward the city of Quesnel approximately 12 miles further ahead. In the far distance at the level of the horizon you can see some actual clouds formed by nature. All of the light, wispy “clouds” in the forefront are blowing in from the northwest. It’s quite common for the jets in this region of the province to travel in a south to north direction and if one is looking up at the right time the trails are clearly visible at first and appear to be mere contrails but if one waits and watches and observes it soon becomes apparent that these trails, unlike contrails, don’t soon evaporate but linger and loiter about in the sky and then slowly begin their characteristic trademark development of spreading out and transforming themselves into cloud-like formations that drift along and expand until the totality of the sky is eventually shrouded by their veil of venality.












This is the last of the photos shot outside of the city of Quesnel.


Here we are in downtown Quesnel across the street from Shoppers Drug Mart. It’s here that folks will go to get their prescriptions when they begin to get chest colds and flu-like symptoms that usually appear within days of such heavy chemtrail spraying.









As evening approaches we begin to see the characteristic rippling shapes that the chemtrails assume. This photo is looking northwest across the skyline in downtown Quesnel.


Here we have a classic shot looking south from downtown Quesnel. The chemtrails are fanned out across the southern horizon. To truly sense the magnitude of this visual image one had to be standing on the street where the photo was taken.







Here the sky is getting darker and the view is slightly to the south western horizon. Beyond the buildings is the Fraser River which wends its way through the center of town. Again the rippling pattern is visible.



More rippling formations over the drug store in downtown Quesnel.


Another photo looking to the western horizon. This is again classic chemtrail contours.


It was getting too dark when I took this photo of the western horizon. I’ve highlighted the lettering on the government’s “NORTHERN HEALTH AUTHORITY” sign just to show up the irony and the hypocrisy of those official agencies who, for all the abundance of evidence and proof, are still attempting to deny that there is anything going on. Of course it begs the question of who is conspiring against whom.


As one drives south on Hwy 97 from the downtown core of Quesnel you climb up a long, steep hill. Part way up this photo and the following seven were shot. Here I’m looking towards Quesnel in a mostly northern direction. That is the region from where the chemtrails appear to have emanated this time. The wind coming down from the north slowly wafted the trails to the south.


This shot is to the right of the previous one. Looking in a northeasterly direction.


Again, another northern shot similar to the first one above.


This one is looking westward and is a continuation of the photo directly above.


A further continuation looking slightly southwest.


Here we’re looking in a southwesterly direction. One can imagine the panoramic 180 degree curve from north to south.


Looking up the hill in a southern direction.


This shot and the following four were all taken in the Walmart parking lot south of Quesnel. The pattern runs in a southern direction as far as the eye can see.


Here the direction of viewing is to the west.


Again westward.


There were many shoppers coming in and out of Walmart who were stopping at this time to look at the sky. It was just too unusual to avoid. My wife and I met some of our casual friends and informed them about what they were seeing. They were shocked to realize that it wasn’t just a pretty winter sunset.


There are countless tales now coming out regarding this assault upon life itself by unknown entities. This is but one small story.

Due to the fact that the jets carrying these chemtrail substances passed overhead prior to my wife informing of the fact I was unable to take shots of the birthing of this monstrosity. In view of this and because there are so many misinformed folks who still will not accept the reality of this phenomenon I’m adding the following url to a television station in Atlanta, Georgia where they have posted a slideshow with numerous photos taken of chemtrails in their nascent stages. I would ask readers/viewers to go to that site and check and compare the many similarities between what is happening here in the central part of British Columbia, what the B.C. government likes to proudly proclaim as the “best place in the world to live,” with what’s taking place thousands of miles away.




It’s time to lift our heads and eyes to the skies and stop pretending that this attack is not occurring. Stay tuned and be vigilant.



9 responses

  1. Absolutely amazing sky coverage Arthur. How people could consider this “normal” I do not know. I have never seen them that thick but I suppose it is time to be more vigilant in my observations.

    You do manage to take really top quality photos.

    February 9, 2011 at 5:14 am

  2. Alex Hunter

    Great shots/effort Arthur;
    I have a ton of info and time in on HAARP/ct’s, particularly over the past year it became my focus as I realised the significance of the threat.
    Maybe we can talk when it is convenient.
    My number is 250 813 2150
    Thanks for the link.
    -Alex Hunter
    aka Joker/Captain Chemtrail

    February 9, 2011 at 8:22 am

  3. good site, we have been getting lots of chemtrails in thunder bay ontario.

    i have come to the point that certain days i dont take my boy outside its getting so bad.

    i have set up a face book group and my own site just to show people what they are missing by not looking up.

    hope you make some headway on letting people know in your area, something has to be done to stop this from happening, if your car did what these planes are doing it would be off the road pretty fast.

    take care and good luck


    February 12, 2011 at 10:00 am

    • Hi Aime,

      Thanks. It’s a start. I’ve been aware for some time that Ontario is getting its share of aerial attacks by these madmen. I’ll try to set up a connection to you Facebook group if that’s okay. If we don’t already have it we do need a central unifying site for all of Canada where people can tap into what’s going on similar to what I’m trying to construct for B.C.

      We can’t give up on this one. The intent of these psychopaths is so overwhelmingly destructive to all of life and the future of the planet that I consider this to be all out warfare of a type previously unknown to humanity. We have no option but to fight back.

      February 12, 2011 at 8:01 pm

  4. The first thing I get when I have a few extra $$$ will be rechargable lithium batteries for m y camera. This morning I awoke to a lovely sunrise, the colours reflected on chemtrails of course. Now, an hour later, sitting at my desk, more are painting the sky outside my window ~ over the Juan de Fuca Strait. I tried to take photos but the old batteries are deader than the souls of those who spray.

    You know it is bad when, while giving your thanks for gifts of the day, one of the thanks goes to clear skies that day and no chemtrails seen…. I found myself doing that last night and realized just how natural that came. And that is just plain wrong!

    February 20, 2011 at 4:48 pm

  5. Indigenous warrior

    Nice comments, I too have been looking up a long time. Lately my kids have getting sick a lot. Heavy spraying in Kamloops , and night spraying.
    So our lil tribe here healthier until I figure something out. Check this out..
    ..”Kidney beans and other beans in the same form help maintain-clean-rebuild the kidney, milk thistle and lecithin help protect the liver, unpasturized apple cider vinigar helps clean out and unblock pours in the skin, kelp with iodine for the thyroid and stop brushing with flouride to unblock the thyroid and help regulate weight and send out repair cells…
    Omega 3 fish oil and omega 3-6-9 as well as sardines and herrings and mackeral….all his help to detox-clean-protect-fight against these chemtrails. It has been observed that after spraying, populations in the imidiate are become agitated and personnal negative energy rises ( fights and arguments ). The omega 3 will help fight that, as well as celery sticks and 70% cocao tablets to help keep the blood pressure down. So if you see trails overhead, try to stay inside, and do not ALLOW yourself to get angry or prevoked….FORCE yourself to rise above it…..and watch everyone else jumping around like angry grasshoppers….never knowing why or what has been done to them. ..” L-2011 / comment from chemtrail website/
    We are in bad place,when modern slaves won’t look up.
    It’s common sense, – “what goes up must come down ”
    Take care everyone
    Urban warrior

    February 23, 2011 at 10:43 am

  6. frances

    Thankyou so much, Arthur, for starting this website. My entire family and all my friends think I’m a nutcase because I’ve been talking about this subject for YEARS! My ex husband always comes back with, “Who would knowingly spray their own children and grandchildren?” Now I have something to show them.
    I wrote to Linda Duncan,MP,who used to be an environmental lawyer and sent her chemtrail information and a request for a response…….nothing! Environment Canada just sends out a form letter but the woman who answered the phone mentioned that a lot of people have called to ask about the chemtrails. No admissions, though.

    February 27, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    • Hi Frances,

      You are so welcome! We need to inform people as the msm is not doing its due diligence by investigating this deadly attack in an impartial way. The more evidence presented online the more people will begin to awaken from their slumbers. We do need to stop this madness asap.

      February 27, 2011 at 6:12 pm

  7. David

    Hi Arthur, this is a fine website and a great humanitarian effort on your part to inform B.C. citizens about what is really going on above them. With chemtrails for, the truth, finally, shouldn’t be over their heads. :>)

    March 7, 2011 at 10:17 pm

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